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SV Spoilers!

I found these on KSITE.

Episode #8-18: "Eternal"

UPDATED 2/18/09: As revealed on the Internet Movie Database, Alex Ferris (seen to your left) will be playing Young Davis Bloome. (Thanks to M. for the tip.) Supernatural fans may remember him as a younger version of Sam Winchester in an episode of that series.

I don't watch SPN but I saw pictures and that kid was rather adorable. I don't know what is with SV and flashbacks. I know that I tend to have an obsession with them in my fics but that's different! :\

Episode #8-19: "Stiletto"
April 23, 2009

UPDATED 2/18/09: Juan Riedinger, who previously played "Lowell Wilson" in the Season 6 episode "Progeny," plays a thug named "AJ" who is stopped by Lois's stiletto heels. AJ later goes after Chloe to learn what she knows about the Stiletto.

Is that the guy that who Chloe will eventually feed to Doomsday/Davis? I'm happy for more Lois and I'm glad she's being all iconic and chasing after the Red-Blue Blur but this episode sounds kinda crazy. Plus, isn't Lois a third degree black belt and probably was trained by her father? I don't like to think about this too much ... it makes my head hurt.

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts!
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