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8.12 "Bulletproof" Review!

New Smallville this week, as you all know. I've been alternating between anticipating this episode and dreading it. Now I've finally seen it. Here's my thoughts!

There were parts of this episode that I really liked and there were others that I wasn't so fond of. So let's just go play by play.

We start out with J'onn and I have to say, I really like his character. I was sad at the limited screen time he got in this episode. They should bring him back more. Anyway, he on a car chase after some suspect and he finally catches him. Then he hands him over to the Metropolis Police. After, he heads back to his car but there are shots. The glass is shattered and he has to get out and is shot. The camera pans to part of the shooter and we all see the flash of a police badge. Dun dun dun.

Clark is at the hospital, going through some records. I don't know why but let's just go with it. Lana shows up with coffee and says that when this wasn't what she had in mind when she suggested going to coffee after work. Clark realizes he lost track of time and is apologetic. Lana just says that she likes to see him in his new element or whatever and admires his new look, commenting that he must turn a lot of heads. Clark claims he hasn't noticed.

Lana leaves, seeing he's busy. You know, I really think they could be friends if PS3 lets them. Just stop the romance and I can see these two in a platonic relationship. Okay, moving on ... a stretcher is being rolled in. Clark sees the person lying there and finds out J'onn has been shot. J'onn is wheeled into a hospital room and Clark watches through the glass, distraught.

Ollie shows up (yay Ollie! I miss you when you're gone! &hearts) and Clark finds out Ollie knows about J'onn and has been helping Oliver too. Clark doesn't look happy when Ollie says J'onn is "one of them". He claims that he gets that Clark's going on a guilt trip but he has to do something. At this part, I was like "oh here we go again". Aren't we past this stage?

Then Oliver claims that they were never "team players" and they'll each follow their own leads and walks off. I'm sorry, Oliver, don't you have your own team? Remember them? 4 other people that you dragged into saving the world with you? And as for Clark, I thought you wanted him on your team too! These 180s are really a headache so if you could stop, I'd appreciate it. :)

Though the look he gave Clark as he walked away could be described as longing. I'm sorry, I am grasping at straws here but this show gives me a headache ... I need something to keep me happy.

In fact, we interrupt this review for me to do a little rant. I don't know know what PS3's problem is ... why can't they write Clark and Oliver as friends? I swear, every time I think they're going forward, they go backwards. I'm not asking for much ... despite my shippy tendencies, I just want them to get along. I don't need them to make out but if they could just get along for a full episode? I'd like that. /rant

Back to the episode. Tess is training and Lana enters. Tess is mesmerized by Lana (gag me) and they talk about Lex and earning his trust. All I'm thinking is "not you too, Tess!" And I swear, Tess has chemistry w/ all the girls ... she has that seductress thing going on. Tess defends Lex against Lana and Lana hopes she doesn't know Lex like she does. Then she leaves and opens her bag, and we see something black that has a green flashing light. I guess she stole it?

Meanwhile, Clark goes to see Chloe and as she does research, she mourns the loss of her Brainiac powers, claiming it was convenient even though it was evil. Focus on the evil, Chloe. Apparently, Chloe just has to get back to the hospital before Jimmy wakes up. Wait, how far is Star City from Metropolis and Smallville anyway? Is everything just in Kansas now? I'm so confused. :\

Chloe asks about Lana and Clark claims it's not like that with Lana. Chloe talks about a triangle, saying the third point always gets hurt and she brings up Lana. Clark is all "Lois is so ..." "Lois?" It's clear that Clark knows how she feels and that kinda upsets me. At least Chloe warns him against hurting Lois. Tell him Chloe! Protect your cousin! &hearts :)

Anyway, they come to the conclusion that it may be an inside job based on some evidence. Chloe tells him that they can't just find out because cops protect their own so they have to find another way for Clark to get info.

The scene switches to some cop named Danny getting a new partner. Lo and behold, it's Clark! Now how did Chloe get Clark into the MPD? Though my shallow side is thinking how hot Clark looks in that uniform. Oh yes, that was what I was watching this episode for. SO worth it. Apparently Clark's fake name is Joe.

Those two ride in the squad car, making idle conversation as Clark looks outside. I really like Clark's hair though. Looks good. So Danny doesn't like Green Arrow and the "red-blue blur". "Cops got rules, capes don't". Who in JL has a cape? I'm sorry, was that just me? There is a robbery or something at some store so they go there. Danny chases down the thief and is almost shot but Clark saves him.

There is some event with all the cops. Clark meets Danny's wife and kid. Danny's kid is dressed up like the red and blue blur and Danny's not happy about that. Kid's cute though. They talk about brotherhood. Clark brings up J'onn and this other guy dismisses him, saying that he was a loner, etc. They get a call and all the cops have to go.

At Isis, Tess pays Lana a visit and says that she thought they were getting along. Lana talks about being Lex's equal, etc and Tess says that he really did love her. She pulls out a gun, claiming Lana stole something that is interfering with some project that's Lex's only chance to survive. They fight and I'm reminded of the scene between Lex and Ollie in 'Siren'. Lana gets the advantage and the gun, pointing it at Tess.

Now we go back to Clark and the cops. Where they go is to this some place, where some guy is tied up. He got out on parole and Danny begins to beat him up. We find out that he's the one who killed his partner, Joe. Clark's horrified as Danny keeps beating him up and the rest of them egg him on. It's pretty obvious by now who's the sniper and that guy hands Clark a crowbar, asking if he's going to help his partner.

Before he can react, Green Arrow comes into the scene, shooting arrows at all the cops. Clark catches the one at him and holds it. Everyone's down and Clark approaches Ollie, who is shocked to see Clark there. He tells Oliver to leave and he does. However, Danny is watching the interaction, despite being on the ground.

Lana takes Tess to Isis and tells her what she knows about her and her accident. When Tess says Lex saved her and she owed him everything, Lana reveals that Lex had an camera installed in her optic nerve and she's his eyes and ears. I saw this scene before and again, the horrible 'Committed' flashbacks come to mind. "Lex never trusted you," says Lana. Tess is horrified.

Clark visits J'onn at the hospital and as he's coming out, he's confronted by Danny. They talk and Clark argues about what he's doing and how he's a good guy. Danny seems conflicted. Of course, we later see him go talk to the guy I know is a sniper and says that there are stuff he doesn't know about "Joe".

Clark is at the farm, looking through files when Ollie comes in, wanting to talk about what happened. They argue and Ollie thinks the cops have crossed a line but Clark believes that they can be led back into the right path. But mmm ... grey shirt. I love that outfit. :D

Later, Clark goes out and he goes through the trunk of some cop's car, seeing a rifle with his x-ray vision. But he's arrested on the charge of attempted murder of J'onn and realizes Danny set him up. The sniper cop tells Danny that his hands have been clean too long and tells him he 's going to be known for killing Green Arrow.

They bring a suspect, who thought he was going to be transferred, into some alley. Sniper guy tells Danny that they're going to lure the GA out. When the other cop with Danny starts beating up the suspect up, the GA shows up, taking the cop beating the suspect up out. Danny aims a gun at him and they talk. Ollie says that Clark believed in him and he's going to prove him wrong. Of course, Danny ends up changing his mind but the sniper guy decides to kill Danny. GA knocks them both out of the way.

Danny goes get shot but GA keeps them hidden. Sniper guy calls for backup, saying GA attacked a police officer.

At the precinct, Clark is getting out of the car and he hears the call. When their backs are turned, he races off. The sniper guy is confronted with Clark and when he tries to shoot him, the bullet bounces off and hits him. Clark comments about the good advice at always wearing a vest.

Back at the hospital, we see that MM is okay and both Clark and Ollie are there. They talk, MM tells them about having too much pride and everyone needs backup. Clark and Ollie definitely realize that. Hopefully this will be the last little argument about this but knowing PS3, I doubt it.

Tess is at the mansion and gives Lex a message and tells him she'll bring him down and he can watch as his connection to the world disappears and his bank accounts too. Despite the tears, that's badass Tess. Good for you! Keep being your evil self. She removes the connection (I guess Lana helped her with that?) and when it's gone, she admits she loved him. Ollie shows up and they're going out to dinner because she wants to discuss a merger. "What kind of merger?" Ollie wants to know and Tess says "any kind you want". No more Ollie/Tess. Please? Does Ollie LIKE being rejected?

Clark goes to see Danny and the kid is now dressed up as Robin Hood, though Clark initially thinks it's Green Arrow. Close enough. :) They talk and they're all good now. Clark asks about the risk and Danny says something about how it's more risky not to do anything. Danny says his family is worth it and asks if Clark has anyone that makes it worth it. Clark has a thoughtful expression on his face.

The final scene has Clark and Lana. They talk about their relationship and Clark thinks they can make it work. He kisses her and it seems to keep going and going. I'm rolling my eyes. When he pulls away, he does look a bit confused. MOVE ON ALREADY!

Anyway, the episode was okay. I thought Clark looked hot anyway and that's entertaining. Chloe seemed to be in it just because she has a 22 episode contract and it seemed pointless. I was wondering when she was going to start pimping Clois. It's begun ... though I'd rather have her support Clois and care about Lois's feelings than push the Clana, "Promise" style. The Clark-Oliver sniping I could've done without and the Clana kiss and them "trying again" or at least Clark wanting to was silly. It's over, PS3, let it DIE. I have serious doubts on them being able to make the Clois look valid and Clark's feelings genuine. 2 more episodes ... :\

That's it for me. Feel free to share your thoughts!
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