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snagged from kayim

Look, an OTP Meme! It was a lot of fun, so if you guys have time, I suggest you do this. :)

List the first five OTPs that come into your head, but preferably from different fandoms.

Brooke/Lucas (One Tree Hill)

Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls)

Clark/Oliver (Smallville)

Will/Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)

1. When did you first fall in love with ship number 1?
  It was love at first sight. I adored them from the first episode I saw them together.

2. When did you fall in love with ship number 5?
  Book 6, when Harry was totally obsessing over Draco. At one point he does say that he’s more obsessed with Draco than Quiddich.

3.What is your favorite moment of ship number 3?
 The entire episode of “Rage”. Especially that part where
Clark says “You’re looking awfully healthy”. My instant reaction was “Clark, if you want to check him out, you should make it a little less obvious” LOL!

4. What will the ship be if you take the boy from ship 2 and the girl from ship 1 and mesh them? If one or both of the ships are slash, thenpick and choose.
 Jess/Brooke- I’m not sure how that would work out. Brooke sometimes gets a little flaky and she may just drive Jess nuts.

5. Vise versa.
 Lucas/Rory is a ship that could work and I’ve seen it too. There are fanfics, mostly with people who loved Tristan in GG that pair them up. Both are serious and love to read . . .  yeah, they could work.

6. What's your favorite moment for ship 4?
 The wedding scene in the 3rd movie. That was just too cute!

7. How long was there between the time you got into the fandom and the time you started shipping ship number 3?
 Not very long at all. I started writing fics because of my love for Clark/Oliver. I fell in love with them really right after “
Reunion”. I started writing them after Ollie left though. There weren’t enough out there so I decided that I must do it.  

8. When did you start shipping ship number 4?
 During the first movie.

9. Take three random people from three of the ships and create an OT3?
 Lucas/Rory/Draco- that would be funny as hell.

10. Rank your OTPs in order.
 3, 5, 2, 1, 4

Honorary ships that didn't quite make the five:

Clark/Lois (Smallville), Nathan/Haley (OTH), Tristan/Rory (GG), Ron/Hermione (HP), Sirius/Remus (HP), Will/Jack (POTC)

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