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Pimping and a clip!

This is the last day of the iconic_cousins's Love Fest. For those of you with prompts, you have until 11:55 PM Pacific Standard Time to submit your fanwork! No pressure but I just wanted you all to keep that deadline in mind. :D

Next, the rounds_of_kinks has announced their April Fools Mini Round, which will take place from April 1st-April 10th. You have to be 18+ to join the comm. :)

Ooh, and something exciting! Well, at least for me. I found out that my drabble, "Dance Lessons", won for its day at the smallearth Valentine's Day Challenge! I was super excited cuz I've never won anything before! And there's a pretty banner that comes with it too:

Cool, huh? Thanks to everyone who voted for me and congrats to all the other winners!

Now, for a clip from 'Hex', which is going around the flist.

I'm excited for the Chlollie scenes in this episode. At least they'll have a cute one in the beginning. Zatanna looks cool. I don't know much about her role in the comics but the actress they picked seems good. Looks like we'll get tons of Erica. I know that this episode is upsetting but I'm really trying to see the bright side.

Though I still think that I'm going to be hiding out in my LJ for a few days after it airs, hiding from fandom. LOL ;D

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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