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I got more news via Kryptonsite about "Power" and "Hex".

Episode #8-13: "Power"
UPDATED 1/21/09: Chloe walks in on Clark as he is rewatching Lana's "Dear Clark" video that we saw in "Arctic."
- Clark catches Tess snooping around the Talon apartment. Tess tells Clark that she is there because Lana has been poking around "secret LuthorCorp technology," which raises his suspicion.
- Clark learns that Chloe has been less than honest with him about something involving Lana.

Do I have masochistic tendencies? Why do I do this to myself? Why is Clark rewatching that video? Does it give some super secret clue that we all missed the first time around? Though I am interested in the Clark-Tess interaction.

The Chloe being less than honest with something involving Lana makes me roll my eyes. "Bulletproof" has Ollie and Lana keeping something from Clark (we are not pleased ... I want her AWAY from Oliver) and now Chloe? Really? :\

Episode #8-17: "Hex"
UPDATED 1/21/09: TV Guide's Matt Mitovich has confirmed that it is indeed Zatanna in this episode, and she will be played by an actress named Serinda Swan.

I don't read the comics so I only know vaguely of Zatanna. Here's a picture I found of her:

Anyway, that episode seems full of craziness and the only thing I am looking forward to is Tom directing and Ollie. And Erica being around. :)

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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