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8.16 "Turbulence" Review

So I'm home now and there's a new episode of SV. My sis and I watched together. Here are my thoughts.

Have you noticed that whenever Lois and Ollie are not around, the episode gets way more serious? I mean, this is the story of Superman ... should it really be this dark? Lois always manages to make Clark smile.

Anyway, the episode wasn't bad ... I thought that "Infamous" was a lot better. Though I did appreciate the Clark/Tess interactions ... those were good. Okay, onto the episode!

We start out with Davis who is confessing his sins. Apparently, if he kills a bad guy, he stops the transformation from Davis to Doomsday. Of course he doesn't tell the priest this but we see it in a flashback. Ookay then. Anyway, the priest (sorry, I think that's what he is, right? I don't know much about this stuff) tells him to stop evil or whatever. Cue the credits.

Afterwards, we go to the farm and Clark is looking rather gorgeous in his black suit. Chloe shows up and we find out Clark has made papers everywhere as the Red Blur Blur, even slowing down his super speed so cameras can catch him. So he's going to wear the dark colors but switch to the red jacket/blue shirt and be the Red Blue Blur. Wonderful. Chloe is worried but Clark shows her how quickly he can change. Of course, he missed a button and we see the blue shirt underneath. I have to admit that amused me though I know it's a cheesy call out to the Superman mythos with how the costume is under the suit. I'm sorry, I'm easy like that.

Chloe thinks that Tess will find out but Clark's confident that he'll be fine. Sure he will. But it's his decision. Clark's worried about Jimmy and thinks he should've protected him and Chloe reassures him.

The next scene we see Jimmy again. I alternated between feeling bad for him and being annoyed with him in this episode. He's trying to get his machine to give him more meds and Chloe shows up. They talk about what happened at the wedding and Jimmy calls Doomsday the "King Kong of meteor freaks" and decides that they are really meant to be if they managed to survive this. They hug and Chloe doesn't exactly look like she's all for his words.

That night, Jimmy had nightmares about the wedding. He wakes up, all freaked out and tries to pump the machine for more drugs. It doesn't work so he gets out of the bed and wanders into the hall. Some guy comes running down, screaming for help. The guy gets caught in the elevator and he's basically strangled by someone wearing a hood. The person who strangled him looks up and Jimmy is shocked to see it's Davis. Dun dun dun. Dude, Davis, if you were going to kill people, can't you at least use a mask?

Moving to the Daily Planet, Clark is all set to be the Red Blue Blur again but he's caught by Tess. She points out the backpack and says that he needs something more professional. Tess and I think alike because I was making fun of the backpack to my sister in the first scene he had with Chloe. On a side note, I hate Tess's hair. What genius decided to make it straight like that? It doesn't suit her ... I miss her curls from "Power".

Anyway, she tries to go through the backpack but Clark manages to get it back. She wants him to to her with LA and he can't say no. I like their dynamic ... unlike Tess and Ollie, at least these two have some chemistry.

Back to the hospital and this episode had way too much Chimmy. And not the kind I can tolerate either. Jimmy tells Chloe about what he saw and how Davis killed the guy. Then Davis actually shows up and Jimmy freaks out, trying to protect Chloe. Davis tells him that he overdosed on morphine and gives an explanation for what he saw. But Jimmy doesn't fall for it. Chloe does though because she remembers how Jimmy really wanted more medication. I have to say ... Davis is a damn good liar.

Davis leaves and Chloe follows him out, apologizing for Jimmy. He thinks that he doesn't like him because Davis kissed Chloe but Chloe says that she never told him about the kiss. He's surprised but is apologetic for anything he does that may have caused Jimmy's hostility and he says that he gets that Jimmy won the girl and is moving on. Chloe seems surprised but is suddenly sad, saying that she thinks if Jimmy had never met her, he wouldn't be in these situations. They hug and Jimmy sees it through the hospital room window.

Meanwhile, Clark and Tess are on Ollie's plane. Apparently, Luthorcorp and Queen Industries are all buddy buddy now. Doesn't Luthorcorp have their own jets? Poor Ollie ... he lent them his home. I wonder what he's doing now! Oh well, he has a key to the farm. He can crash there. :\ And by the way, didn't Tess sell off her shares to Ollie? I thought he owned the Planet now. Or is my memory screwy? This show gives me a headache. I guess Ollie and Tess are jointly running Queen Industries and Luthorcorp?

Moving on, Tess and Clark talk about how Lex had that camera put in her eye. They talk about Clark's friendship with Lex and Tess calls it an "obsession". Clark wants to believe that they were friends once upon a time but Tess doesn't buy it. She talks about a journal Lex had but when Clark tries to get info about it, she says it's a secret. Instead of discussing Clark's secrets, he stalls and says that Ollie probably has some of the "good stuff" around. I'm sure you know, Clark. ;D

Outside Metropolis General, Jimmy has stolen a paramedic's jacket and is searching for Davis's ambulance. We know he's found it when he steps in and we see that cross pendant. Jimmy does some digging and finds a dead body. He freaks and cuts his finger. Enter Davis. Jimmy immediately starts throwing out accusations. Davis is unapologetic about the guy's death, saying he was a drunk driver and killed a mother and her child coming back from a ballet lesson. Then when Jimmy is distracted ranting, he sticks a needle in his neck and Jimmy falls unconscious.

Then Jimmy wakes up in his bed and goes out. He sees Chloe run by him and screams that he's after her again. She goes into a room and pleads that he goes back to his. Doomsday shows up and kills her. It's revealed to be just a dream when we see Davis by his side but Jimmy's freaking out and has to be restrained. Chloe arrives and Jimmy is really stunned. I wonder if the delusions have something to do with the drug Davis injected Jimmy with.

On the plane, Tess wonders if Ollie would mind them finishing off his bottles of 1990 Christoff. Don't worry, Tess ... Clark will make it up to him. Clark tries to get answers out of Tess about the journal but she doesn't give it to him. She wonders how he's handling his alcohol so well and Clark says that he has a strong metabolism. Tess reveals that it's in the Mercer genes and we find out that Tess's dad was an alcoholic and an abuser. Not another woobie past. I feel bad for her but all the villains having some sob story? It's boring.

Clark is very sympathetic but when she asks for his deepest secret, he says that what you see is what you get. I think Clark needs lying lessons from Davis. It would be GREAT! Can you imagine it?

Davis: What you need to do, Clark is play up the woobie look!
Clark *beams*: I'm great with being a woobie. Everyone thinks I'm adorable! I am compared to puppies everywhere!
Davis *nods*: That's good. People will be going "aww" and they won't notice what you're saying or doing. Oh, and take off your shirt too.
Clark (confused): Does that help?
Davis: It's a good distraction technique. *pauses* Wait a second, aren't I supposed to be killing you?
Clark *shrugs*: You're busy making Jimmy look crazy and stealing his bride. It's all good. We can postpone that one.
Davis: Works for me. Now for Lesson #2 ...

Okay, enough of my silliness. Back to the episode. We're still on the plane. Tess is upset about Clark's lying and walks away, contacting the pilot about the weather in LA. The plane shakes and they're panicking. Clark goes to the front of the plane and finds that the pilot is gone and the cockpit is blown out.

Tess goes to the other side, sees the parachutes but comes back and lies about not finding them. She wants Clark to do something but he makes her wear the oxygen mask and block the oxygen, causing her to pass out. Well, that's safe, Clark. Then he picks her up and jumps out of the plane. The plane then explodes. Looks like Ollie will have to find somewhere else to live.

The next scene features Davis, hoodie and all. Jimmy knocks him out and handcuffs him to a fence. Then he starts throwing out accusations again. He wants Davis to admit what he's done to Chloe. Davis tells Jimmy to leave when he realizes Doomsday is taking over but nobody has ever accused Jimmy of being the brightest bulb so he sticks around, making more demands. Chloe tasers him and he falls. Davis's eyes are red and tries to get Chloe to leave. She says that he's safe now and Jimmy can't hurt him. I don't think that would've been the problem, Chloe. When she puts her hand on his shoulder, though, Doomsday goes away and it's Davis again. He looks at her in awe, and is all "you saved me".

You know what I think? Davis and Doomsday should separate. Chloe and Davis are really natural together.

Clark shows up at the mansion to see Tess. Oh thank goodness, her hair is curly again. MUCH better. Yes, I have an obsession with people's hair. Speaking of which, Clark's looks rather nice lately too. Just the right length. I admire his outfit that he's wearing. Casual but not ugly, like the red jacket and blue shirt. They discuss what happens and Tess says she makes him feel safe. She quizzes him on the parachutes and he says there as only one. Lie. There was 3 and Tess knows it. He promises not to tell anyone about her childhood and she says that Lex was right about him not having a bad bone in his body. Clark leaves, saying he has to get back to work. Tess tells him that she's not like Lex and he can trust her.

The next scene annoyed me to no end. Chloe and Clark are talking at the farm and he thinks Tess knows his secret. Chloe's all worried but Clark is not a child. If he has to make mistakes, let him make them. The way she was all "oh yes, quit the Planet and stop saving people"? I was like "what is WRONG with you?" That's the difference between Chloe and Lois ... Lois told him to fight. Chloe told him to run. It's not a surprise which woman he ends up with. I like Chloe most of the time but this is just ridiculous! Clark defends Tess and Chloe gets all pissy about that one too. I am glad he's not bending over, at least. She says that his faith in people is what gets him in trouble. Yeah, well, that's why he'll be Superman one day. Because he has faith in humanity.

They don't really get anywhere with that conversation and Chloe says Jimmy is being released. Clark is surprised but Chloe's all determined to get their happy ending.

However, when she shows up, he's really cold to her. Dude, STOP with the angst already! He's all jealous of both Clark and Davis. Now I remember why I disliked Chimmy. Then again, Chloe's not exactly in the clear here either. She wants to go home because he's making a scene but he says that they have no home together or some such nonsense. He claims that marrying her is the worst mistake of his life and storms out. Chloe is left in tears.

Jimmy also quits the Planet and leaves a file on Tess's desk, which has pictures of Davis.

Ooh, I really like the song they play at the end. There is a bunch of scenes that show up. Jimmy is driving around and takes 4 pills instead of the 3 the hospital recommends since they're addictive. He then runs a red light.

Chloe is crying at her apartment and at the Daily Planet, Clark switches into his "costume" and goes out to save people. Davis is standing out in the rain, looking miserable.

I didn't love it ... it had it's good scenes and I do enjoy Tess's character and I really believe they should make Davis some pre-Doomsday but it was just SO depressing. "Hex" is going to be a hit or miss, I know that. Zatanna looks cool though. We'll see how it is next week.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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