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Interview Meme! :)

bradygirl_12 asked me these questions. :)

1) What appeals to you about Clark/Ollie from SV?
Hmm ... I just think they have amazing chemistry. Despite admiring his hotness, I was determined to hate Ollie because of 'Wither'. But in 'Arrow', while I was amused at him playfully accusing Clark of harboring feelings for Lois, I was more taken by their interactions with each other.

What I like about the Clark/Ollie relationship is that Clark's an adult now. He can handle himself better with Ollie and they get each other. Sure, Ollie comes off as an ass sometimes but that's just who he is. At the end of the day, they care. Just like in "Odyssey", where Clark was like "what took you so long?" He KNEW Ollie'd come for him and that makes me happy. Even in s6, Ollie got Clark to smile and you gotta appreciate that quality in a person. Plus, there's loads of tension so I can't help but ship them. And they're hot ... separately of course but together? There are no words. ;D

2) What incarnations of Lois do you find the most interesting? SV, movieverse, comics, TV, 'toons, etc.?

I don't read the comics but what I have seen, Lois from there is very feisty. Kidder's version will always be legendary but I'll have to go with SV. Erica has just won me over and her Lois is just so interesting. She's not perfect but at the same time, it's what makes her so awesome. :D

3) You seem pretty happy on the West Coast. Do you think you could be happy living on the East Coast if you had to move?

I used to live in the east coast when I was younger. My sister was actually born in NY. I mean, if I had to, I guess I wouldn't mind but I don't do snow very well. I'm sure I could get used to it though if I had to but I'd prefer to stay here. ;D

4) What's your favorite meal?
Anything my mom cooks. I love Indian food and I love hers best. While I love Indian food though, one of my favorite things she makes is what she calls 'Macaroni Hot Pot'. It has medium shell pasta, tomatoes, onions, green pepper, beans and sauce ... she mixes it up and puts cheese on top and puts it in the oven. It's really good. :) And a lot easier to describe than Indian food. ;D

5) How and when did you first discover fandom?

Fanfic or fandom? Hmm ... I would say fanfic when I was twelve. I was into Sailor Moon (don't laugh) and I was searching for it on the internet when I came across I read a bit and forgot for a few years until Book 6 of HP, when I fell in love with HP and Harry/Draco. I found LJ when I was searching for Clark/Oliver fics and that's how I found fandom. :)

If you would like me to ask you questions, just leave a comment! :D
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