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25 Facts Meme

I was tagged by brooke90 and cifan70!

Write 25 random things about yourself then tag 5 people.

I tag divas_lament, electricmonk333, kashmir_heroin, saavikam77 and starry_dawn. If you don't want to do/have done it already, that's cool and if you want to snag, feel free! :D

1. I'm 5'6" with black hair and brown eyes.

2. I am Indian and a Hindu.

3. I'm vegetarian. My whole family is actually. I accidentally tried meat in elementary school and hated it.

4. I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me. We never fought a lot but we didn't truly start to really bond until she hit high school. And now we're super close. &hearts

5. I'm a senior at UCLA and am majoring in political science. I want to go into law and am applying right now.

6. I don't like crude humor both in real life and in movies ... it makes me very uncomfortable. Small does are okay but I can't take too much.

7. I haven't chewed gum in a long time. I don't know ... one day I just stopped and I haven't gone back. It doesn't appeal to me at all. Yes, I know, I'm weird.

8. I love wearing heels ... they're just so pretty and sometimes, my friends make fun of my stilettos but I can't resist.

9. My three favorite things to buy are shoes, bags and perfume. I love all three so much! My dad teases me and says I have to get a high paying job to support my lifestyle. LOL

10. I don't wear shorts. I'm very self conscious about my legs and even in the summer, I wear jeans. If it gets really hot, I wear capris.

11. I am a totally Bollywood (Indian movie industry) addict. I used to be called the "encyclopedia" by my friends and family because I was always updated on the gossip.

12. My favorite actor is an Indian one named Shahrukh Khan. I fangirl some people but he's on a whole another level for me. I used to have 13 posters of him in my room (yes, practically wallpaper) and I have an SRK doll. &hearts

13. I still love Disney/Pixar movies. Aladdin and Cars are two of my favorites.

14. Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess. I used to have an Aladdin sweater when I was younger and I wore my hair like hers so my teacher used to call me "Jasmine" when I wore it.

15. My favorite colors are pink and purple.

16. I've never had a boyfriend or been on a date. I just ... never felt any interest to do either.

17. I'm a total chocoholic ... I love milk chocolate the best.

18. My favorite foods are Indian and Italian. I don't think I can ever get sick of pasta.

19. I love to read and my favorite books are Pride & Prejudice and Little Women. When I was a little kid, I used to read when my parents thought I was asleep. I hid a flashlight near my bed and read under the covers. I even tested the light and angle so it wouldn't be seen through the covers. :D

20. I got glasses my sophomore year of high school and switched to contacts during the summer before my senior year. Neither my parents or my sister have glasses but my mom's brother and his family all do.

21. My favorite movie is A Few Good Men. I've seen it a bunch of times and it never gets old. :D

22. I want to write a book someday. It's a dream I've had for a long time and I hope one day, I can accomplish it.

23. I've never been a big fan of playing sports but I love to watch. My favorite sport is basketball and I love the LA Lakers. :D

24. I love to bake, ever since I was a kid. Whenever we used to have a class party, I would always like to bring cupcakes or brownies or something. :)

25. I currently live in CA and can't imagine living anywhere else.
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