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Ausiello news!

So Ausiello gave some tidbits on the 19th episode. The original source is here.

Question: Anything at all on Smallville? I've noticed nothing's been mentioned in a few weeks. -- Scott
Ausiello: Is that your passive-aggressive way of calling me a Lazy Susan? If so, nicely played, my friend. Very subtle. Anywhoo, by now you probably know that episode 19 finds Lois concocting her very own superhero alter ego, Stiletto, in an effort to smoke out the Red Blue-Blur. (She attacks bad guys with her pointy heels. Get it?) Well, what you may not know is that in that same episode, Chloe willingly begins harboring a fugitive whose name rhymes with Broomsday. (Second hint: He turned her wedding day into a low-budget Cloverfield.) And being the dutiful hostess that she is, she even throws in free meals. Wait 'till you see what, er, who she serves for dinner on Day One.

Oh, wow ... Chloe is housing Davis? How ironic ... polytikal was just mentioning this! He was looking at slides from 'Stiletto' and it seemed like Chloe threw this guy who attacked her and wanted info on 'Stiletto' to Davis/Doomsday. But it's TRUE? Wow ... I mean, Chloe allowing for murder? Self defense or not, this has to be crossing some lines. :\

As for Lois and her superhero persona, I can so see her blurting out her plan to Clark and him being all "???" There's a chance for some comedy there.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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