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Pimping and spoilers

First of all, something cheerful: smallearth has opened voting for its Valentine's Day Challenge. So whether you participated or just enjoyed the fics, do go take a few seconds to go vote! :)

Now, for some SV spoilers for the 21st episode that I discovered thanks to cloiser_trish and Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-21: "Injustice"
May 7, 2009

Director: Tom Welling (unconfirmed)
Guest Stars: Alessandro Juliani (Dr. Hamilton)

UPDATED 3/5/09: Title and first spoilers posted. Again, please do not re-post this without a proper link to KryptonSite. If you cannot do this, then don't post it at all. Don't be a content thief!
- The title implies that Tess's gang of meteor freaks might come to the surface in this one.
- Contrary to earlier reports, Erica Durance does NOT appear in this episode.

I have NO. WORDS. This is NOT how I wanted to start my day! That's nice that Tess's gang of meteor freaks will actually show up, but I'm waaaay too pissed about Erica right now.

It's bad enough that those cowards can't be straightforward and TELL US that she'll only be in 13 when they figure it out but now she'll only be in 12? MADE. OF. FAIL. I HATE PS3! I hate this guessing game that I have to play every week. "Will she be in it or won't she?" IT SUCKS! Lois is my favorite female character on the show and this just PISSES me off!

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts (even if it is just to rant me with me).
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