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New SV Spoilers!

I found this out through shelly505 and they're courtesy of Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-19: "Stiletto"

UPDATED 1/27/09: Title Posted. Please do not repost this on other webstes without a link to
- The four characters that appear in this episode are Clark, Chloe, Lois, and Jimmy.
- Chloe and Lois finally get some hanging-out "cousin time" until they are attacked by two thugs. Lois takes one of them down with her stiletto heels (hence the title of the episode?) and begins to feel like a bit of a superheroine herself. The other, however, gets away with Chloe's car which has some very sensitive information inside.
- Lois recruits Jimmy for photography help to convince others that "Stiletto" is Metropolis' newest heroine so she can have the exclusive and then bring the Red-Blue Blur out of hiding. When Clark finds out about this, he tells Lois that she's a better reporter than one who would lie to advance her career.
- Lois may end up having contact with the Red-Blue Blur at some point of the episode.

"Stilletto"? REALLY? LMAO! Oh, SV ... *shakes head* Though I do like the idea of Chlo-Lo bonding time! And LOL at Lois feeling like a superhero. I so hope she meets the Red-Blue Blur! :D

UPDATED 1/27/09: The marriage between Chloe and Jimmy might not be long for the world as they face some major challenges upon his return.

Oh, Chimmy, you guys can never get over the angst, can you? :\

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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