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Ausiello spoilers!

Found these on sv_unlimited. :)

AusielloFiles spoiled that in the season finale there will be a ginormous fight between Clark and Doomsday to say in his words. He also give us some new hints who will die: The person dying is not C****. Sam Witwer approves that there will be a fight between Clark and Doomsday but he didn’t want say something if we will see Lex Luthor again in an interview with
So fans got it most of the sentence right. I honestly believe it's "The person dying is not Clark".

Now for some spoilers courtesy KSITE.

Episode #8-22: "Doomsday"

UPDATED 4/1/09: All seven of the actors seen in the opening credits of Smallville will be appearing in this episode.

UPDATED 3/31/09: Though it is said that two characters will die, other characters might end up just leaving...
- One of the Justice Leaguers who is guest starring was last seen in the season premiere episode "Odyssey."

UPDATED 3/27/09: Turns out only one Legionnaire will be showing up - Ryan Kennedy as Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy. Still no word yet on which Justice Leaguers will be in the episode.

I wish Lightening Lad was showing up too. For the JL characters showing up, I'm guessing that AC will be back and I'm assuming Dinah may return too, if there will be more than one.

Other characters will leave, besides the two dying? There aren't that many to BEGIN WITH! We have Clark, Lois, Chloe, Davis, Jimmy, Oliver, and Tess. Two characters will die and if I'm right, it's Chloe and Davis. Leaving Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Oliver and Tess. Now I know Clark and Lois aren't going anywhere. So maybe Ollie won't be back next season? Oh no! I really wanted to see him and Tess in s9 (not together though)!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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