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JH scans! :D

Thanks to, I found out that Justin Hartley was in the latest Smallville magazine. :D

Click the images to make it bigger! :)

I just love him! Justin is just such a great, down to earth guy and seems like a fun person. :D

I keep seeing this picture and it never gets old! I love that outfit he wore in "Odyssey" SO much! :D

I love how he got grossed out by the bugs and can say that. I so don't blame him. That scene was tough and when he was almost going to eat the bug, I was like "ugh, please don't!" :D

When he said you can't just have Ollie go out and be a murderer, I shook my head. Oh, Justin ... did this before you read the "Requiem" script, huh?

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! Have a nice week everyone!
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