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Accidentally in Love Chapter 7

Another chapter is here! I know, the wait was a little longer this time around but it's here now! Let me know what you're thinking! :)

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Chloe/Jimmy, Lollie mentions of past Lexana & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.

Chapter 7

Sunlight in his eyes woke Clark up in the morning. He shifted slightly, freezing when he heard a moan next to him. Heart pounding, he turned to see where the sound came from and had to stop himself from screaming when he saw Oliver sleeping next to him. Glancing around the bedroom that was definitely not his, Clark frowned. It was gone just as quickly, the memories of the previous night returning to him.

He scanned Oliver’s head to make sure he was healed and much to his relief, he was. Making sure he didn’t wake the blonde, Clark moved and got out of the bed. Quite reluctantly, he slipped back into his t-shirt and jeans. What he really wanted to was to stay in bed with Oliver all day. Oliver had felt so good in his arms and it was the best night sleep he had in a long time.

But he didn’t want to scare the blonde . . . who knows what he would think if he woke up with Clark? At the same time, he didn’t want to leave either. Oliver had been slightly delirious the previous night and someone should be around to explain to him what happened.

What would Oliver think? That was what Clark was wondering as he made his way to the kitchen. He didn’t want to leave Oliver but he really wanted to get freshened up. Making a quick decision, he used the balcony and flew straight back to his apartment.

His bedroom window had the tiniest crack in it that only he could see so he slipped in. Taking a quick shower and changing his clothes felt good but he made sure that he hurried. He tuned in his hearing to Lois’s and Chloe’s bedrooms and was relieved to hear that they were still sleeping.

Just as easily and quietly as he slipped in, he left again, making his way back to Oliver’s penthouse. He entered through the balcony and his first stop was Oliver’s bedroom. Seeing he was still sleeping, Clark crept back toward the kitchen.

Once again, he silently thanked his mother for teaching him how to cook. Oliver’s kitchen was fully stocked. Figuring Oliver would be hungry when he woke up, he began to pick out ingredients to make pancakes. He mixed the batter while he thought of what he was going to say. Completely lost in his thoughts, he didn’t hear footsteps approaching from behind him.

“Not only are you a hero, but a chef as well,” a voice said, breaking through his thoughts. He spun around to see Oliver grinning at him. “Is there an end to your talents?”

Clark laughed. “Good morning. I was just making breakfast.”

“Good morning,” Oliver responded. “I can see that . . .”

“You’re okay with pancakes?” Clark asked. Oliver nodded. He hesitated for a moment. “Cool . . . how are you feeling?

“I’m okay,” Oliver said. “A little tired and my wounds are still healing but other than that, I’m fine.”

That wasn’t the whole truth. Oliver was a little sore but the hardest part was waking up alone. When he woke up, he was hoping to see Clark lying next to him. But there was no one there and Oliver was worried that last night had just been a dream. The bruises proved that it had though. But then where was Clark?

He had taken a huge risk in asking Clark to stay and had been pleased when Clark agreed. Waking up alone gave him the fear that Clark had felt sorry for him when he stayed and fled at the first opportunity. Disheartened, he forced himself out of bed and got ready.

Part of him wondered how Clark had shown up in the first place . . . and what happened to the woman who saved him? After getting dressed, he heard noise in the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to see Clark stirring up batter. All previous disappointment disappeared and Oliver felt warm inside seeing how at home Clark was.

Then again, Clark had always seemed to fit right into the penthouse. In a way Lois never had. Clark seemed so lost in his thoughts that Oliver decided to say something.

Which brought him to now. He knew they had to talk about what had happened . . . he couldn’t just ignore it and really, he didn’t want to if he could.

“Do you need any help?” Oliver asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“I’m good,” Clark said and continued at his task. Oliver found the pans and the syrup to make things a little easier. He was rewarded with a bright smile.

“Clark,” he said, “About last night . . .”

But Clark was quick to cut him off. “No . . . Ollie.”

“We have to talk about it,” Oliver insisted. Clark stopped what he was doing and glanced at Oliver.

“Ollie, I know we have to talk about it,” Clark said, “But just not now. Let’s have breakfast and then we can talk. I don’t have class until the afternoon so unless you have a meeting or something, we’ll have plenty of time.”

“I don’t think I have anything important now,” Oliver said slowly. “But I’ll check.” If he did, he was going to cancel it. In his mind, this conversation with Clark came first. He had to know where they stood. Making a quick trip to his computer, he found he didn’t have anything anyway.

Then again, after his near death experience, he wasn’t sure whether he wanted a relationship. It was risky and he didn’t want to commit to someone when he had some such a dangerous . . . extracurricular activity. But he supposed that he and Clark could sort these issues out together. At least he hoped they would.

Clark finished making them breakfast and they ate in silence.

“These are delicious, Clark,” Oliver said, after taking a bite.

“Thanks,” Clark replied. “My mom taught me how to cook. She knew that when I lived by myself, with my appetite, I needed to learn or I’d starve.” He grinned and Oliver chuckled.

“Well I should thank her then,” Oliver commented, taking a sip of coffee. Clark had refused the coffee and stuck with orange juice.

“I’m extremely grateful for the lessons,” Clark said. “Neither Lois or Chloe cook so I do the cooking in the apartment.”

Oliver nodded, impressed. “That’s cool . . . those two are very lucky.” Clark just smiled and the two of them finished their breakfast, chatting on and off about superficial topics, like Oliver’s business and Clark’s classes.

After they finished, Clark offered to help clean up but Oliver declined, saying that he could take care of it. For now he left the dishes in the sink. He really wanted to get on with the conversation.

Upon returning, he saw Clark standing in the living room, shifting from one foot to another.

“So,” Oliver started.

“So,” Clark said. He looked like he was going to say more but the sound of the elevator caught both their attention. The door opened and a woman stepped out. She was dressed in a light blue tube top and faded jeans and it was brighter now than when he last saw her but he recognized her instantly.

It was her. The one who saved him the previous night. But how did she find him?

Clark almost laughed when he saw the dumbstruck expression on Oliver’s face at seeing Kara.

“Hello,” she said, “I hope I’m not coming at a bad time.”

“It’s you,” Oliver said suddenly. “You’re the one who saved me last night.”

Kara just smiled. “Yes that would be me.” She met Clark’s eyes. “Kal-El,” she chided lightly, “You didn’t explain anything?”

“I haven’t gotten a chance yet,” Clark said. “I wasn’t expecting you to stop by.”

“I wanted to see how he was doing,” Kara explained, gesturing to Oliver.

“He’s fine,” Clark assured her. “I checked this morning.”

“Good,” Kara said.

Oliver was trying to catch up with everything that was going on. It was strange enough that the woman who saved him had randomly shown up, meaning she knew his alter ego but she was on friendly terms with Clark?

“Wait a second,” Oliver said, “What’s going on? How do you two know one another? And why did she call you Kal-El?”

“I guess it’s time for introductions,” Clark said. “Kara, Oliver Queen. Oliver, meet Kara . . . my cousin.” He paused. “She called me Kal-El because that is my Kryptonian name.”

“Cousins?” Oliver repeated. “Kryptonian name? So that makes her a Kryptonian too?”

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, Mr. Queen,” Kara said, extending her hand. “And yes, I am a Kryptonian. Kal-El’s biological father, Jor-El is my uncle. He and my father were brothers.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Oliver said, shaking the offered hand, his head still reeling from all the information. “And please, call me Oliver.”

“Kal-El has told me a lot about you,” Kara said.

“Has he now?” Oliver said, glancing at Clark who blushed. “Funny, he hasn’t told me anything about you.”

“I didn’t really know what to say,” Clark said. “I contemplated telling you that first day you showed up but I already gave you so much information at once, I didn’t want to overload you.”

“Clark,” Oliver interrupted his rant. “Do I look angry? I’m not . . . we talked about this. Whenever you’re ready to tell me things, that is when you should. I am not here to force any information out of you. Your secrets remember?”

Clark flushed and nodded. Kara just beamed. “I like you already,” she declared. “I see what you mean now Kal-El . . . he’s a nice guy.”

Oliver grinned but his heart skipped a beat at Clark praising him so highly to Kara. “Really? Nice guy, huh?” He looked between the two. “So is anyone going to tell me what happened last night?”

“I will,” Kara said cheerfully. “It all began when I was taking a fly.”

“I’m sorry,” Oliver interrupted. “Did you say you were taking a fly?”

Kara frowned. “Yes, I can fly. Kal-El can fly too.” She met her cousin’s gaze. “I thought you said that he knew all about you.”

“Yes, he does,” Clark told her. “But . . . the flying is new and I told him about my powers months ago.”

“You can fly,” Oliver said, dazed. “That’s . . . that’s awesome!”

“In fact,” Kara continued, “When you were unconscious, he flew the two of you back here.”

“Really?” He directed this question toward Clark, who promptly blushed again. Was he always this easy to embarrass? The blush looked cute on him though. And how unfair was it that he got to fly with Clark and he wasn’t even awake to see it?

“Now back to the story,” Kara said. “So I saw you surrounded by those men, and I recognized the Green Arrow from the papers. I remembered Kal-El telling me that you were the Green Arrow and so I had to save you.”

Clark had told her his identity? “Don’t worry,” Kara said hurriedly, seeing the expression on his face, “He didn’t mean to tell me and I promise I won’t tell anyone. It’s just, that I’m new and he wants me to be careful with my powers. But he told me who I could trust and you were one of those people.”

Oliver couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face at Kara’s words. Kara saw the look in his eyes and was amused.

So, it seems that this man is as interested in Kal-El as he is in him. Very interesting . . . very, very interesting. She liked this Oliver Queen though and approved of him as a companion for her cousin.

“Anyway,” she said, “You remember what happened after I showed up. You were hit over the head and this man pointed the gun at me. Not that the bullets would’ve hurt me but that’s when my overprotective cousin showed up.” She nudged Clark slightly and he just smiled at her.

“And then he took me back here,” Oliver concluded. “But how’d I get in my pajamas? And who put medication on my wounds?”

“Well . . .,” Clark said, biting his lip. “You were injured and though it was not bad enough to be taken to a hospital, it did need attention. So I took off your Green Arrow costume and dealt with your bruises.”

Does the world hate me? He gets knocked over the head and not only does he get to fly with Clark but he takes off his clothes too? My life sucks.

“Ollie?” Clark said, bringing him back to reality. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” Oliver said. “Thank you, Clark . . . I really appreciate what you did.” He turned to Kara. “And than you for saving me yesterday . . . if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

“You mean a lot to Kal-El,” Kara said, “So I couldn’t let you die. But even if you were a stranger, I would’ve saved you anyway.”

He meant a lot to Clark? One glance at the brunette and Oliver almost laughed. Wow, he had no idea people could turn that red.

Oliver though that the two cousins were nothing alike, both in looks and personality. But they both had the saving people instinct. Kara seemed like a nice person and he could see already how much she adored Clark.

And he was happy for Clark. Clark, who probably felt like an outsider at times, now had some real family. Good for you, Clark, good for you.

“I should get going,” Kara said, “I just wanted to check on Mr. Queen . . . I mean, Oliver.”

“You’ll get back okay?” Clark asked.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll be fine. Bye Oliver. Bye Kal-El.”

“Bye Kara,” Oliver said.

“I’ll call you later,” Clark said. She nodded and they both watched her leave.

“Clark,” Oliver started but Clark just held up one hand. His expression was serious so Oliver decided to be quiet.

A few minutes later, Clark smiled at him. “Sorry, what were you going to say?”

“What was that?” Oliver said, surprised at his sudden change of attitude.

“I wanted to see if Kara got home safely,” Clark said. “Whenever we part ways, she usually listens to my heartbeat or I listen to hers and make sure we end up where we’re supposed to be.”

“You know each other’s heartbeats?” Oliver asked.

“Everyone’s heartbeat is different, Ollie,” Clark informed him. “I know the heartbeats of everyone close to me . . . my mom, Chloe, Lois . . . you.”

He gave Clark a smirk, though his heart was singing. “According to Kara, you talk about me a lot.”

“She’s exaggerating,” Clark protested but it was weak.

Seeing Clark’s embarrassment, Oliver smiled. “I was just teasing, Clark.”

“I know,” Clark said. There was a small pause. “So I know would be a good time to talk about last night.”

“Yeah,” Oliver agreed. “Let’s not do it standing up. Have a seat Clark.” Clark did so on one of the couches and Oliver took a seat across from him.

He didn’t know how they were going to begin the conversation but much to his surprise, Clark took the initiative.

“You asked me to stay last night,” Clark said. “Why?”

“Why did you say yes?” Oliver countered.

“Because I wanted to stay,” Clark answered promptly.

“And I wanted you to stay,” Oliver said honestly. “I figured that I could take a risk and ask you to stay. If you said yes, it would’ve been worth it and if you said no or freaked out, I could pretend I was delirious and blame it on getting hit over the head. It was a no-risk situation.”

“But you’re not going to use that excuse are you?” Clark asked cautiously.

“No, I’m not,” Oliver said, “I just told you I wanted you to stay. I was surprised that you did stay though. Especially since you were the one to tell me that the kiss was a mistake.”

“I lied,” Clark replied, without missing a beat. “I wanted to believe it was a mistake, wanted to convince myself that what we did was wrong. But it hasn’t helped at all.”

This conversation was definitely going differently than he had thought it would. He figured it would be awkward on both ends, both not giving really solid responses but it seemed that Clark was just being honest. And when Clark was so open, it was easier for him to give open answers too.

“I didn’t think it was a mistake,” Oliver said. “But you said it was and I couldn’t take another rejection so I went along what you said.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Clark said sadly.

“I know that,” Oliver said quickly.

“But you like me,” Clark said. Oliver was unsure whether it was a question or a statement.

“I do,” Oliver agreed. “As more than a friend . . . for a while now actually.” This was it, he was taking a huge risk with his emotions. It wasn’t him to be this upfront, in fact it was out of character for Clark too. But he wasn’t complaining.

“I like you too,” Clark said. “And not just as a friend.” Clark was wondering if he was in high school again. I like you too? How lame can you get Kent? However, the point was to get across his feelings; he didn’t have to be particularly eloquent about it. He was just a farm boy, not Shakespeare.

Oliver didn’t notice his inner struggle. He was too busy contemplating the repercussions of what had just taken place. Clark had admitted to having feelings for him and he had confessed to Clark that he thought of him in more than a platonic way. Really, there was no going back now.

“So what do we do?” Oliver asked softly.

“Ollie, I have to be honest with you,” Clark sighed. “I do have feelings for you but . . . I’m not ready for a relationship. It’s not what I want right now. I have too much going on to just be with someone and to be honest with you, committing myself is not sounding so good. I’ve tried being in a serious relationship and all in all, I’m not good at it. Maybe one day, but not today . . . probably not anytime soon either.”

Clark was nervous after his little spiel. What was Oliver going to say now? He waited with baited breath for Oliver’s answer.

Oliver didn’t know how to respond to that. So he chose his words carefully. “Clark, I’m grateful that you’re being honest with me. And I absolutely agree with your decision?”

“You do?” Clark said, looking stunned.

“After we kissed, I really thought about it and then I was thinking we could give a go of it,” Oliver confessed. “As long as we took it slow. But after last night, I realized how dangerous my job is. I could be killed at any time and honestly, my life is too hectic to tie myself down.”

“Neither of us want a relationship,” Clark summarized. “But Ollie . . . I can’t go back to being just friends. It’s not enough anymore.” He hesitated. “At least not for me.”

“It’s not enough for me either,” Oliver agreed.

“So what do we do?” It was Clark asking the question this time around but Oliver still didn’t have an answer.

Suddenly Clark eyes lit up and he immediately blushed.

“Clark?” Oliver said, catching the shift. “Do you have an idea?”

“I was thinking . . .,” Clark said slowly. “I mean, what if . . . what if we could be together but it wasn’t really serious? We could be friends . . . and a little more.”

Oliver was shocked at the words that were coming out of Clark’s mouth. Well, well, well . . . it seems our farm boy is not as innocent as he looks.

“Are you saying you want to be fuck buddies?” Oliver asked, extremely pleased when Clark once again turned a bright shade of red.

“Do you have to make it sound so vulgar?” Clark asked.

He was bordering pouting but Oliver wasn’t going to bring it up and he figured Clark wouldn’t appreciate if he did. Besides, if he did, it may jeopardize his chances of getting laid and he really wasn’t willing to risk it. Especially when the prize was so close.

Oliver moved and sat next to Clark, making sure to leave no room in between them. “Well,” he said, with a smirk. “It’s not exactly a very innocent proposal you made right there . . . I have to say, Clark. I didn’t expect it from you.”

“If you don’t like the idea,” Clark started, seeming uncomfortable. But he didn’t get a chance to finish. Because Oliver cut him off . . . by covering Clark’s mouth with his own. Clark was taken aback but only for a moment and then he responded to the kiss.

Oliver was the one to pull away. “I never said,” Oliver stated, his tone husky, “that I didn’t like the idea. In fact, I like it very much. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“You do?” Clark breathed.

“We can be with each other and we don’t have to worry about a serious commitment,” Oliver said. “I haven’t done this type of relationship before, but I am willing to try, if you are.”

“I am definitely willing to learn,” Clark confirmed with a grin.

Oliver felt as if butterflies were throwing a party in his stomach. He was excited and nervous at the same time. Though Oliver had been with several women and even a couple of men, they had been either relationships or one-night stands. This was a medium that he had never tested before. But if it gave him a chance to be with Clark, he was sure as hell going to make it work.

“We can work out everything else later right?” Clark asked, a mischievous smile on his face.

“Sure, why?” Oliver asked, slightly suspicious.

“Because,” Clark declared, “I would really like to kiss you again.”

Clark Kent, you are definitely not what I expected. But Oliver didn’t say that. Instead, he just smiled and leaned forward to meet Clark’s lips with his.

If this was what Clark wanted to do, Oliver would be more than happy to oblige him. As long as he wanted and whenever he wanted.

One thing was for certain . . . this was the start to something that Oliver knew was going to be very interesting.

Chapter 8
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