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8.13 "Power" Review

Well, I finally got around to watching it. And I can't say I wasn't warned.

My brain kind of hurts. I had to pause it several times to get through the episode. I couldn't watch it in a stretch. And the ending? Made me want to stab my eyes out. I have to say that Allison did a good job in directing. I only wish she had gotten a better episode to direct.

starry_dawn, I thought of you in parts of this episode, with all the purple that Chloe was wearing. ;D Her jacket was very pretty. I also really liked Tess's hair. Yes, when the show bugs me, I switch to focusing on the superficial. Thank goodness for a pretty cast. ;)

Okay, onto the actual episode. We start out with Dr. Grohl and he's in some lab. They talk about some experimental procedure and how it may not work. He's stubborn and says that they're going forward anyway. There is fire in the water and Lana is in the case. She screams. It's all in all very creepy but I didn't know then that it was just the beginning.

The next scene has Chloe walking into the farm. The jacket's cute but I could do without the hat. Anyway, she can hear something and it's Clark ... watching the breakup dvd Lana left him again. Thank God she turns that thing off. Chloe says that he must really be bored if he's watching this. Clark's a bit mopeyI didn't like the idea that he was watching the video but I was actually impressed with part of his conversation with Chloe. He was saying what we've been saying for years. That he's done so much better since Lana has left. Too bad Chloe is being a Lana/Clana pimp in this episode and we can't get any finalized decisions, where Clark's like "yeah, I don't love her anymore either". One piece of good advice Chloe gives is that they need to talk. One issue Clana has always had is a lack of communication. She does tell him that Lana must be at her apartment so Clark goes there.

The apartment is ransacked. A figure approaches and points a gun at him. It's Tess and she's surprised to see Clark there. I really like Tess and I was hoping to see more Clark-Tess interaction this season. She has more chemistry with him than she does with Ollie. Anyway, Clark wonders aloud if breaking and entering is one of her hobbies but Tess claims it was like that when she showed up. She wanted to warn Lana about something. They talk for a bit, Clark wondering when she got chummy with Lana and Tess going on about how Lana showed her the evil of Lex (gag me).

Tess reveals to Clark about the truth behind the video ... here's where I get annoyed. Lana was forced to make it by Luthorcorp employees. Lex was bent upon kidnapping Lana and they made her do it. We see a flashback and everything. How did Tess know? Because she was there, leading Lana out. Must they justify everything she does? I mean, it's not like she didn't send Whitney a break up video or leave Jason a letter when running away from leaving Paris. This is her M.O. people!

The problem with Lana is that they don't let her go either way. They want to show her as evil but they can't ever make her take that final step. Someone "made her do it". Give me a break. She's more interesting that way. The goody-goody princess died a long time ago and everyone just has to face facts.

Ok, this is getting long. There are more flashbacks where Lana escapes. That scene where she fakes sick and takes down the guy was pretty badass. Nice trick, Lana. However, the dragged out scene after where she cuts her hair? Unnecessary.

Now Clark knows what happens and he thinks that the same people who kidnapped her before could have her but Tess reveals that they're both dead. All the people who work for Lex are brand new, without any ties to his past. With his x-ray vision, Clark finds some silver necklace with an eagle in Lana's drawer. He tells Tess that it's not really Lana's style and she informs him she saw it with her strategic adviser, Carter Bofree (sorry, i don't know how to spell it). More shallow: Tess has really pretty eyes.

Clark tracks this guy down to the mansion and he is at first in denial, showing his own medallion. But when he realizes that he's Clark, he reveals how he met Lana. She came to him and wanted him to train her. The following flashbacks are really disturbing ... how she sits in ice water and touches burning metal. Not stuff I really want to see. Though where he accuses her of feeling sorry for herself her entire life, that cracked me up. Clark accuses him of torturing Lana but he claims he was preparing her. There's also a conversation where Carter accuses someone of holding Lana back ... Clark? Really? Whatever. The last flashback is where Lana says goodbye, telling him she is going to seek power. He warns her but she says she can handle it now. Then he gives her the medallion for inspiration.

Carter admits that he tracked her down after she left Edge City because he "couldn't let anything happen to her". Apparently, she went to Metropolis, investigating Luthorcorp. Carter tried to convince her to let it go but she wouldn't. Instead, he joined the cause, got a job there, helping Tess and informing Lana. Clark wants to know if Lana contacted anyone and Carter tells him that she contacted a blonde woman she went to high school with. Clark's all "Chloe?" And Carter confirms that. Clark doesn't look very happy.

The next scene has Grohl again. His assistant is all "she's barely alive" and Grohl responds with "it's the only way to apply the nanites" and instructs him to begin grafting. They flash to Lana's body, which is all burnt and a bit bloody. There is some huge metal tube around her mid-section. There is is a voice that says that they're going to apply the Prometheus layer and there is smoke and some flash of lighting.

We move to Tess in a long black car and we see Regan entering it. They talk about Prometheus and Tess wants him to work w/ her. He's not at all for that but she doesn't seem to give him a choice.

Meanwhile, Clark finds Chloe and confronts her on what she knows. It's really funny ... people on this show can keep their own secrets but if someone else is doing it, they get all huffy. Example: Lana with Chloe about Clark's powers in "Hydro". And this scene with Clark and Chloe and Lana's secrets. Everyone just needs to stop being so hypocritical and realize that everyone has secrets. *rolls eyes*

Clark says that the secrets may have gotten Lana kidnapped and we get more flashbacks of Chloe discovering Lana, etc. Though the Chloe-Lana conversation is really cute. They seem like genuine friends and I haven't gotten that vibe from them for a long time. They talk about Isis, about Chloe's engagement and even about Clark being the red-blur blur. Lana's apparently proud of him but she's not going to go see him. When Chloe questions Lana's return, she says that she is investigating Project Aries and even though Chloe's skeptical, Lana's determined.

Back in the present, Clark and Chloe talk about Project Aries, which had been shut down even before Lex's disappearance. Clark tells her what Tess said and Chloe wonders why Clark is trusting her. Clark says she came clean with her and that Lana was forced to make the breakup dvd. Chloe says that if Lana was forced to, then why didn't she come home to him? Clark said that she was too busy getting revenge on Lex and he has to find her before she does something she regrets.

Next scene takes place at the Planet. Tess comes in and finds one of her employees dead. Regan has a gun and they talk about the location of the Prometheus lab and even he knows that Tess was Lex's eyes and ears. She says she has her own and he tells her he'll make sure it's in her obituary. Tess attacks him and manages to take him down. Then she proceeds to kick him to death. Wow. Her face is full of blood spatter when she's done. That woman is not to be messed w/. On a sidenote, I love Cassidy. She's a wonderful actress and has great expressions. :D

Clark and Chloe come into Isis and Chloe says that there's a Luthorcorp project called Prometheus but without her Brainiac powers, she can't hack into it. Clark notes that Lana was standing in front of a radiator when Chloe found her. Chloe says yes but she doesn't know the point is. Clark uses his x-ray vision to find a safe behind the radiator. They open it and find a hard drive there. Chloe connects it and they see conversations between Lana and Dr. Grohl, where Lana is convincing him to give her the Prometheus suit. That's when they realize that Lana may have left out of her own will. So the destruction was a cover up?

At the lab, Dr. Grohl is relieved that her blood pressure is rising. "For now" says the assistant, "The machines are what is keeping her alive." Dr. Grohl says that she will be fine, that she has to be. Tess comes storming in, wanting to know where Prometheus is. She takes down the assistant and Dr. Grohl says that she'll kill her if she enters the chamber. Tess is all "her?" And she sees Lana. Then she is like "Lana Lang was meant to be a martyr", which cracked me up when I saw it in the director's clip and still amuses me to no end now.

But Dr. Grohl tries to take her down. Clark shows up during the struggle, a bullet is fired but Lana breaks out of the chamber and saves the day. She looks pretty damn pleased with herself and Clark's expression is like mine. WTF?

Afterwards, Tess is in the mansion, instructing someone to find Lana before she finds her because "this woman is lethal". Of course, she enters the office area and Lana is by the fireplace, burning papers. Tess tries to escape and Lana gets in front of her. She does tell her that she's not going to hurt her and they talk about Lex and revenge. Lana calls Tess an amazing woman but "it's hard to see standing in the dark shadow of an even darker man". Tess is all "why do you think I want Lex gone?" Lana says that when she's consumed w/ hate, that's another second Lex has power over her. "Don't be a victim anymore," Lana advises her and speeds off. Lana? This woman killed with her bare hands ... she's no victim.

The last scene is probably the worst in this episode. Clark is in the DP, searching for Lana on the computer. His superhearing picks up her voice, telling him to meet him on the rooftop. He goes, is relieved to see her and they talk. He's worried about her powers, obviously remember "Wrath", like the rest of us (even through desperate attempts to forget on my part). She says that she can handle it now and won't be a burden to him. He says she was never a burden. Lana says they're equals (in your dreams) and at first is uncertain whether Clark wants it but he does. They kiss. ON THE DAILY PLANET ROOFTOP. PS3, I hate you. I really hate you. The DP, ALL OF IT, is Clois territory! How DARE you have them kiss where Superman and Lois will have many encounters! Don't you morons have any respect for the mythos, for CLOIS? Or has your precious Clana clouded your minds to the point where you can't see past it? Ugh, I'm SO disgusted.

Tess was cool and Lana's want to have powers like Clark is understandable. That's a part of her character. But that last scene made a boring episode unbearable. I knew Lana's return would be bad for Clark's character and I am sad to be proven right.

amelietw said something cool today. Remember the CW trailer? The "hero's passion" Clois one? Apparently, it said "a hero needs more than power, he needs passion". And this episode is called "Power". She suggests that Lana = power and Lois = passion and Clark needs more than Lana. Maybe it's grasping but I like that idea.

Anyway, that's all from me. I'll see you guys in a few days with a 'Requiem' review! Feel free to share your thoughts on this one and I'll be catching up on all your reviews too!
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