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Pimping and a meme!

I know I've pimped the comm comment_fic before ... it's a community with daily themes and you can submit prompts and answer others. It's fun! But today's theme is DC/Marvel and considering most of my flist are fans of one or both, I thought you should know!

Submit some prompts, answer other people's ... it's all in good fun! If that sounds interesting, check it out!

And now for a meme:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

These are the ones htbthomas gave me:

1. Clark
Oh, Clark ... what to say about him? I love him a lot ... he was the first characters I fell in love with on the show. My sister watched first and I watched and I was like "ooh, he's hot!" I think he's sweet, has a good heart and has changed a lot throughout the years.

Sometimes his actions frustrate me but he's still my favorite character. Tom does such a great job portraying him. I think I'm one of the few people in this fandom who prefers Clark to Lex. :)

2. Oliver
Another one of my obsessions. Anyone who knows me knows my love of Oliver Queen. I have adored Ollie since s6. When he showed up in "Sneeze", I was like "WOW, he's HOT". And this is from a girl who usually prefers dark haired men. This was the exception. I'm not a comics person so I didn't know Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow. After "Sneeze", I thought he was a bad guy and when he showed up in "Wither", I was determined to hate him since he was flirting with Lois.

But a little research and I found out that he was good. After "Wither", he won me over completely and by "Arrow", I was heads over heels. And I've never looked back. Post-s5 I almost gave up on the show but Ollie was the reason I stuck around. :)

3. Chloe
I know I'm one of the few people who like Chloe AND Lois. I started watching this show in s4 and I enjoyed her character. When I watched earlier seasons to catch up, I kinda had a love/hate relationship with her, especially in s2, where she bugged the crap out of me. But s4 was my favorite season with her ... after she found out about Clark's abilities and kept them to herself ... that was just great! They had more of a balance to her character back then and it was good.

4. Lois
LOIS! My second favorite character, next to Clark. How I adore her! She's just so awesome and made of win. I loved her from the second I saw her on screen and Clois was my "love at first sight" ship. I never read the comics ... I have seen the animated series and the movies but I was shipping based on chemistry and what I saw on screen.

I've only loved Lois more and more through the seasons. I just adore how she's changed over the years and her relationships with the characters developed. Lois is not perfect ... but she doesn't pretend to be either. She's perfectly imperfect ... she's gorgeous, loyal and I honestly believe she's smart. Not to mention she can kick ass ... literally! What's not to love? ;)

5. Bollywood- I first learned of Bollywood when I went to visit my family in India between the summer of 7th and 8th grade ... in 2000, I believe. My dad had this childhood friend who lived nears us and her daughter was a year older than me. She showed me a magazine and I was really interested. At the time, I didn't have any Hollywood films to watch. I kept going to Blockbuster and I felt the movies were either too adult or too kiddish. I found my safe place with Bollywood.

My first movie was a Shahrukh Khan one and when we came back home, one of my sis's friends lent us one ... another of Shahrukh's movies. I was totally crazy about him immediately and let me tell you, when I get obsessed, I get OBSESSED. I learned all the details about everyone and everything. I used to send out newsletters to my friends with gossip and film updates. Yes, I had no life. My family and friends used to call me the "encyclopedia" cuz I was the go to girl on everything Bollywood. I had twenty something posters in my room. I'm not as obsessed as I used to be ... but I still love watching certain movies from time to time. And thanks to transtempts, I'm finding my way back. :D

K, now these are the five that chickadilly gave me. I'm only doing 3 because she asked for 'Bollywood' and 'Oliver Queen' and I gave my explanations for those above. :D

1.) Smallville
I was skeptical about this show for years. My best friend actually watched it and I was like "mmm ... no thanks". Funny story ... she actually thought that Lana Lang wasn't a real character, just this show's version of Lois Lane or something like that. Cuz of the "LL" thing. She was SO confused when Lois Lane showed up!

Anyway, my sister actually watched first and it was on one day and I was like, "ooh, this is cool!" I think I almost gave up several times, especially after s5 and I actually was planning on giving up post-s7 too but the first time, I stuck around thanks to Ollie. And the second was ... also because of Oliver. I heard Justin was going to be a regular and the spoilers that were coming out about s8 interested me. :)

The plots can be annoying and god knows they drive us all crazy ... but at least we always have a pretty cast to fall back on! :D

2.) slash
I don't know how I got hooked onto slash. I found out about it and it just felt natural to me. I read the sixth book and I found Harry's obsession with Draco very intriguing. Much to my surprise and delight, there were TONS of fic on ... H/D was my first slash ship. When I began watching SV, I saw something between Clark/Lex but it was only when I got caught up with early seasons later on did I start shipping them. TBH, Clark/Lex never were able to surpass Clark/Lois for me. Only when Ollie showed up did I find a new OTP in Clark/Ollie. :D

3.) fandoms
I have multiple fandoms ... but only that I read fics everywhere. My main fandom is Smallville and it was my first one. My first exposure to fanfic was actually Sailor Moon when I was 12 and googling it. I stumbled upon I found LJ when I was looking for Clark/Ollie fics.

I love fandom ... it's so much fun to have people to squee with. I mean, my sis and I have gotten better about talking about shows and she knows all the ship names. She even has a CROSSOVER ship, in the form of Dean/Haley, which she found through YouTube fanvids. It's not the same though. Especially since nobody I know watches SV and I can't talk to anybody else on that level. Definitely can't giggle about Clark and Ollie with them, even if they did watch. Though the wank and shipping wars annoy me, I really feel like I have found some wonderful friends in fandom that I never would've met otherwise. ILU all! &hearts :D

I hope that didn't bore you too much! Have a great day everyone!
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