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2 "Bulletproof" Clips

I found two clips from the upcoming "Bulletproof" episode.

Oh wonderful, so Lana is going to open Tess's eyes and show her how bad Lex is. Just great. Personally, I like my unapologetic, evil Tess. And Lex has seen everything through a chip in Tess? Am I the only one who flashed back to the unshown Ollie/Tess sex scene and got creeped out?

And now the director's clip.

Tess praising Lana? This just keeps getting better and better. And the catfight. I was excited to see this episode because of Clark going undercover but there's already way too much Lana in there for me.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
Tags: 8.12 "bulletproof", episode clips, fandom: smallville
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