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8.14 "Requiem" Review

As you know, new episode of Smallville and the last one for the month. It's also Lana's last episode. So how was it?

I literally feel sick inside. I HATE PS3, I hate them so much. With the passion of 1,000 burning suns. Ollie ... MY Ollie ... the character I loved and protected and pretty much worshipped since s6 ... is a murderer. I just ... have no words. My heart is really breaking and maybe I'm melodramatic. Maybe I am thinking too much of a TV show, of a fictional character. But he's one of my favorite characters and half of my OTP. And I don't even know what to say.

And the Clana! Everyone who speculated and guessed this ending, congrats. Then again, I'm not sure you are happy about being right. I never thought they'd actually go there but they did. Of COURSE Clark and Lana can't have a mature ending ... no, they have to have some tragic separation.

By the way, if you're looking for someone to be positive about this episode, hit the back button right now. I don't want to hear I'm overreacting in the comments ... you've been warned. This is my anger, this is my disappointment and if you don't like it, don't read. Anyway, onto the episode.

We started out with some creepy guy, who is talking to a doll. Obviously this is this week's bad guy and Toyman.

Then there is a Luthorcorp board meeting. They're all upset at Tess and trying to vote her out. Then Ollie comes in and talks about change, saying that he now has the majority shares of Luthorcorp. Of course the board talks about Tess going behind their back and Ollie shoots back with the evil of Luthorcorp. The conversation doesn't last very long because Ollie sees something standing on the nearby table. It's one of those things with the silvery balls hanging from the string that have metals so they keep going back and forth.

But for some reason, this catches his attention and he gets really worried. It stops and he screams at everyone to duck, diving under the table. Then it blows up. Looks like he had a reason to be freaked out. Cue to the opening credits.

The next scene I was prepared for but still cringing when it happened. There is noise coming from the farm and of course, Clark and Lana are in bed together; they even shattered the bed. Obviously they had sex. Gag me. Even my roommate was making comments and was saying how annoying Lana was and both of them were. They're all in love, blah, blah, blah. Clark wants to take her to the tropics Lana gets dressed and says she wants to help Clark patrol Metropolis. Wonderful. They hear Chloe and Clark gets dressed too. If they're going to show him in bed with Lana, can't I see a bit more skin? Come ON, people! Drop those blankets! ;D

Chloe informs them that there was a bomb at the Luthorcorp meeting and it turns out that everyone is dead. Ollie was there and he's in the hospital. Clark and Lana exchange concerned looks.

Ollie's in the hospital, half naked because it's been a while since he took off his shirt. Clark and Lana are there, checking in on them. He calls them "Metropolis's newest power couple". They talk and Ollie claims he didn't see anything before the bomb blew. He's obviously lying and even though Clark can't see it, Lana does. She's very suspicious. Clark promises to find out who did this.

Clark and Lana are visiting the scene. They pinpoint where the bomb went off. Clark can't go near it because there is kryptonite. So he stays back and Lana finds a piece of the bomb. It has kryptonite and then she touches it and it's gone. But inside, there is a Queen industries symbol, which she points out to Clark. Lana tells Clark about her concerns about Ollie and that he may be lying. Clark doesn't believe that Ollie would hide anything from him ... yeah, he trusts his man. But Lana reveals that she saw Ollie and he was trying to kill Lex. Of course, Clark is horrified and now he doesn't trust Ollie so he doesn't want to keep him in the loop.

Back at the factory looking place, Toyman reveals a mini Metropolis design. He is upset that Tess was not at the meeting and Ollie survived. That's when we find out that there is a chip inside the doll he keeps talking to and it is a camera. "Lex" is on the other side. It's obviously not Michael ... thing "Bride", where they used a body double. They're practically covering him all up. I'm not fooled but whatever. Apparently, the Daily Planet is the next target.

Back at the hospital, Ollie is flirting with some nurse, who is inspecting him, when Chloe shows up. They talk and Ollie gives her a mission, to find this former Queen industries employee. It's the Toyman guy, whose name is Winslow Schott. He worked for Ollie and he went crazy so Ollie let him go. Ollie also believes that he is working for Lex and Chloe realizes that he wants to find this guy to get to Lex. Chloe doesn't understand why she can't call Lana and Clark but Ollie doesn't want to tell them anything. Ollie wants Lex dead and Chloe is not happy with the idea. He plays the Clark card, saying he knows Clark's secret so they have to find him. Chloe reluctantly agrees.

The next scene is at Ollie's plane, which is PROOF he lives there. My GOD! Give the guy another set! They're not even using the Ace of Clubs ... can't they transform it back to the penthouse? I never thought I'd miss that place as much as I do. Chloe is there and getting the files on Schott when Clark arrives. He is curious about what she's up to and quickly realizes that she's helping Ollie. Chloe defends herself, claiming that she wants to protect Clark and accuses him of living in the past, saying that the guy he saved 8 years ago is gone. Clark is not convinced and tells her how he could've killed her to stop Brainiac but he didn't. Chloe gives him the info on Schott.

At the hospital, Schott arrives with balloons and a package and asks for directions to Oliver's room. I'll have to give the casting props ... that guy creeps me out. They picked a good choice.

Lana is at the farm and she has found the necklace. You know, the one that never seems to go away? Yeah, that's it. Clark arrives and puts it on her. She has news for him ... she talked to Dr. Grohl and found out that the Kryptonite didn't just go away before. No, she absorbed it. She's worried Clark is the target but Clark wants to find the bomber. He wasn't at the address they found. Lana is more concerned about Lex, saying that he's more dangerous than ever now that he doesn't have anything to lose.

Oliver wakes up to discover he's handcuffed to the bed. Half naked and bound ... not so bad. ;D Schott puts a mechanical monkey on the nearby table. Ollie tries to piss him off by pretending he doesn't know who he is and calling him a clown. He succeeds in provoking him and Schott informs him he's working for Lex. Oliver tries to free himself with a borrowed piece of metal while like a stereotypical villain, Schott reveals his plan and tells him that when the moneky claps its symbols 53 times, it will explode. He turns the monkey on and is going to leave but Ollie manages to get one hand out and grab him, forcing him to release his other hand. Then he stops the monkey and forces the guy to tell him where he can find Lex.

Clark and Lana have found Schott's new address, that factory looking place. Lana sees the doll and says there is a chip in it. Realizing that Lex is watching them, she dumps it in a trash can. They see the model Metropolis set and figure out that the Daily Planet is the next target.

The nurse from before goes into Ollie's room and throws the blanket back to see Ollie gone but Schott tied up. She takes the tape off his mouth and he pleads for help, claiming that he just came to make a delivery and Ollie attacked him. So she begins to free him. Chloe shows up and recongizes him, starting to tell the nurse to stop but it's too late. He's free and he pops the balloons, which release some kind of knockout gas. Chloe and the nurse are out while that guy escapes.

Clark and Chloe are at Isis, he obviously having found her. They try to locate the signal but apparently, the IP address is on the move. Chloe makes a PDA to track it and tells Clark that he only has ten minutes before it goes off the radar. Dun, dun dun!

So Clark goes to the DP, where Lana has had no success in trying to find the poem. They're partners, or so Clark says and he uses his superhearing, he tracks it to the roof. But it's full of kryptonite so he can't even go near it. They're contacted by "Lex" (I refuse to address him as the real Lex; he's not), who tells him about the choice they'll have to make. Clark knows what Lana has to do and Lana goes and absorbs the radiation. She is able to but Clark can't get close to her. So now, she's literally poison to Clark. Tom and KK do play the scene well. It's very sad but the situation is ridiculous.

Now Clark is angry. He superspeeds off and finds the truck where Lex is located. Lana comes in between him and the truck but Clark is on mission. He doesn't want Lex to hurt anyone else again. Lana tells him that he can't kill because he will lose who he is. But before he can really do anything, the truck blows up. Both of them are shocked.

Over at Isis, Chloe is going through hospital footage and sees Ollie leaving with Schott's explosive toy. He shows up in person and she accuses him of letting someone else take the blame. After all, Clark thinks that Schott turns on Lex and killed him. Ollie says the guy is already a murderer and one more won't matter. Clark is heartbroken and needs his friends right now. He also tells her that he knows how she kills Sebastian. Ollie's rather unapologetic in this scene and I'm just so sad at the reveal. Chloe says that it was Brainiac but Ollie's not convinced; he says that it was rather natural looking and she was protecting Clark. He then asks her not to tell Clark what he did and she agrees.

There is a song and flashes of different scenes. Clark going over the wreckage of the truck, Ollie in the board room looking at a shattered portrait of Lex and a Luthor signet ring in his hand. It's glowing green and Chloe consoling Lana.

The final scene is in the barn and Clark finds Lana waiting for him. She makes him stay back and reveals that Dr. Grohl hasn't been able to come up with a solution. She doesn't have regrets about their choice. He still wants her in his life but she says she can't bear to be near him and not be near him. Despite the pain, he approaches her and they kiss. It's really gross because there are all these lines and his face goes ashen grey. I had to turn away. Finally, Clark collapses. She backs away, crying, and promises she'll always be with him, that she loves him and leaves. Clark is pretty much crying and whispers that he loves her. Tom played the scene really well ... my heart broke for him.

But the ending of Clana? Silly. This was not the mature ending I wanted. No, this was a "OMG, they were forced to part!" How does that give them any closure? Let me tell you: it doesn't.

Then there's Ollie ... who has almost gone over the line several times but never has. No, he's not Clark and has never been perfect. But THIS? Is not him. If there's one thing he's learned from hanging around Clark, it's that human life is important. My Oliver is not a murderer. I don't know why they had to massacre this character like this.

The only positive thing I can think of was the acting was good. Fake!Lex was really annoying. That scene frustrated me a lot. Another thing that was good through the Lana arc was that I was wrong about the spoilers. Lana and Ollie didn't work together and that fills me with relief. He doesn't seem like he likes her a lot and I approve of that attitude.

Overall, I was disappointed. It's good that we have a one month break ... I need it.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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