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More pimping and meme continued!

As you all know, iconic_cousins is having their Chlo-Lo Love Week! And yes, I'm going to continue pimping this one ... you have till Sunday night to post your stuff so go for it! Next week will begin the Chlo-Lo Love Fest.

For the fest, you submit prompts and then claim them later. Unlike the Chlo-Lo Love Week, which is centered around the relationship between the two cousins, this can be focused on one of them. Still, the no bashing rule applies.

Anyway, you can submit prompts all through Love Week HERE!

Also, thanks to scoob2222, I found out that there is a Vagina Fest '09 going on, which is devoted to female characters. Leave a prompt and you can answer other peoples. It sounds fun and it's running until Sunday, February 22nd at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time. :)

Now back to the 5 things meme, which I did here. I got 5 more things from bradygirl_12 but since I had already done 3 of them, I'm doing the final two.

1. Pink
I'm guessing my layout inspired this one. I love the color pink. Why yes, I'm a total girly girl. I have loved the color pink since I was a kid. The Pink Ranger was my favorite when I was watching Power Rangers. Even my bedroom at home, which was painted during our home renovations in November of '06, is a rose color. It's funny ... I have a sweater that matched it and I was wearing it during New Year's Eve of '06 and my friends were teasing me at how I blended in with the walls. That was totally unintentional btw.

My bedspread from last year was a bright pink so I haven't grown out of it. My sister has gotten me pink purses a few years for my b'day. I think pink is now tied with purple in my favorite colors category but I really do like it.

2. Pimping
It's ironic that I did so much pimping in this very post! I love to rec stuff ... whether it's fests, fics or vids, I like to point people to things I have enjoyed and think they may be interested in. I don't know when it started or why ... I just began with recc'ing a few fics but then it turned into everything.

Fandom is so large and SV fandom is pretty big too ... it's easy to miss things, with all the people and comms out there. And you can't always count on everyone posting to communities. Nor can you have every single comm friended! So I think that recs help filter things and while someone's tastes may not be to your own, you find things you miss. I have found lovely fests thanks to people pointing them my way! So I try to do the same for other people. I hope that makes a bit of sense!
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