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8.15 "Infamous" Review!

After more than a month, we have new SV! More importantly, we get Lois Lane back after 4 months. I'll tell you, I missed her. Now onto the episode.

I can safely say that I didn't hate it. There were plenty of scenes that were entertaining. I hated Linda Lake back in "Hydro" and she still hasn't changed my opinion. And on another topic, her makeup was horrible. My roommate kept commenting on it.

Anyway, we start off the episode with Lois getting out of a cab, soaking wet. Clark shows up and she's very pissed off. He forgot to pick her up and she was waiting for 3 hours. I saw the episode stills and was waiting for this scene. Lois brings her usual spunk and Clark tries to fumble for excuses. Of course he's unsuccessful. She says that she understands that she isn't on his priority list (or something to that effect) and leaves. Aww, Lois. Though a wet Clark Kent is very appreciated. &hearts ;)

But when Lois leaves, someone else shows up. Oh yes, Linda Lake. Hello, you were NOT missed. Clark is as happy to see her as I am. They have a conversation where she blackmails him, showing him her article on him. Either he gives her the exclusives of his red blue blur saves or she'll print the story, revealing his identity. Before he can grab her, she disappears. Roll credits. I spent most of my time talking while Linda was on the screen, just so I didn't have to watch her much. Tori Spelling just doesn't appeal to me.

After the credits, we see Clark in his barn and Chloe comes to see him. Jimmy is being transferred to Metropolis General and she wants to borrow some DVDs because she doesn't think that Jimmy would appreciate "chick flicks". Clark tells her about what happened with Linda and Chloe tries to plan what they can do about her. Clark shocks her by saying that he will reveal himself but he wants it to be on his own terms. Though Chloe tries to convince him out of this, he refuses to change his mind. He's optimistic, thinking that he can finally be himself. I kinda like when Clark figures out what he needs to do on his own. I mean, even if it may not be the right decision, at least he's making that decision. If that makes any sense.

At the hospital, Davis is pocketing prescriptions. When a nurse comes in, he tells her he is a paramedic and says that he's just restocking. She believes that they're for a patient (these are pills for multiple personality disorders) and leaves.

Our next scene has Clark (looking rather gorgeous in his work clothes) watching Lois, commanding people around. He's all nervous and he approaches her. At first she gives him the silent treatment. Oh, Lois. I saw this clip when it got released but the whole scene still amuses me. Clark wants her to write his story and she's all uncaring. Even when he reveals he's the Red Blue Blur, she just LAUGHS. Lois, please never leave us again! But when he follows her into an office and lifts the desk she's standing on, she's convinced. I love the mentions of 'Sneeze' and the 'Blank reference with Lois's "I guess I can't call you Smallville anymore" line. &hearts&hearts&hearts ;D

Lois makes sure to lock the door and asks him all kind of questions about his abilities. She first thinks that she's the first person to find out (which is really unnecessary) and Clark has to tell her that Chloe and Lana have known for years. Lois is embarrassed about not having it figured out but Clark reassures her, saying that he wants the best reporter he knows to write the story and asks if she would do him the honor. Those two are precious. Lois thinks he's a meteor freak but he says that they have to talk about where he's from. Damn, I wish I could've seen THAT. Lois's reaction would be priceless.

The story comes out and Clark's famous. He comes out of the Daily Planet and everyone LOVES him. This one man gives him a newspaper for free and thanks him for restoring the hope. People are taking pictures and everything. Clark looks so happy ... it's adorable. This one girl falls just to have him catch her. Some teen who has a crush. I don't blame her. I'd do it. Clark's hot. ;D And there's this kid who wants him to sign a newspaper for him. The kid is dressed exactly like him, down to the ugly red jacket. I'm sorry, kid ... there's a lot to admire but his fashion sense? NOT one of them. One ugly red jacket is more than enough. Can you imagine if that became a FASHION STATEMENT? I will have nightmares on that one. LOL

In the middle of the commotion, Linda Lake shows up, pissed. She says that she will get the last word and disappears. I really love how people act like nothing ever happened. You'd think they'd be the least bit curious Too much logic? Maybe.

Chloe argues with a nurse about Jimmy losing his room. There's a commotion and the nurse informs her how everyone wants to see Jimmy because he's married to "the alien's best friend". Ookay then. Chloe sees Davis and they talk. She doesn't remember what happened in the Arctic and he pretends that the messages he left her was just an apology for the kiss. He says that a friendship between them is just too dangerous. No kidding.

Linda Lake is not done yet. She goes talks to some editor and he is all dismissive to her until she mentions she has news on the alien.

Clark is on the phone and OMG! Martha mention! Miracles DO happen! It's nice to see that Clark talks to his mom. The downside is that she has to take a leave from the Senate. Chloe shows up and she informs him that Linda Lake was in the same facility she was. Electricity apparently makes her solid. They see on the TV that not all of his new fame is good. Some widow talks about her husband getting killed and how it was not right that Clark gets to choose who lives and who dies.

They then see Linda on the TV, announcing that Clark's the first of an alien invasion. Then she proceeds to go on about how Lex was the hero and Clark killed him. Wonderful. Everything goes to hell, as predicted. The authorities are at his door and Chloe wants him to run but Clark just pushes her out, saying that he'll be fine.

A DDS officer questions him, talking about Lois and Chloe, and he gives them answers but he is against any tests. A SWAT team shows up and they shoot at him. You'd think that when the bullets obviously bounced off, they'd STOP. Obviously, intelligence isn't one of their strengths. *rolls eyes* Clark speeds away and tracks down Chloe. She's worried but he says that she has to get out of town. An announcement comes over the radio, saying what a danger Clark is.

Clark tells Chloe that he has a Legion ring and is going to reverse time. Guess who's lurking nearby and has heard the whole thing? Yup, you're right: Linda Lake. Clark, you'd think you would learn to CHECK by now!

Lois catches Linda Lake in the elevator and they snipe at each other before Lois gets off. She goes to Tess's office but authorities are there instead. They want answers and they try to shoot at her but Clark saves her, bringing her back to the barn.

They have a conversation where he tells her what he's going to to. Lois realizes that she's not going to be let in on the secret the second time around. She's obviously sad but says that she understands and says something about special people and how she's not one of them. I really want to give her a hug. Clark insists that it's because she's special that she can't know. I don't get that logic but sure, why not. However, when Clark opens the drawer to get the ring, there's a piece of meteor rock there instead. He falls to the floor. Lois is knocked out and we see that Linda Lake has the ring.

Chloe is at Isis and Davis stumbles in. He ends up revealing his identity as Doomsday and Chloe freaks out. He tells her to leave when he feels himself transforming. She runs out, giving Lois a call and says to tell Clark that Davis is Doomsday. But she doesn't get far. Not long after she gets in the car, it shakes. The window is smashed open and Doomsday is there.

Linda is taunting Clark when Lois wakes up. She kicks her ass. It's awesome! I was waiting for her to do that. Go Lois! Once Linda is unconscious, she goes back to Clark and he tells her to get the rock away, which she does. He's fine again. Lois listens to the message and is about to tell Clark that Davis is Doomsday but he already touched the ring and he disappears before she has the chance.

Turns out he has reversed the timeline by two days. He confronts Linda while she's writing the story, before she can blackmail him. He says he is a reporter now and shows her an article that will expose her for being a murderer so she won't be credible. Good thinking, Clark. Then he electrocutes her until her powers are gone. I'm glad he didn't kill her. I didn't think he would but with Smallville, you never know. He's all "nobody can know my name" and I pretty much went "..." with the way he said it.

This time around, Clark does pick up Lois and they have their usual banter. As they head into the Planet, they almost talk about the almost kiss. Lois shows this weird vulnerability and asks him to meet her at 7pm for coffee if he wants to talk about it.

Chloe and Clark are talking in the next scene, Clark obviously having informed her what happened. She wished she could've seen what it was like but he just claims it as an invasion of privacy. Chloe hints at a dual identity and how he could tell Lois. He says that Lois can never know. Chloe wonders what would change this time around.

We see Davis next, who is again pocketing the medicine. The same nurse shows up and this time, is all "a patient is asking for you". Davis is confused but he goes to see and it's Linda Lake, chained to a bed. She knows all about his double identity and wants him to shift and break her out. He starts to get upset, his eyes glow red but he doesn't fully transform. His anger gets the best of him and he smothers her to death with her pillow. When she's dead, the red fades and he realizes what he did. Replacing the pillow, he basically runs out. Oh well, at least there's no chance of Linda coming back. I won't say I'm sorry to see her go. I figured it'd play out like this.

Lois is waiting and drinking coffee in the last scene and Clark is across the street. He sends her a text message saying he can't show up. And she sends him one back, saying that she probably couldn't make it anyway cuz she's chasing a lead. Clark looks at her sadly and Lois is all depressed. Way to go, SV. This was the ONE relationship that had no angst and you had to go screw it up. :(

It wasn't a bad episode but not OMG AMAZING either. I saw shades of other episodes in this one but of course it was still a helluva lot better than "Requiem" and "Power". At least Lois was here this week. I did miss her a lot and she certainly makes episodes brighter.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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