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newest chapter!! :)

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far! I'm really glad you're all enjoying this story! Here's the newest chapter! You know the drill! :)

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Chloe/Jimmy, Lollie mentions of past Lexana & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.

Chapter 4

He had never felt like such a fool. Oliver was miserable as he walked to his car and the ride home felt so much longer than it took to get there. When he entered his penthouse, he headed straight for and sank on the couch.

Lois had moved on . . . and it hurt like hell. His first true love was gone and he had no one to blame but himself. Why hadn’t Clark mentioned that Lois had a boyfriend? Oliver shook his head. This wasn’t Clark’s fault.

Never once in their previous conversations had he asked Clark about Lois and obviously, Clark must’ve thought Ollie had moved on. If he only knew that it wasn’t the case.

Come on Ollie, he told himself, it’s just another woman . . . get over it. But it wasn’t just another woman. This was Lois Lane. He had dated women who could be easily forgotten and she wasn’t one of them. Over the past few months, there had been several functions he had been obligated to attend and he went to them to each of them with a different beauty on his arm.

But they were all plastic, all fake and by the time they got there, he was already bored. When the night was over, he was more than ready to leave, turning down their invitations to spend the night. All of them were the same and all they cared about was his money, his stature.

Lois never cared about that stuff, was the thought he was left with every time he went home alone. She was always so fun to be around . . . she challenged him and could hold her own. And he remembered her every time the woman he was with checked her makeup or went to the restroom for the hundredth time to “freshen up”.

But he pined alone and quietly . . . he had no one to share his pain with. Bart, AC and Victor were his team but it was almost a business relationship. They joked together at times and they spent a lot of time with one another but he wouldn’t open up with them.

Both his school friends were dead, killed by Duncan’s ghost, or projection or whatever that thing was. Even then, he had lost touch with Alden and Geoffrey even before they died. The closest he had come to a real friend recently was . . . Clark.

He couldn’t help the smile that crept up on his face when he thought of the brunette. There was something about Clark that just made him want to open up. Beautiful blue-green eyes that pierced him every time he looked his way, as if he could see right through him, into his very soul.

Clark made Oliver want to be a better person. There were several qualities that Clark had that frustrated Oliver to no end but he had too many good ones, which overshadowed his more annoying traits. His mind wandered and he wondered what Clark would think of Oliver’s visit to Lois. No doubt Lois would inform him that he had stopped by.

Hopefully, he wouldn’t be upset. Sure, he and Clark were friends but he had known Lois longer. If he decided that Oliver had even hurt Lois in the smallest, Oliver knew he would have a very angry Kryptonian on his hands.

Why he cared so much about what Clark thought still puzzled him. He had seen the surprise in Lois’s eyes when he mentioned he went to see Clark. She didn’t understand the reason that he had gone to see Clark first.

Truth be told, neither did he. The minute he landed in Metropolis, he wanted to go to Smallville. It was crazy, but he wanted, no needed to see Clark again.

But Clark and him were friends right? It wasn’t weird for him to be excited to see him again. Nope, nothing weird about that at all. There wasn’t anything strange about him feeling reluctant to leave the barn last night nor was it odd that being around Clark made him feel whole. Or that fluttering in stomach every time Clark smiled at him . . .

Oliver groaned and put his head in his hands. Not this again. Something he had been trying to bury for more than a year was coming back. He had been so successful in hiding his attraction to Clark. But his mind and his heart never let him rest.

No matter how much he loved Lois, he couldn’t deny that he had these feelings for Clark since the first time he walked into his penthouse. Oliver had long ago accepted that he was bisexual but Clark was the first man he had really wanted. He had thought of other men as attractive before but this was a whole new playing field.

He still wanted to be with Lois so he didn’t understand what he felt for Clark. At first, he dismissed it as pure lust . . . you had to be blind to see how gorgeous Clark was. A perfect, toned body and that handsome face- exquisite eyes framed by the longest eyelashes he had ever seen.

As he got to know him, he only liked him more. It seemed as if their lives were intertwined, with the way they kept running into each other. Oliver saw the sides of Clark that he was certain he hid from most of the world. Which made him fall harder.

But if one thing was certain, it was that Clark was straight. If his constant mooning over his ex-girlfriend didn’t prove that, he would have been able to just tell by the way Clark spoke and acted. He was instilled with some serious morals and he had no doubt that liking men were as far away from his mind as possible.

With the knowledge that his feelings were definitely one-sided, he pushed them away, buried them deep. He and Clark were becoming friends and more importantly allies in the war against crime so he didn’t want a little thing like his attraction to come between them.

In the meantime, he allowed himself to fall deeper for Lois. She was a great woman and their relationship was going smoothly. Well, except for all his mysterious disappearances and having to lie to her on a daily basis. The important thing was that he was in a relationship with someone he really cared for. He figured eventually his feelings for Clark would just vanish, that he would be able to accept a platonic relationship with the younger man.

And he had . . . for a while. Leaving Lois had been difficult but it was when Clark turned down his offer to come with them did he really regret going.

But he had gotten over Clark! Or so he thought. He didn’t think about Clark . . . much. When his thoughts were not on Lois, they were on Clark.

Then again, he had come back for Lois. And for Clark, his mind whispered. They were for different reasons though! He had come back to reunite romantically with Lois . . . with Clark, he had wanted to make him a business proposition.

One that will keep him by your side most of the time, his mind shot back. Damn his traitorous mind. He hated it even more that it was right.

Almost a year had passed since he had seen Clark and still those feelings lingered. This whole situation is ridiculous. Besides, he loved Lois, he just liked Clark.

Give it a little time. Lois is out of the picture now. She has a boyfriend, she’s moved on . . . Clark on the other hand, is single.

“NO!” he yelled, standing up suddenly. His head was spinning. What was wrong with him? It had been barely a couple of hours since his heart had been broken by Lois. He couldn’t possibly be thinking of going after Clark. Just because they were both single didn’t make Clark any less straight.

“What’s happening to me?” Oliver whispered. This was not him. He was cool, confident . . . people came to him not the other way around. When he was younger, ‘no’ hadn’t even been a part of his vocabulary.

You’re not that person anymore. True; he had changed . . . for the better. Yet he still held that little bit of arrogance. He knew he was a catch so why should he be shy about it? Nobody could be perfect anyway, right?

“I’m going crazy,” he declared.

“Well,” a voice came from his left, “Usually talking to yourself is a sign of insanity.” He spun around to see Clark grinning at him from the door. Clark took a few steps toward him. “But don’t worry, admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.”

Oliver couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Very funny.” He smirked. “So it seems that you do have a sense of humor.” Clark just shrugged. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Can’t I just come visit for no reason whatsoever?” Clark questioned, with an innocent expression on his face.

Oliver looked at him suspiciously. “Clark, you’re not the type to just drop in without any reason.” He sighed. “Lois called you, didn’t she? You know I went to see her.”

Clark cringed. “Actually I went back to the apartment and I ran into her. So we had that lovely conversation face to face.”

“Ouch,” Oliver winced. “I hope she didn’t yell at you for not telling her I was back.”

“Don’t worry,” Clark said with a small smile. “It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.” He paused. “How are you doing?”

“Me?” Oliver repeated, trying to look relaxed. “I’m fine.”

“Great,” Clark replied. “Now how about the truth?”

Oliver raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect that from Clark. “Excuse me?”

Clark visibly softened. “Ollie, don’t lie to me. You went to see if you and Lois could get back together. Instead, you found out she had a boyfriend. That’s got to hurt.” He met Oliver’s eyes and seemed to be analyzing him. “Lois said you met Grant.”

“I did,” Oliver admitted. “Have you met him?”

“Yeah, we share an apartment, remember?” Clark told him. “I see him at the Planet too when I go to visit Chloe.”

“What do you think of him?” Oliver wanted to know. He had to make sure that this guy was worthy of Lois and trusted Clark’s opinion.

Clark, however, seemed reluctant to tell him anything. “Do you want the truth?”

Oliver nodded. “Be honest.”

“He’s a nice,” Clark said slowly. “Hardworking, intelligent . . . I can tell he genuinely cares about Lois. From what I can tell, he makes her happy and they are good together . . .”

“Okay stop,” Oliver interrupted. “I changed my mind. Lie to me.” It still bothered him to hear about what a wonderful man this Grant was. He didn’t know whether he was jealous of Lois’s new boyfriend or whether the problem was hearing all this praise coming from Clark. He dismissed it as the former, knowing in his heart though that it really was the latter.

“He’s a better man for Lois,” Clark finished.

The last part stabbed Oliver in the heart. Clark never had anything nice to say about him when he and Lois first started going out. It bothered him that he was so forthcoming with compliments about Lois’s new significant other.

“I thought I asked you to lie to me,” Oliver said stiffly, meeting his eyes.

Clark didn’t flinch. “I just did.”

Oliver was speechless. “Oh.” And that was the lamest response he could’ve ever given.

Clark smiled, amused at the situation. “Oliver, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you?” Oliver asked. “I didn’t realize mind reading was one of your abilities.”

“Trust me, it’s not,” Clark said wryly. “If there was one power I wish I had, it was to understand people better. Because I really suck that that.” Oliver laughed.

“But maybe it’s you,” Clark continued. “You’re just easier to read than other people.”

“So what was I thinking?” Oliver challenged.

“You were thinking I don’t like you very much,” Clark replied calmly. “That I never approved of your relationship with Lois and am happy that she is with someone else.”

Oliver threw caution to the wind. “And are you?”

“Ollie, when you first started dating I did have my doubts,” Clark confessed. “I had seen what happened with AC. He too felt he had a responsibility to save the world and ended up leaving her. She was heartbroken . . . I didn’t want to repeat that scenario. That’s why I was so worried when I found out that you were the Green Arrow.”

“It turned out you were right about me,” Oliver pointed out. “I did hurt her.”

“But you made her happy,” Clark argued. “I wasn’t done. At first, I had issues with it but later, as I got to know you, as I saw the two of you together, I knew that you truly cared about her. She was good for you . . . and you were good for her too.”

Oliver smiled. “Thanks, Clark. That means a lot coming from you.”

“So now how are you really feeling?” Clark asked. “There is nothing wrong with hurting Ollie. You don’t have to pretend. It sucks when the woman you love moves on.”

“You have experience in that,” Oliver stated. Clark gave a weak smile. “It stinks, Clark. I wonder if I shouldn’t have approached her at all.”

“But you had to know,” Clark disagreed. “You’re the one who told me that we can’t live our life with regrets. It was best that you knew for sure. Otherwise, you would’ve always wondered.”

“Maybe sometimes it is better off not knowing,” Oliver responded.

“At least you guys got closure,” Clark offered.

“Did we?” Oliver asked.

“I can’t answer that, Ollie, you know that,” Clark replied. “Did you?”

“I think I made matters worse,” Oliver said sadly. He looked at Clark. “You’ll take care of her, won’t you Clark? Make sure this guy doesn’t hurt her?”

“I’ll keep an eye out for her,” Clark promised. He grinned. “Besides, don’t give up just yet. Who knows what will happen in the future? Just because the two of you aren’t meant to be now, doesn’t mean that you may not end up together later. Grant’s just her boyfriend at the moment . . . in the future, the two of you could find your way back to one another.”

“Clark,” Oliver said incredulously, “Don’t tell me you believe in all that destiny and fate stuff.”

“You don’t?” Clark asked.

“Not really,” Oliver told him. “It all seemed a little nutty to me.”

“I mean, for the most part, I believe we create our own destinies,” Clark said. “But I do think to some point, our lives are meant to go a certain way. Not everything we do is by chance.”

“I guess it’s not a stretch to believe that some of the things that happen to us happen to us for a reason,” Oliver said thoughtfully. “So maybe you’re right about Lois and me.”

Oliver smirked. “One thing is for certain . . . I’m definitely better looking than Grant.”

Clark rolled his eyes. “Nice to know that the heartbreak hasn’t taken away from your modesty.”

Oliver dismissed his statement with a wave of his hand. “Modesty is highly overrated. My policy is ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’.” Oliver grinned when he saw Clark laugh. He felt better already.

“Sit down Clark,” Oliver said, pointing to the couch. “’This conversation has been too serious for too long. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“I’m good,” Clark replied, sitting at the aforementioned couch and Oliver took a seat right next to him.

“Before you ask,” Oliver said, “I’m fine . . . really I am. Lois moving on did hurt me but I am better now.”

“I’m glad,” Clark said.

“So what about you Clark?” Oliver asked, “Any relationships in your life?”

“I’ve been a bit busy,” Clark responded. “No time for relationships.”

“No dating even?” Oliver said, surprise evident in his tone.

“Nope,” Clark said. “Nobody I’m really interested in.”

“Clark, you need to stop being so serious,” Oliver argued. “You’re in college . . . you don’t need to be madly in love with someone to date them. If you find somebody attractive, ask them out. Go to a movie, maybe dinner . . . it’ll be good for you.”

“You sound like . . . everyone who I’ve talked to lately,” Clark said with a smile.

“See, you’re surrounded by some pretty smart people then Clark,” Oliver replied with a lazy smile. “You should take our advice.”

“I don’t know,” Clark said doubtfully. “I mean I know people say that dating around is part of the college experience but it’s just not something I’m really interested in. One-night stands, huge parties . . . they’ve never really been my thing. I don’t feel like I’m missing out.”

“You don’t need to have sex to have fun,” Oliver said gently. “Just be social . . . be around people your age. Talk, laugh . . . go out in groups even! Just don’t coop yourself up. You’re only young once.”

Clark nodded, seeming to be taking Oliver’s words seriously. “You’re probably right . . .”

Oliver had a hard time concentrating on Clark’s words all of a sudden. He has the most sensuous mouth I’ve ever seen, he couldn’t help but think. Lips like that should be illegal!

Bad Oliver, he thought, no checking out your friend when he’s confiding in you.

“I mean I have a hard time trusting people,” Clark was saying, “You know that better than anyone. So it’s easier for me to stick with the people I know well and trust rather than making new ones.”

“I guess that’s understandable,” Oliver said, trying to keep up with the conversation.

“I suppose you’re right about putting myself out there though,” Clark continued, “I mean, there’s nothing wrong with making new friends. We don’t have to be best pals or anything . . . just get to know more people.”

“Now you’re catching on,” Oliver said, trying to keep his eyes from drifting. But he couldn’t resist taking sneaking peaks at those lips. Were they as soft as they look?

“You do have some good friends though,” Oliver added, “So even if you don’t find many people you can get along with, which I doubt because you seem like the type to get along with everyone.” Clark smiled at his comment. “You’ll have a sturdy group to come back to.” He hesitated. “And you know that you can count me in that group.”

“I never doubted that,” Clark said, beaming. Clark was not facing Oliver so he took the moment to observe him and though he wouldn’t admit it aloud, ogle him just a bit. It wasn’t his fault that Clark was a reincarnated Greek God . . . he shouldn’t be faulted for wanted to sneak a peak.

Unfortunately, as Oliver was doing his staring, Clark turned and caught his gaze. “Oliver?”

“I consider you to be a good friend Clark,” Oliver said quickly. “I just want you to know that.”

“Yeah, I consider you to be a good friend too, Ollie,” Clark replied. Green eyes met brown and Oliver was worried that Clark would see how he was truly feeling. Clark’s eyes suddenly darkened. Was it him or was Clark moving closer?

He was lost in those eyes and unconsciously started closing the distance between them.

“A very good friend,” Clark whispered when they were only a few inches within each other.

“Mmhmm,” Oliver murmured. Clark’s eyes fluttered shut as he leaned forward. He didn’t know which one of them initiated the kiss but the minute their lips touched, a burst of electricity ran through his body.

Oliver ran his hands through Clark’s hair, pulling him closer. Clark deepened the kiss and Oliver found that his lips were not as soft as they look . . . they were softer. And Clark Kent was one of the best kissers that Oliver ever had the pleasure of locking lips with. It grew passionate quickly, Clark wrapping his arms around Oliver’s back, pressing their bodies together.

It was over as quickly as it began. Clark pulled away, and Oliver was startled at the suddenness of the move.

“Clark?” Oliver said, trying to catch his breath.

“I’m so sorry,” Clark whispered. “I didn’t mean . . . I didn’t . . .”

“Clark,” Oliver said firmly, reaching out to him but Clark shot up, shaking his head. His blue green eyes were filled with a mixture of lust and guilt.

And before Oliver could say another word, he was gone in a flash and Oliver was more confused than ever.

“What the hell just happened?”

Chapter 5
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