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Ausiello news!

Thanks to cloiser_trish, I found out Ausiello has some news.

Question: Has Tom Welling signed on for season 9 of Smallville yet? -- Pat
Ausiello: No. I'm not sure what's taking so long.

Question: Any news from Lois' big return to Smallville? -- Claudia
Ausiello: It airs March 5. It features a return appearance by Tori Spelling. It finds Clark revealing his true identity to the world. And I'm told it will have Lois and Clark fans forgetting Lana appeared in any episodes at all this season.

I'm not surprised Tom hasn't signed yet.

The second answer worries me. As much as I would love to forget Lana ever showed up, I doubt that's possible. Oh, god, they're going to push the Clois, aren't they? Am I the only one who's dreading this?

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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