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I found this on Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-16: "Turbulence"

UPDATED 1/18/09: Clark tells Chloe that his recent "brush with celebrity" (in "Infamous") might mean that having a "double identity" isn't such a bad idea after all. The red-and-blue combo might just be saved for those occasions.
- Davis tells Chloe that she can't blame herself for what happened on her wedding day.

Hmm ... I wonder how they'll make everyone forget then. Because if Chloe does, does that mean he didn't reverse time? Or does he just inform her like he did in "Reckoning"? But at least he's admitting to needing the double life. But I guess that's the theme of this season.

So Davis goes from Doomsday looking to normal? Okay. We'll have to see what happens.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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