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New Spoilers and a trailer!

Thanks to shelly505, I found out that there were new spoilers from "Hex" and a new "Legion" trailer! :D

I think that Chloe looks super creepy. Did Lana tell Clark that the world needs him in "Bride"? Or is that new? They mix stuff up and I forgot. Either way, it's dumb.

Otherwise it looks pretty cool!

Is there anything in the Smallville episode "Hex" that furthers the Clark-Lois relationship? — Trisha
MATT: It's fair to say there's a little something for every fan base in this season's 17th outing, in which a truly magical magician fulfills Chloe's wish to have Lois' "easy" life ... by transplanting her into her cousin's body. While my frenemy already teased a "longing look" between Clark and "Lois" — and Erica Durance's admirers can obviously count on seeing gobs of their fave actress — Chloe fans should be very pleased with an epiphany their girl reaches at episode's end. By the way, you know Clark gets a wish granted as well, right?

Hmm ... interesting. And I heard that Craig from KSITE says that it doesn't have anything to do with journalism. I wonder what it is! Maybe she realizes that Clois is meant to be too. ;D

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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