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Prompt 63

Title: Living Without Him
Fandom: Smallville
Claim: Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen
Prompt + Number: #63 “Ghost”
Rating: PG
Word Count: 360
Warnings: character death, mentions of sex
Summary: He was a part of them … and now they were forced to live without him.
A/N: For my ot3_100 table.

Their relationship was unconventional. They would’ve all been insulted and judged by society if it was to ever get out. But they were in love with each other. If people could be in love with one person, what was so wrong with each of them being in love with two?

But they were still very careful to make sure nobody knew. Not that it mattered. Now, there really was only two. He was dead.

Clark Kent was dead. Out of the three of them, they never thought he’d go first. He was Superman, for God’s sake. But that didn’t change the fact he was dead, had died saving the world.

Leaving Oliver and Lois alone. Not alone. They were with each other but now something was missing.

They loved each other dearly but that didn’t change the fact they could feel the ghost of their dead lover as they kissed or every time they made love. Their bed seemed so much bigger.

Neither of them spoke of Clark though. Clark had been the affectionate one; Lois and Oliver had trained themselves to hide their emotions over the years. Clark had brought them out of their shell. And he was gone.

However, it was obvious that he was never far from their thoughts. It was clear when Lois started wearing Clark’s old flannels shirts to bed or how Ollie started wearing more red and blue when he was at home. Anything to keep his memory alive.

Outwardly, they tried to remain strong … for themselves and for each other.

Until one day, when they were doing some spring-cleaning and they stumbled upon a picture, a picture of the three of them. That was all it took … and the facades broke and all the emotions came pouring out.

Oliver and Lois clung to each other, openly mourning their dead lover. If they concentrated hard enough, they could almost feel Clark’s presence and they knew he was watching them from above.

Both silently promised not to let each other go … they were all they had now. They had to move on and they’d do it together.

There was no other choice.
Tags: challenge: ot3_100, fanfic, ship: clark/lois/oliver
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