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Fics! :)

You know you love my fic recs! Or at least you love me! LOL Here's some good fics I've read recently! Enjoy! :)

1. The Nutcracker's Promise (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, DCU) by saavikam77- I love her Clark/Bruce fics and this is no exception. This is her version of The Nutcracker Ballet and it's just wonderful! Definitely worth reading.

2. Clark/Oliver ficlet (Clark/Oliver, unrated) by mskatej- Her Clois is always wonderful but she wrote this for someone and it's just amazing. Ollie models potential costumes for Clark ... it's so funny! I love how she writes both the characters and this will make you smile for sure! :D

3. Better Than Chocolate (Clark/Lois, G) by littlehutt- A cute Clois Valentine's Day ficlet! It's sweet and funny and Clark's gift to Lois cracks me up.

4. {the storms are raging on the rolling seas} (Lois, Lois/Clark, PG) by falsemurmur- This gets into s8 Lois's head wonderfully! It's just amazing and her characterization is spot on. It's raw and beautiful and it makes me wish that Clark would wake up and see what he's missing already! Just great! :D

5. Wish (Clark/Bruce, PG, SV/DCU) by arianstarr- I swear, this woman is one of my favorite Clark/Bruce writers! She's simply amazing and to see a new fic from her was like getting a present! I don't really know how to sum this one but I'll take her summary: "Bruce faces something wearing Clark's skin". Her Bruce and Clark are perfect and if you're a fan of this ship, this is the woman you should be going to!

6. Sunshine (Clark/Lois, R, completed WIP, sequel) by xenokattz- She is to Clois what arianstarr is to Clark/Bruce ... at least for me. This fic is the sequel to the fantabulous "Bloodlines" and I know I've recc'd it before but it must be shared over and over again! And now it's done so for all of you who love Clois but can't handle WIPs, you can check it out! It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and have you begging for me.

7. Be Right Back (Clark/Oliver, PG) by calcus- Clark has to leave for his training so he and Ollie say their goodbyes. This was just great! I really like how mature both characters were ... she really has a grasp on Clark and Ollie. I felt sad at the end but hopeful at the same time. This fandom needs more Clark/Ollie fics so I was glad to see another author throwing their hat in.

8. Sweet Revenge (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by mskatej- Lois takes her revenge on Clark and is all flirty with him all the time. The result? A wonderful, hot fic! Her Clark is so bold and her Lois is just cheeky. There's a reason that she's one of my favorite Clois fics ... read this and you'll find out why! :D

9. Somewhere In the World (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by emerald_night- I loved this! It's V-Day and Clark is off somewhere saving people. But he's Superman and is determined to spend V-Day with Lois. It's mostly in Lois's POV and just very cute.

10. Traitorous (Clark/Oliver, PG) by saavikam77- I swear, there is no ship this woman can't write well! I was so excited to see her write Collie. Ollie has a crush and when the one you're lusting after has superpowers, it's kinda hard to keep to yourself. I love it lots and if you're a Collie shipper, you will too!

11. Piece of Heaven (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by moonshinescribe- Lois has a secret admirer! She gets into some trouble when going to meet him but she gets her happy ending. Yay for Clois! :D

12. Leap (Chloe/Davis, NC-17) by paraxdisepink- I don't know how I missed this wonderful fic. Chloe moves out of Smallville and she runs into Davis again. I love how she handles both the characters and the Davis/Doomsday was well explained. It has drama, romance and is hot w/o being too smutty. A must read for all Chloe/Davis fans!

13. Not What You Think (Lois, Bruce, Clark/Lois, unrated) by melissa_pbfan- Bruce keeps a promise he made to Clark. This was a little sad but I liked the mentions of friendship between Bruce and Clark. Also, I enjoyed the way she wrote Bruce and Lois and their interactions.

14. Curtain Call (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by falsemurmur- This is a Clois fic set after "Requiem" ... yes it's possible and she so makes it work! And in it, Lois finds out everything ... including the truth about the Clana parting. It's handled wonderfully, as are the emotions of this fic. The ending is just perfect. It'll make you feel a lot better about the show ... I know it helped me! :)

That's all for now! I hope you like them and if you do, remember to leave feedback for the authors so we can get more fic from them! Have a great week, everyone!
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