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the world hates us, or at least smallville does

So here I am, just happy that Smallville will be returning in two weeks. Then I check my friends page, just like every day. Ooh, spoiler on the clois community. Wonder what it is . . . boy do I regret checking.

Okay, family is one thing; any romance? Indeed: Welling says, "Lana's [Kristin Kreuk] coming back. She didn't die in the season finale, and they start a relationship."
Entertainment Weekly, #953 Sept. 14 Page 103

I found the announcement at this link:

I hate those Smallville writers. Those damn idiots don't know what they're doing. I swear, this is enough to make me want to take the next flight to Canada and even boltgirl426 can't stop me with all her pretty Justin pictures she keeps pacifying me with every time I threaten to take out the writers.

Everyone cross your fingers: maybe this will be short lived. They'll get together, and Clark will realize he actually doesn't want her and they break up for good. Maybe now that his secret is out, we'll at least be done with the "you don't trust me, tell me all your secrets" crap.

But it is still another season of Clana. I think I'm going to have to write a Clois fic now to make myself feel better.


Tags: fandom: smallville, pictures, season 7, ship: clark/lana, ship: clark/lois, spoilers
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