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Accidentally in Love Chapter 6

New chapter! Hope you all like this one! :) Let me know what you think!

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Chloe/Jimmy, Lollie mentions of past Lexana & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.

Chapter 6

“I think the kiss was a mistake.”

It took all of Oliver’s willpower not to gawk at Clark. “You do?” he managed to say.

Clark nodded. “Yeah, I mean, we both just got a little carried away, that’s all.”

Carried away? Is that how you’re really going to explain it? It seemed there weren’t going to be any love confessions . . . not today, anyway.

“Think about it,” Clark continued, clearly obvious to Oliver’s thoughts. “You were hurt and I was just trying to comfort you . . . it just happened.”

But why does that make it a mistake Clark? Didn’t you enjoy it as much as I did? But his pride had been hurt enough already by Lois. He couldn’t deal with a rejection from Clark too.

Oliver walked away, needing distance between him and Clark. His back was facing Clark so the younger man wouldn’t notice the expression on his face. If Clark was as good as reading Oliver as he claimed, he wanted to be careful.

“Perhaps you’re right.”

Since he couldn’t see Clark’s face, he missed the disappointment in the blue-green eyes he had grown to care for.

“I hope that what happened won’t affect our friendship,” he heard Clark say.

He turned and gave Clark a genuine smile. “Of course it won’t. We’re still friends, you can count on that.”

Clark grinned. “Good, then we can just forget this ever happened?”

“Yeah,” Oliver replied, “Let’s just . . . forget about it.” He forced a smile and Clark smiled back, not realizing his was fake. There was a slight pause but Clark was quick to break the silence.

“Anyway, I have to get going,” Clark told him.

“Got somewhere to go?” Oliver questioned.

“I have to be at the paper,” Clark revealed. “I work at the school paper.”

“That’s nice,” Oliver said. “So you want to get into journalism too?”

He asked the question like he didn’t already know the answer. But he did . . . he had found out when Clark re-enrolled in school and had been proud of his friend. He knew that Clark was on the school paper because he had read every article the brunette had written. And he had to admit that Clark had a flair for writing.

Not that he would admit any of this aloud because the last thing he wanted to seem like was a stalker. Never before had he been so involved with someone’s life nor had he any interest to.

He tried to focus on Clark’s words. “Yeah,” Clark was saying, “For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do. But this feels right. I’m minoring in astronomy.”

That was one fact that had really surprised Oliver. “I didn’t realize you were into astronomy.”

Clark’s eyes shone as he nodded enthusiastically. “I have a telescope in the loft and when I was younger, I used to love looking at the stars, memorizing the galaxies.”

“I never got into astronomy,” Oliver confessed.

“You can’t see the stars so clearly in Metropolis,” Clark said, with a wry smile. “But in Smallville, there are some nights, where the sky is just beautiful and you can see everything.” He grinned at Oliver. “I go home several weekends . . . you should come sometime. I can point out what’s what . . .” He trailed off, blushing. “I know you said you’re not into it . . .”

“But that sounds fun,” Oliver said quickly. “I always like learning about new things.” He was rewarded with a huge smile. Lying under the stars with Clark sounded pretty good to him. Making love with Clark under the stars sounded better but he wasn’t going to bring up that particular fantasy. Oliver was a romantic at heart but there was no way that was going to get out. Not if he anything to say about it.

“Anyway, now I really should get going,” Clark said, oblivious to his thoughts.

No, stay. But he didn’t say it. Instead he just nodded.

“You’re going to be here for a while, right?” Clark asked.

Not a chance in hell. He wanted to hightail it out of Metropolis and go back to Star City. There was not much reason to stay here anymore. But there was hope in Clark’s eyes and he couldn’t bring himself to shatter it.

“Possibly,” he said, “Why?”

“I just wanted to know,” Clark said. “It’d be nice if you would stay awhile. Unless of course you have to rush back . . . I understand you came mostly for Lois . . .”

“I don’t have to go immediately,” Oliver said hurriedly.

“Good,” Clark said. “So I’ll talk you soon?” Ollie gave him a small nod. “Bye Ollie.”

“Bye Clark,” he said and watched Clark leave. When he was sure Clark was gone, Oliver headed to the kitchen and poured himself a drink. Usually, he reserved alcohol for parties and sometimes during dinner but now, he needed something to take his mind off what had just happened.

He took a sip, and sighed. Though he told Clark he would stay, he was already formulating an excuse to leave as soon as possible. Back to Star City, his home . . . staying in the same city as Clark and Lois would not be good for his sanity.

Then again, at the same time, he wasn’t quite ready to leave yet. He ran his hand through his hair and contemplated his choices. Oh Clark, why do you do this to me?

I knew it, I knew it was a mistake. Obviously Oliver had thought so too because the minute Clark said it, he agreed instantly. He was probably relieved that Clark had said it so he wouldn’t have had to!

Clark had no idea what possessed him to ask if Oliver would stick around but he had just hoped Ollie wouldn’t take off. Because the last time he did that, Clark hadn’t seen him for a year and factoring in his new feelings, he wouldn’t be able to take not seeing him.

But despite his feelings, he wasn’t willing to take a chance on a new relationship. Clark didn’t have very many people in his life and he wanted to keep the ones he had close to him. A relationship gone bad could ruin a good friendship and losing Oliver as a friend would destroy him. Oliver was one of the few people he could trust and he would like to keep him around, thank you very much.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to think about it for the next couple of hours, as he was busy at the school paper. Then he headed back to the apartment, where Lois and Chloe already were. With Lois around, Chloe didn’t ask any personal questions. They did their homework, chatting in between about how classes were going. He made sure they stayed away from personal topics. At times, he could feel Chloe’s eyes on him and he knew that she was wondering how everything went with Oliver.

She didn’t get her chance that night though. They had dinner together and he had an evening astronomy class. So he was out the door before she had a chance to catch him for a moment alone.

Not that he paid much attention in class. He loved astronomy but tonight, his mind was elsewhere. Focused on a handsome, blonde billionaire who was up to God knows what in that penthouse of his. Clark read the news and saw that the Green Arrow was back in town. Be careful, Ollie, he said silently, You don’t want people to start making a connection. However, he wasn’t too concerned. People were not that sharp . . . there was no way that they would realize that Oliver Queen paraded around at night in green leather, stopping crime with arrows. For that, he was relieved.

Clark idly wondered what would’ve happened if he taken another route and told Oliver that the kiss wasn’t a mistake and he wanted to make something of it. What would Oliver have said? Would he have rejected him outright?

Oliver had been acting differently after Clark revealed his decision. More indifferent . . . did that mean he didn’t agree with Clark’s choice? That maybe he wanted to start something?

No way, you’re just imaging things. That was probably true. Anyway, he had made his choice and there was no going back.

Pushing thoughts of Oliver out of his mind temporarily, Clark tried to focus on the instructor for the remainder of the class. For the most part, he was successful. But at times, he couldn’t stop his mind from wandering.

When he finally made it back home, he was glad Chloe and Lois weren’t around. A note on the fridge told him that they were at the Planet. Usually he waited up for them, as nights spent at the Planet were most of the time late ones but the day’s events had taken their toll. He was more tired than usual.

After completing the remainder of his homework and putting the finishing touches to his article, he was done for the night. He sent a quick e-mail to his mother and went to bed. Sleep came easier than he expected but his dreams were everything but peaceful.

If it wasn’t hard enough that Oliver was invading his thoughts during the day, he was doing a double shift at night. They were very good dreams, which had him waking up in a sweat several times. For once, he was happy when morning arrived.

As a side job, he tutored and an early appointment with one of his students forced him to go to school. This particular student, Joanna, got help from him on her essays.

“So what’s this one on?” he asked.

“It’s for my popular culture class,” she explained. “We can write about anything that has to do with popular culture.”

“Sounds fun,” Clark said. “Do you know what you’re writing on?”

She beamed. “I’m going to write on the reasons behind the Harry Potter craze.” She paused for a moment. “Do you read Harry Potter, Clark?”

He gave her a wry smile. “My best friend, Chloe, read that book religiously. She got me into it too.” She laughed and started to chatter about all the information she had found. He gave her a small smile but couldn’t help but tuning her out. He was slightly tired after his sleepless night.

“And I love Oliver.” That phrase caught Clark’s attention.

“Oliver?” he repeated.

She gave him a strange look. “Oliver Wood? I was so sad when he graduated in the books. The guy who plays him in the movie is totally cute.”

Oliver Wood . . . of course . . . what was he thinking? Snap out of it Clark. He managed to make it through the rest of the session without making any more blunders. The last thing he wanted was Joanna to think he’d gone nuts.

Which wasn’t too far from the truth. How much longer would he survive like this? How long would it take for these feelings to just pack up and go away? At least he hoped they would go away. They would go away. Right?

Oliver wasn’t faring too much better. His morning was jam packed, with several conference calls so he was at least busy for a while. But his afternoon was pretty clear and during his spare moments, his thoughts always drifted back to one person.

Damn you, Clark Kent. He tried to keep busy and even did some league work. But when his day had moved down to a snail’s crawl, he was on the brink of insanity. That was when he grew desperate . . . he worked on presentations that weren’t even going to be made until the following week and was checking his e-mail practically every minute.

After what felt like an eternity, his day drew to a close. He had a quick dinner and when night approached, he changed into his Green Arrow costume, prepared to spend another night on the streets.

Crime was on a high that night. Within the first half an hour, he had to stop one burglary and managed to abort a plan to break into a nearby jewelry store. For not the first time in his life, he wished he had had some superpowers of his own. Clark’s invulnerability and Bart’s speed sounded awfully good right now.

Focus, Ollie. A scream immediately brought him back to reality. He ran in the direction of the sound and saw a large man hovering over a frightened woman.

“Don’t worry,” he was saying, “I won’t hurt you . . . much.”

“I suggest,” Oliver said, his voice masked by his distorter. “That you don’t touch her at all.”

The man spun around and glared at him. “What’s it to you, leather boy?”

Oliver aimed and fired at arrow at him. “Actually, I prefer the Green Arrow.”

His arrow found its target and the man went down. He checked on the woman, who was staring at him with wide, grateful eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked. She nodded. “Do you have a way to get safely home?”

“Yeah,” she stuttered, “My car is over there.”

“I suggest you go straight there,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said with a tearful smile. She ran off.

“She may be fine,” a voice said from behind him, “But you won’t be.”

He spun to see a man emerging from the shadows. A click and he knew that he carried a gun.

Oliver remained unfazed, at least on the outside. “Did you learn anything from your friend there?” He pointed to the motionless body.

“Oh, I learned,” the man said with a cold laugh. “I’ve watched you, Green Arrow.” His name was said with a sneer.

“I’m flattered,” Oliver replied, all in the while, keeping one eye trained on the gun. Fortunately, his eyes were covered by his glasses so the other man didn’t know where he was looking. “But if you wanted an autograph, you could’ve just asked.”

“I don’t want an autograph,” the man replied. “But I’ve brought some friends.” With a snap of his fingers, Oliver saw other men coming out. In the dark, he didn’t see them and it would now be his downfall.

Four other men were there and he could tell all of them were armed. Oh shit, were his first thoughts.

“You’re interfering with our work,” the first man spat. “And it ends now.”

“Have you considered getting another type of job?” Oliver couldn’t resist throwing in.

The first punch came unexpectedly, from one of the other men. He managed to fight them off as best as possible, and got in a couple of good blows, if he said so himself. But in the end, he was greatly outnumbered and quickly found himself on the other end of a gun, that was pointed at his head.

So this was how he was going to die. “It’s lights out for you, Green Arrow,” the leader declared. “Never again will you bother us again. But before we kill you,” the leader said, “We’re going to find out exactly who’s behind those glasses.” Great, not only was he going to die but he was going to be exposed too.

However, the leader didn’t get the chance. A gust of wind and he was knocked out, slumped against the wall. Oliver was shocked.

A new voice came through. “It’s not very nice to go five against one like that.” Oliver saw a gorgeous woman standing there, hands on her hips. He estimated her height to be approximately 5’9”. With blonde hair that fell below her shoulders and light blue eyes, she was definitely beautiful. And those eyes had a fierce look in them.

“Look little girl,” one of the remaining men said, “You don’t want to mess with us.”

She took a step toward them. “I’m not a little girl.”

They all laughed. “Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” one of the men said and charged at her. She didn’t move and flung him effortlessly away.

The other three obviously didn’t get the hint and another one attacked her but he couldn’t even touch her. She sent him flying. Oliver now had had time to catch his breath and took advantage of the other two’s confusion to disarm one of them.

The two of them managed to get the last guy. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize their leader had stirred and didn’t notice the object coming at his head until it was too late.

A sharp pain and then, everything went black.

Kara had been taking a fly to clear her thoughts. She really loved life on Earth . . . Jor-El had spoken of the beautiful planet several times and she had always wanted to go but never had the chance. Flying was great . . . to be able to see everything from such a special position was wonderful.

How she escaped stasis and ended up on Earth, even she couldn’t explain. But she wasn’t complaining. At long last, she was reunited with her precious cousin, Kal-El. He was an adult though now and a part of her regretted missing out on him growing up.

But he seemed to have gotten assimilated with the humans and had grown up to be a man she was proud of. Those parents of his must’ve been very good. Of course, they were, otherwise Jor-El wouldn’t have entrusted his only son to them.

She loved her cousin with all her heart and she was grateful for the chance to get to know him. Kara knew he was concerned about leaving her and he was constantly warning her not to misuse her powers. He really needs to lighten up. Hopefully that blonde that Kal-El liked . . . what was his name? Oliver. Maybe Oliver would do the trick.

A noise caught her attention and she saw a man in green leather being surrounded by a group of huge men with weapons. She recognized him instantly from the papers . . . the Green Arrow.

Wait, didn’t Kal-El say that Oliver was the Green Arrow? She couldn’t let him get hurt. Oh, no, and that man had a metal object to Oliver’s head. It looked like the guns that Kal-El was telling her about. He said it fired what humans called bullets and it could kill people but wouldn’t harm them. But Oliver was human so he could get hurt! In a second, she swooped down and knocked the man out.

She caught everyone’s attention, including Oliver’s. “It’s not very nice to go five against one like that.”

“Look little girl,” one of them said, “You don’t want to mess with us.”

Little girl? Well, she’d show them. “I’m not a little girl.”

“Don’t we didn’t warn you,” he said and charged at her. Come on, show me what you’ve got. She flung him aside easily. Clearly, that wasn’t proof enough because the other one came at her too. So she took care of him as well.

In the meantime, she saw Oliver deal with one of the other men and together, they finished them off. She didn’t see the first one stand up again and before she could warn Oliver, he hit him on the back of the head with the barrel of his gun.

“Now for you,” he said, aiming at her. She wasn’t afraid. He never got the chance to fire because he was slammed against a wall.

Behind him stood her cousin, who looked furious. When he saw her, his expression turned concerned.

“Kara, are you all right?” he asked. She pointed to the ground, where the Green Arrow laid.

“I’m fine,” she said, “But I don’t think he is.” Kal-El followed her gaze and gasped when he saw Oliver. He immediately rushed his side.

Please be okay. Clark checked for a pulse and was relieved to find one. He did an x-ray of Oliver’s body.

“He was hit over the head,” Kara told him. With that information, he zoned in to the Oliver’s skull.

“No serious damage,” Clark said. “He’ll have a concussion but apparently, that guy doesn’t hit very hard.” Thank God for that. “We can just take him home and let him rest.” He didn’t want to have to explain this to any doctor and though Oliver probably had his private one, he didn’t have that information. So he was really relieved that they didn’t need a doctor in this case.

He gently picked Oliver up and smiled at Kara. “Come on, we can talk about this when we get to the Ollie’s place.” Though he had questions, bringing Oliver to safety was his first priority.

Clark flew to the penthouse and he knew Kara was following him. They entered through the balcony, which was open. He rested Oliver on the couch and went to search for ointments and pajamas.

The blonde had bruises and Clark didn’t want to let them sit. Using his x-ray vision, he found all the necessities quite easily. He returned to see Kara watching over Oliver diligently.

He removed the glasses first and set them aside. One by one, he removed Oliver’s clothes. Great, I finally get to take off his clothes and he’s unconscious.

When he was met with an expanse of golden skin, he almost forgot to breath. Fortunately, he was boxer clad so Clark didn’t have to worry about any heart attacks. Gently, he applied the ointments to the bruises and got his pajamas on.

Then he picked him up again and carried Oliver to his bedroom. Laying him on the bed, he made sure he was okay and headed back to the living room.

“Will he be all right?” Kara asked anxiously.

“He’ll be fine,” Clark assured her. He had just returned from the paper when he heard Kara’s voice nearby. When he arrived, some man had a gun pointed at her, which infuriated him. So he knocked him out, despite knowing that the bullets wouldn’t hurt her.

“So what happened?” Clark asked.

“I was taking a fly,” Kara began to explain. Seeing his expression, she smiled. “Don’t worry, I was careful. Anyway, I heard yelling and this man had a gun to your Oliver’s head.” My Oliver. Didn’t he wish.

“I recognized the Green Arrow,” Kara said, “And I remembered you saying that it was Oliver so I had to do something, Kal-El.”

“I know,” Clark said, not upset, “And you saved his life. Thank you.”

“I realize how much he means to you,” Kara said. “There’s no reason to thank me.”

“He means a lot,” Clark admitted. A little too much.

“I am going to go now,” Kara said, “I figure you can stay here and watch over him?”

He nodded. “I’ll be fine.”

“Bye Kal-El,” she said and was off.

He listened for her heartbeat and only relaxed when he heard her arrive in her apartment. His hearing then picked up on a groan coming from Oliver’s bedroom.

Seems like he’s waking. Clark said and headed in the direction of the sound.

Oliver groaned as he opened his eyes. He was met with worried blue-green eyes. The moonlight streamed through the window, making it seem as the figure was glowing, almost in an angelic way.

Slightly delirious, he asked, “Am I in heaven?”

His angel smiled slightly at his words. “Oliver, you’re in your bedroom . . . do you remember what happened?” The haziness faded and the figure was now much clearer. Not an angel, but as close to one as he’s ever gotten.


Clark breathed a sigh of relief when Oliver recognized him. “Yeah, Ollie, it’s me.”

“I was outnumbered by these men,” Oliver whispered.

“I know,” Clark said.

“And this woman came out of nowhere and saved me,” Oliver said. “I thought we took care of them but this guy . . . I think he hit me over the head.”

“He did,” Clark confirmed. “But you’ll be all right.”

“I knew you’d come eventually,” Oliver murmured, half asleep. “You always save me . . .”

“You’re exhausted,” Clark said. “I’ll just go and let you get your rest.” He was about to take off when a hand caught his own. Turning back, he saw Oliver holding him.


“Oliver?” Clark said.

“Just stay with me,” Oliver requested. He tugged on his arm and patted the space on the bed next to him. Clark couldn’t deny him . . . didn’t want to deny him. So he nodded.

He stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed next to Oliver. Oliver shifted and rested his head on Clark’s shoulder. Instinctively, Clark put his arm around Oliver and closed his eyes, sleep quickly overtaking him. Only one though remained before he drifted off.

Please don’t let him regret this in the morning.

Chapter 7
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