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8.11 "Legion" Review

Smallville's back after a long hiatus and I'm here with my thoughts. :D

I was okay with the episode. It wasn't overwhelming but solid. My major issue was all the Lana praise ... I was rolling my eyes a lot. But the Legion was pretty cool and it had some entertaining scenes.

We started out this episode with Lana coming into the ruined barn. Fortunately, Clark shows up soon after and they talk about what's happened. Lana says that she's going to go to Isis to find out info. Clark offers to go instead but Lana wants to help. Wonderful. Either way, she's gone. Actually, she's not bugging me ... yet.

Once she's gone, some huge creature breaks into the barn and he has an ax. Clark calls to him and he hits Clark with the ax. Lovely. It does cause injure Clark. He throws Clark down is about to kill him but the ax is taken off from his hand. Then he's electracuted by someone else and a third person takes off a ring he has, calls him a hack and makes him disappear.

Of course Clark's curious, especially after they call him "Kal-El", and the three people introduce themselves as the Legion (Cosmic Boy, Lightening Lad and Saturn Girl) and they're from the 31st century. One of them is all "Kal, where's your cape?" Which cracked me up the first time I saw it when those clips were released and it still makes me laugh now.

Cue to the credits. We get back to the Legion, who insists on leaving. Clark doesn't let them; he wants to know more. Lightening Lad is basically Clark's fanboy and almost blurts out that he's Superman. Rather entertaining. They first think that it's the xenophobes who can't live with aliens. Clark finds out that he makes a huge impact and allows for other aliens to exist in peace. But no pressure. :\ They're going to go when they see some crystal and says that Brainiac is still around.

Back at the Fortress, Davis wakes up and is confused. He's only half naked this time. He looks for Chloe but finds Chloaic. They talk a lot about his destiny and how Davis's attraction to Chloe is nothing but Brainiac pulling him in. Chloe's gone and Doomsday has to spend twelve days in a chrysalis, after which he'll turn into a killing machine. Allison was really impressive in this scene and so was Sam. They work together on screen well. She totally creeped me out.

Now at the farm, Clark insists that Brainiac is gone but apparently this the day he destroys Brainiac but the crystal is gone. Now he has to kill the host. Clark's obviously worried and they realize that he knows the host Though Clark plays dumb, Supergirl has mind reading powers and asks him who Chloe Sullivan is.

Clark superspeeds away but they can fly and they catch up with him. He says he has to deal with this alone. Lightening Lad is wondering why he didn't fly and Clark has to admit he can't. I think LL is getting disappointed by his idol but CB says that he probably hasn't learned yet. SG wants to know where he's going and he says the Fortress. CB says that they've heard of Lois Lane, Lana Lang and even Jimmy Olsen but no Chloe Sullivan. Clark insists that then they don't know him as well as they think. What I think is that Chloe's going to die before the end of the series. Clark insists Chloe's not going to die.

When they finally separate, LL wonders if they got the right guy because he doesn't seem a thing like the man of steel.

Clark goes to the Fortress and is met with Chloaic. It's a good scene and they both do well. Chloaic tries to taunt Clark into killing her when he looks at a weapon but he doesn't. So she picks him and throws him away. That must've been fun for Allison.

We move to Lana, who's at Isis. Saturn Girl comes to see her and she says she's from the future. Lana obviously thinks she's delusional and says they can get her help. Saturn Girl is apparently a Lana fan and talks about her earnestly. She wants her help getting Clark to kill Chloe but she outright refuses. SG realizes that Lana hasn't told Clark why she really left. Oh, great, we're going there. Lana has a big destiny, blah blah blah, moving on.

The other two are investigating Chloe, looking through her wall of weird material. One of them suggests that maybe after Clark learned to fly, he insisted she take on a pseudonym to protect her. The other says that maybe her death inspired him to fly. Well, any person with a bit of logic in their head would realize Chlois is not happening so I'm going with the latter. I don't want Clark's superheroics to be because of anyone's death, least of all Chloe's, but I think that's where they're heading.

Clark and Lana talk about Clark possibly killing Chloe and Clark's "doesn't doubt himself". I was tuning in and out.

Chloaic's at the DP and makes everyone go all still.

Lana and Clark, who are tracking down large power surges, notice this and Lana says that it's the DP. Then she goes still too.

The Legion finds Chloaic first and though SG gets thrown off in her attempt, LL manages to stop her. He is going to kill her but can't so CB takes the knife but is stopped by Clark. Clark confronts them about their code and says that they shouldn't kill. He even has a plan, which is very cool.

They take Chloaic back to the barn and Clark communicates with her through SG. Brainiac starts to fight and she wakes up but they put their plan in motion and are able to stop him and extract him from Chloe. And Chloe's okay too. She's all "I definitely feel a whole lot dumber". Cute. :)

A little later, they have Clark visiting Chloe, who's going to Star City to see her husband. She's all excited and it looks like she baked cookies. But she says she's "relieving Lois of her duties" but I already know Lois isn't going to be back. We also find out Chloe knows the secret again! I knew she would learn it ... but she doesn't know Clark took it away and he's not admitting it either. burningqueen, I was thinking of you in this part. Chimmy + Chloe knows the secret. :D

Lana comes to the farm to see Clark but talks to SG. The guys are rebuilding the barn. They talk and more Lana praise. Lana wants to know about her and Clark's future but SG skims over it, saying Lana will be known for more than her relationship with Clark. Cuz SHE DOESN'T HAVE ONE. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOIS BABY. I wish somebody had alluded to it. :\

In the barn, the guys are fixing everything. LL is back to his fanboy self and finds the first baseball Clark ever hit. Football, I can understand but baseball? Okay. But he gets Clark to sign it w/ his heat vision and it's really sweet. SG shows up and they're going to take the Brainiac remainders and say that maybe something will come good of it. Clark gets a time travel ring because "no flights yet" and gets an invite to visit 3009. There are goodbyes and then they're gone.

Another Clana scene, where they talk about his destiny and go over hers.

The final scene has Davis breaking out of the place he's trapped in and he's Doomsday again. Trouble ahead.

Performances were good in this episode. I like the Legion but the Lana parts bug me. Like I said, not bad but not my favorite either.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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