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Fic Recs!

Because my list has gotten a little long and I thought I'd post some nice reading material for you all! Enjoy! :D

1. A Stirring in My Soul by lunarknightz (Chloe, Clark, Lois, PG)- Friendship fics are so hard to find and this one was done so nicely. Chloe is going through a change in career and it's handled very well. There's Chlo-Lo and a Chloe/Clark friendship. All very sweet and the ending is just perfect and feels right.

2. All In Knots by ancarett (Clark/Lois, PG-13)- It's Clark and Lois's first Valentine's Day together and Lois has a few tests for Clark. It's cute and has lots of fun moments and a sweet ending.

3. Close to the Source by htbthomas (Clark/Lois, PG)- A fun fic with Clark and Lois. Clark has a lot of realizations and her Clark and Lois are just too adorable. I giggled a lot.

4. Confused by emeraldstag (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, PG)- This made me laugh a lot. Clark is getting gifts and he's a bit confused as to who is giving them. His conclusions crack me up. I just love it!

5. Defining Sentences by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13)- 50 sentences about Chloe and Ollie's life together. I love her Chlollie and she manages to say so much in one sentence. It's just wonderful. There's angst, there's fluff, there's drama and tragedy ... everything you could want!

6. Fade to Love by chaotic4life (Clark/Oliver, PG)- This ficlet will break your heart for sure. It's Clark reflecting on all he's lost and all I can say is ... she does the angst really well.

7. Family Remains by autumnrae89 (Chloe, Lois, Davis, Clark, G)- A Chlo-Lo fic about how the two of them have supported one another through all their relationships. It's very sweet and an all around winner! What I love about Chloe and Lois is that they're protective of each other even when one of them isn't around and she really manages to showcase that.

8. The General's Daughter by jade4813 (Clark/Lois, Sam Lane, G)- I love fics with General Lane in them and she writes him so well. There's a scene with him and Clark and lots of nice tidbits of him thinking of Lois as a kid. She writes everyone just perfectly and reminds me time and time again why she's one of my favorite Clois writers.

9. The Green Eyed Cherub by sar_bear4ben (Lois, Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, PG-13)- Set during 'Crimson'. Lois realizes her feelings for Clark rather suddenly. It's pretty angsty and my heart really breaks for poor Lois but she really nailed her character and gets into her head well.

10. He's Just A Good Friend (Who Happens To Be A Boy) by burningqueen (Clark/Lois, PG-13)- With a title like that, how can you not be curious? The fic is just as amusing and she really does a good job of getting into Lois and Clark's head.

11. I Won't Send You Roses by autumnrae89 (Oliver/Lois, G)- I honestly feel like there's not enough Lollie in the world and her writing is wonderful. This was very cute and I could totally imagine this happening. At the same time, it's a bit heartbreaking too. Her fics are always enjoyable, no matter what ship she's writing.

12. In the Grip of Poison by moonshinescribe (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, Lana/Jason, Oliver, Dinah, PG-13)- Clark is poisoned and they have to find an antidote before it's too late. This was really good and very intense. I enjoyed it a lot and I liked the addition of a Lana/Jason pairing.

13. Lana Lang – Friend To All Children Everywhere, Lover of Small Animals, And Princess Of One Or More Lost Kingdoms by seriousfic (Chloe/Davis, Chloe/Jimmy, Lana, Clark, sequel)- This fic is SO funny. Not for Lana and/or Jimmy fans though, especially if you take your love for them too serious. But OMG! For everyone else? PERFECT! I couldn't stop laughing. Just sheer genius and if you want a good laugh, go here. You will not regret it!

14. Love Story in the Making by irishunicorn03 (Clark/Lois, G)- I love when there's a 12days_of_clois challenge running ... gives me lots of Clois fic to read. This is one of them! I don't want to give up too much so let's just say it's good and leave it at that! :D

15. My Perfect Valentine by mitsuki_shizuka (Clark/Oliver, G)- This is so cute ... it has a vulnerable Ollie and a caring, protective Clark. Her Clark and Ollie are sweet together ... and her Clark is quite naughty too. This made me smile. :)

16. Need you like a heartbeat by mitsuki_shizuka- This is so sad and beautiful at the same time. Ollie finds out that he literally needs Clark to live. I was all choked up by the end ... it was happy and sad at the same time.

17. Two is company, three’s a crowd by autumnrae89 (Clark, Lois, G)- Clark and Lois with the addition of the Red-Blue Blur. A fun, cute fic that is really enjoyable! Her Clois is always great and this one is no exception!

18. What Took You So Long? by jade_skye (Clark/Oliver, PG-13)- A cute Collie ficlet that gets into Clark's head during that fight scene in 'Odyssey'. Of course it makes it slashy but that's the fun part!

19. With Great Power by mskatej (Clark/Lois, NC-17)- This has everything I love in one of fic- Clois, a cheeky Lois, and a jealous Clark and hot smut. It's just amazing and if you love Clois, you'll definitely love this!

If you find something you like, remember to leave feedback! I hope the upcoming week is good!
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