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Fic Recs!

Well, it's been a while since I've done this so I decided to post some fic recs! Enjoy! :)

1. Surprise (Clark/Lois, G)- This is a cute fic set post 'Legion'. Remember those times? When we still had hope for a solid Clana ending? Yeah ... anyway, Clark surprises Lois in Star City. A very enjoyable read! :D

2. Brand New Day (Clark/Bruce, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana, G, DCU) by bradygirl_12- Her fics always make me ridiculously happy and this one is no exception. The Justice League celebrates the new president's inauguration. It's really cute and fun. Just an all around fun fic! :D

3. Intimation from an Unlikely Source or Why One Should Always Keep An Eye on Their Fanboys (Oliver, Garth, Rokk, mentions of future Clark/Ollie, unrated) by silverkat1620- Ollie meets Garth and it's just priceless! I love it so much and there's a slight mention of future!Clark/Ollie, which is always appreciated. I really enjoy the way she writes both Ollie and Garth. It's all very cute and if you want a fic to make you smile, this will do that. :D

4. Seven Sinful Ships (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Oliver, M15, WIP) by sarcastic_fina- She is tackling each of the seven sins with different ships and so far she's done lust with both Chloe/Oliver and Clark/Lois. And let me tell you, they are both HOT. I really can't wait to see more of this series. :D

5. The Twelve Labors of Clark Kent (Clark/Lois, PG) by jade4813- I really adore her Clois ... it's just one of a kind. And this one has scheming Chloe, who wants to set them up. It's really adorable and I love how she writes the two of them. Just so perfect and meant for each other.

6. Ficmix: Take Me To The Ballroom (and we'll dance) (Chloe/Kara, PG) by shopfront- This is an AU s7/s8 where Kara's interested in Chloe and not Jimmy. She took songs and added a ficlet to each and it's really perfect. She does a wonderful job of nailing both Kara and Chloe's voices.

7. Morning Gods (Clark/Bruce, JL, PG, DCU) by kittymayhem- This one is just SO funny. I couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end. See what happens when the Justice League doesn't get their morning coffee. Trust me, it's worth a read. :D

8. Affirmed (Clark/Bruce, PG, DCU, sequel) by adarkerknight- This follows "Hypothetically Speaking" and "Implied". Clark and Bruce get married! I just love this series. Her Clark and Bruce just melt my heart. Simply adorable together.

9. Worth (Chloe-centric, Chloe/Jimmy, G) by shopfront- This is just an amazing character study of Chloe and is set post Legion. She does a wonderful job of getting into Chloe's head and it does so well in explaining her recent actions and proving she's really happy where she is. A winner in every sense!

10. A Proper Thank You (Clark/Bruce, PG, DCU, sequel) by saavikam77- This is a sequel to As Long As I Have You, which is wonderful too. Clark's now healed and he and Bruce talk. Their cuteness knows no ends, especially when she writes them! Just all around perfect!

11. When One Door Opens; Another Slams Shut (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by moonshinescribe- Set post-"Bulletproof"; This is just beautiful. It was so angsty with the perfect happy ending. She gets into Lois's head and does such a good job with the emotions that I could feel Lois's pain. And Clark does what we wish he did on the show, which is always a plus. :D

12. Heart to Heart (Clark, Lana, hints of Clark/Lois, PG-13, prequel) by moonshinescribe- This is a prequel to the above fic. This portrays Clark and Lana in a mature way and it gives them the ending that I hoped the show would. After all, wasn't Lana the first one to see the Clois on the show? Anyway, this will make you feel better about the crap PS3 throws our way.

13. How Lois Lane grieved Clark Kent, and he wasn't even dead (Clark, Lois, Bruce, unrated) by melissa_pbfan- This is sad but I can't say Clark doesn't deserve it. Lois knows about the Clana and she decides to walk away. Lois is nobody's second choice! :)

14. Crystalline Courage (Clark/Bruce, PG, DCU) by saavikam77- Clark gets exposed to various types of kryptonite and Bruce finds him. It's short and sweet and just awesome.

15. Maybe (Clark, Lois, unrated) by melissa_pbfan- This was set after 4.16 "Lucy". Oh s4 Clois! I really loved them. &hearts And this was very sweet. She does a good job of writing the Clois dynamic and their natural chemistry. I loved it from beginning to end. :D

I hope you all liked these! Remember to leave feedback for the authors! Take care everyone!
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