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More SV Spoilers

I found out some news on the 13th and 14th episode, courtesy of cloiser_trish and Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-13: "Power"

UPDATED 1/20/09: The new images released by The CW reveal that there will be more kissing between Clark and Lana in this episode.

Are you kidding me? Another one? Wasn't the kiss that will be in "Bulletproof" enough? Does this mean they're giving it another shot or something? It's not Lana's last episode, it's the second to last of hers, so it's not like it's a goodbye or anything. This doesn't look well on Clark either! I want him to move on. I KNEW this would happen. PS3 better have a good explanation for this one.

Episode #8-14: "Requiem"
February 2009

Written By: Holly Henderson & Don Whitehead
Directed By: Michael Rohl
Guest Stars: Kristin Kreuk (Lana), Chris Gauthier (Toyman), Ray Galletti (Steve Lombard)

The CW's Official Description (Added 1/20/09): SMALLVILLE BRINGS IN ANOTHER DC VILLAIN — An explosion at LuthorCorp kills all the Board members and injures Oliver (Justin Hartley), who was there to announce the merger of his company with LutherCorp. Oliver believes that Lex is responsible for the blast, but Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) learn that the bomber is Winslow Schott (guest star Chris Gauthier), a toymaker and former Queen Industries employee with a grudge against Oliver. Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Holly Henderson & Don Whitehead (#3T7464).

Interesting. Queen Industries merging with LuthorCorp? Who allowed that? And apparently, it's Ollie's turn to have people out to get him? Wonderful. Oooh, will Clark SAVE Ollie? *hopes* Hey, some of us are trying to look for the bright spot in all of this! That bright spot is Clark/Oliver scenes. ;D

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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