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Rec Time! :)

I figured it's been a while since I made a list so I decided to do one! Enjoy! :D

1. All I want for Christmas (is you) (Lois/Bruce, Chloe/Jimmy, Clark/Lana, SV/BB/TDK, G) by autumnrae89- This was a very sweet fic, with Lois freaking out at the idea that Bruce is not coming for Christmas. She has a great hold on the characters and I really enjoyed it.

2. Mystery Lover (Chloe/Oliver, Lois, PG-13) by sarcastic_fina- I love her Chlollie ... it's just so cute. And the way she writes Lois is perfect! In this one, Lois is trying to figure out who Chloe's mystery lover is ... it's rather amusing. Definitely worth checking out for Chlollie fans!

3. Have Some Good Cheer (Clark/Lois, PG) by magpieinthesky- It's a future fic about Clark first Christmas in Metropolis and it's very cute. The Clois interaction is great ... she totally nailed their banter. A fun fic to make you smile for sure! :D

4. World's Finest Way to Celebrate (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, DCU)- This is adorable and hot at the same time. I love the way she writes those two and this fic made me smile. :D

5. Dead Flag Blues/4 Minute Warning (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by penumbra- This will break your heart for sure. She has Lois nailed and is so good with writing emotions. I just love it!

6. Seconds to Midnight (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by saavikam77- Clark and Lois at a New Year's Eve party is what this one's about and it's just perfect. I love everything, from her Lois to her Clark, who gets quite bold. Just an all around winner!

7. A New Year's to Remember (Clark, Lois, PG) by katshakespeare- Clark decides to take his red and blue persona to the next level and Lois is his first save ... it's really awesome. And it even has an Ollie mention ... his role in this cracks me up. Read it ... you won't regret it. :)

8. Untitled (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, PG-13, WIP) by moonshinescribe- This is set post-'Bride' and a bit angsty. It goes a good job of capturing both Clark and Lois's emotions. I like how she writes Clark and Lois's relationship and I'm hoping she'll continue!

9. On this Christmas morning (Lois/Bruce, PG-13, SV/BB/TDK) by kimmie2528- Lois is remembering Bruce on Christmas ... it's rather angsty but the ending is worth it. I love how she writes Lois ... it's wonderful!

10. One Save At a Time (Clark/Lois, PG) by irishunicorn03- Lois and Clark are in a dangerous predicament in this tension filled fic. My heart was in my throat the entire time but it's so good! I loved it and I think all of you will too.

11. Backdrop (Clark/Lois, Ollie/Dinah, Bruce/Dick, other JL, PG-13, DCU) by bradygirl_12- Her Clark/Bruce fics are amazing so imagine my surprise and delight when she wrote a Clois! I love her Lois voice ... she's just as snarky and wonderful as I imagine her to be. Her Clark is adorable and together, they're perfect. As is this fic. :D

12. That's the way the cookie crumbles (Lois/Bruce, Alfred, PG-13, SV/BB/TDK) by ferdalump- I always enjoy when she writes a fic because she's just so good at it! This one mostly has Alfred and Lois interaction ... it's a lot of fun and she has a great Alfred voice. Her Lois is absolutely adorable! Definitely a fun fic. :D

13. Unexpected Gifts (Clark/Bruce, Jason, Dick, PG-13, SR/BB) by saavikam77- This takes place in her 'The Greatest Gift I Can Give You' universe and if you haven't read that fic, you need to. It's amazing and this is adorable too. Her Jason and Dick are just made of WIN and Clark & Bruce are so perfect together. It makes my heart melt. :D

14. Lost (Clark/Lois, PG-13, WIP) by justforspite- I'm in love with this fic ... it's just so suspenseful and thrilling. It's set post- Bride and she has a great grasp of the characters. I'm waiting eagerly to see what happens next!

15. Heartland IV: Cows And Rabbits And Bears, Oh, My! (Clark/Bruce, Jonathan/Martha, PG-13, DCU) by bradygirl_12- This is set in her Heartland 'verse, which is one of my favorite fics of hers. The Kents take Bruce to a country fair. It's just so cute and I love how she writes all of them. There's some great interactions between the characters and it's a fluffy, sweet fic. We all need a bit of happy fics in our lives and this hits the spot!

That's all for now! Remember, if you a like a fic, leave feedback for the authors. I hope you guys are having great weekend! :D
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