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summer mix

Snagged from prerogativ2315

This sounded fun and as you know, I'm easily amused. It was hard picking just 7 but I decided 'why not'? :) 

List your favorite 7 songs of the moment. No matter their genre, if they have lyrics or not, or if they downright suck, as long as they're your favorite songs right now and that they're the soundtrack of your summer.

1. “Look After You”- The Fray

2. “Center of Attention”- Jackson Waters

3. “Stolen”- Dashboard Confessional

4. “What You’re Made Of”- Lucie Silvas

5. “4 in the Morning”- Gwen Stefani

6. “Hear Me”- Kelly Clarkson

7. “Patience”- Take That

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