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no inspiration

One of my random rants for the day. I'm very frustrated. I'm transferring and I'm waiting on some college decisions and UCSD seems to be taking FOREVER! I got into Irvine & Davis but I'm waiting on LA, Berkeley, SD and some private schools. I mean, I know Berkeley & LA aren't coming till the end of the month (they said so on their website) but SD has been handing out decisions since mid March! So, as you can tell I'm majorly stressed out.

So moving on . . . my favorite TV shows. Sanjaya is finally gone from American Idol and I have to say it's about time. :\ As you can tell, I'm not a fan. But it is fun to find all those lovely Ryan/Simon moments that keep me going. :D

Smallville is killing me . . . I watched the end of Progency last week just to find out what happened to Lana's baby. Don't continue reading if you don't want spoilers. *waits for people to leave* Okay, that was enough time. Apparantly, there was NEVER a baby! Some vitamin she was taking turned out to be something that stimulates a pregnancy and when she stopped taking it, it looked as if she miscarried. Well, that explained why she didn't LOOK pregnant. :\ I almost felt bad for her there. ALMOST.  Rumor has it though that a major character will be killed off in the season finale. Well, rumor = supposed spoilers (don't know how accurate they are but they've been right so far) on Major = Chloe, Lex, Clark or Lana. We know it's not Clark (then we wouldn't have a show) and it's not Lex cuz Michael Rosenbaum's contract expires NEXT year. It's either Chloe or Lana and I hear Kristin Kreuk's contract is up. *prays it's her*

I may sound harsh but I'm sick of the Clana angst. If I have to watch another episode with Clark moaning over Lana for one more minute . . . well, I'll leave that to your imagination. Moving forward, this week, we have Nemesis and the long awaited Clexy interaction. I'm excited. But if Lex is too much of a jerk, I will write a fic when Ollie saves them both and Lex has to watch as my Oliver runs off with Clark (hehe, i might do that anyway; anyone interested?).

Speaking of fics, i know, I haven't updated for a while. That's another frustration. I was trying to continue "It's Not Over" and I'm drawing a blank! HELP! There's not many chapters left (3 max) . . . but I'm running out of inspiration. :(

Well, back to work. I've had my rant and i feel a little better. Until next time everyone! ;)
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