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More SV Spoilers

This is going around the flist.

Episode #8-15: "Infamous"

UPDATED 2/13/09: Clark picks Lois up at the airport upon her return to Metropolis
. When he shows up a bit late, Lois starts to feel that remembering her isn't very high on his priority list.... of course once she learns the secret, it all will start to make sense.
- When Clark tells Lois about his abilities, she at first thinks he is joking.
- Lois thinks she's the first person Clark has told, before he reveals that he told Chloe and Lana before her.
- Davis is curious about how much of the recent weeks that Chloe actually remembers.
- There is a chance Lois and Clark might be doing something they were interrupted from doing back in "Bride."

I am mixed about these spoilers. I just knew they would try to push the Clois. I'm sorry but I don't want them to kiss now. This is a man who was broken down in tears over Lana in the last episode. It'll seem way too fake.

I don't know why they have to add in that Lois thinks she's the first. I would rather have her put the clues together about Clark and Chloe being so secretive and realize this is what they're hiding. Must they treat Lois like this? It's annoying, PS3. Though, to be technical, she will be the first one who he's TOLD. Chloe he was forced to and she found out his powers because of Alicia. Lana found out through her tricks of s6 and Clark later told her.

Episode #8-16: "Turbulence"

UPDATED 2/13/09: We learn a little bit more about what is connecting Chloe to Davis, and some of those revelations may better explain some of the spoilers concerning them for episodes later in the season.

I thought it was Brainiac that's connecting them? I guess we'll have to see.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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