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8.17 "Hex" Review!

So I know I saw the episode a day after it aired but I got a little lazy with writing up my review. But it's here now! Better late than never right?

I have to say I loved it! I honestly went in expecting nothing, though I was quite excited to have Ollie back on my screen and lots of Erica screen time. But SV totally surprised me. It was so much fun and I laughed a lot.

One thing that I was sad at and I have to mention it just to get it out of the way: Clark and Oliver had no scenes together! I kept hoping that Clark would come take advantage of untie Oliver but alas, it was not meant to be. This is the first episode since 6.03 'Wither' that both Clark and Ollie have been in but haven't interacted, may I add. :\

Another fact that made me sad was it seemed Jimmy's scene seemed to have gotten cut off in editing. I saw a screen cap of "Lois" hugging him and he looked SO confused but it wasn't in the episode! It looked like it would be really amusing too.

The rest of the episode was quite fun though. I have to give props to Erica, who did a wonderful job, just like I knew she would. She really got Chloe down and I could believe that it was Chloe and not Lois. Tom also was strong in this one, making Clark really seem like he thought he was nothing more than a mild mannered reporter. The way Erica and Tom play off each other is probably why I don't enjoy episodes where she's not in it as much as the ones where she is.

Anyway, onto the episode!

We start with Chloe brooding on the balcony. Considering her marriage just fell apart, I don't blame her. How does it go? "It's my party and I can cry if I want to." Wasn't that a song? Though I do love the curly hair. It makes me happy. I like it slightly longer, as it was in "Apocalypse" but I'll take it. ;) Anyway, a present is placed in front of her and the tag says it's from Clark but when she starts to thank him, it's Ollie to appears. Hell, that'd make for a great b'day for me! And Oliver looks hot in his suit too. Then again, when doesn't he look good? Apparently, Clark can't come because he's on a mission with Bart. Aww, Bart and Clark! I love those two in a big brother/little brother type relationship. &hearts At least it's there in Offscreenville. Wait, does that mean Clark's in the JL or is he just helping out part time? I'm guessing it's the latter though a girl can dream, can't she? :D

Back to Chloe and Ollie. Those two are really sweet together. Ollie convinces her to open the present and it's the book "The Tales of the Weird and Unexplained". She smiles a little at seeing that. Oliver convinces her to go back to the party and when they step in, she sees Lois and start complaining again about how it was supposed to be her life and how everything changed so quickly, including the destruction of her marriage. Chloe thinks Lois's life is very easy and she doesn't know how she does it. She apologizes for whining and Ollie teases her a bit.

I don't know if it's me but I didn't really get any actual jealousy vibes from Chloe. She didn't seem like she really wanted Lois's life ... I think she was just exasperated with all the complications in her life now and she was thinking back to what she felt was a simpler time, when all she wanted was Clark and the Daily Planet, not necessarily in that order.

So Lois comes to them and says she has to leave for Mexico City because there's a story there. She gives Chloe a cupcake, quick hug and a "I love you" (yay Chlo-Lo!) and takes off. Though her little comment about being closer to death is quite morbid. Oh, Lois.

That's when Zatanna shows up. We see her as Lois walks by her.

Ollie gets a call and has to take off and he runs into her. She offers him a wish but he leads her to Chloe instead, saying that she's someone who deserves it. Then he is gone too. Zatanna offers Chloe a wish and we see a blue glow in her eyes. Chloe glances over to a corner of the room where Lois is chatting on a phone and then blows out the candle on her cupcake.

That night, Chloe goes back to her apartment and falls on her bed. The scene skips to the morning, where we see feet slipping into bunny slippers but they don't seem to quite fit. When she goes past the mirror, she stops. And it's not Chloe anymore! It's Lois! Granted, I've seen this clip so it wasn't a surprise but it's fun. She's all "Oh my god, I'm Lois". Erica even does the lip biting thing that Chloe has a tendency to do. Cue the credits.

When we return, Chloe!Lois is talking to ... well, Lois, making sure everything is okay with her. Lois assures her she is and I am quite pleased that I was right that the still I saw of Lois in the truck was actually the real Lois! Anyway, the conversation amuses me more than it should. Though I do wonder whether the actual Lois noticed that Chloe's voice sounds more like hers. I know, I know. It's Smallville. Stop overthinking it.

Chloe!Lois goes to The Daily Planet and she makes her way down the steps before a guy hands her her dry cleaning and coffee. Chloe doesn't know his name but Lois doesn't either so he dismisses it and says that one day, she will. Then Chloe!Lois goes and sits down at Lois's desk, observing all the things there. The picture with the Dalai Lama made me go "WTF" though ... pushing it just a bit, don't you think, PS3? :\

Chloe!Lois starts to look up Zatanna when Clark shows up. She's happy to see him but he's confused. He's all "You couldn't have been deported that quickly. Why aren't you in Mexico?" He makes some comments and it's revealed that Lois called him 6 times. Chloe!Lois is shocked and is all "you had time to take all those phone calls and couldn't call Chloe on her b'day?" Yeah, Clark ... I'm kind of with her on that one. It takes about two seconds to call and say "Happy Birthday".

It's also revealed that Clark is taking Jimmy's side on the whole breakup. Wow, didn't see that one coming. He believes that there are "two sides to every story". Chloe!Lois is stunned as well, especially when he's all "it's gotta be tough when the person you're trying to build your life with doesn't believe in you". I think that's what everyone who was not pro-Chloe in "Turbulence" was saying too. You're very logical, Clark. I agree. mean, tbh, I'm not on Jimmy's side but it's one thing for Chloe to root for Clark but Davis over Jimmy? Someone she barely knows? That's gotta hurt.

Then Chloe!Lois is all contemplative and Clark asks her if she's all right. She says she's not and then he sees a tip. He's all confused when she doesn't get going and she tells him to "start your engines ... Smallville". Aww, I think the nickname made him feel better. &hearts

Now we move on to Ollie, who's in the Luthorcorp building. He's staring at the paper with the headline that's talking about Lex's murder. At least we have him showing some regret. I believe in you, Oliver! You're not gone yet! Zatanna shows up and they have a conversation. She tells him that after her father's death, she lost a book that has been passed down in the family and Lionel Luthor got it at an auction. Ollie says there's nothing he can do because while Queen Industries got Luthorcorp's financial holdings, Lex's lawyers won't let him near the private stuff. Zatanna offers him a wish and says that if he gets her the book, he'll get a wish. Then she says that the offer expires at midnight and disappears when he looks away. I really like the actress playing Zatanna. I thought I would from the clip but I'm enjoying her performance. She's very pretty too. :D

Back to Chloe!Lois and Clark. Chloe!Lois is stumbling in her heels and Clark is getting all suspicious because she hasn't insulted him once, etc. Chloe!Lois trips and Clark catches her and wow, the way he looks at her! I swear, I'd have jumped him. Chloe!Lois is shocked too and is looking confused. Clark's all "what's up with the look" and she tells him that he's never looked at her like that before. Now Clark's confused too ... oh, Clark, you LOVE Lois. ADMIT IT! I kinda love that his feelings are so obvious to other people, even if he doesn't know it fully himself. Chloe!Lois quickly changes the topic and leads it back to their story, running off. Clark follows here.

Some guy is standing on his balcony and screaming. A police man comes up and pays Lois money for their poker game. I find it hilarious that Lois plays poker with the cops. She's really one of a kind. He says he's been working on his bluff and Chloe!Lois is confused but tries to play it off. She asks him about what's going on. The guy has been screaming in Latin all day. The cop leaves.

After he's gone, Chloe!Lois starts to translate and Clark is like "when did you learn to speak Latin?" One thing the man is screaming out is very clear: Zatanna. Chloe!Lois drags Clark aside and tells him about Zatanna. When she starts going off about him superspeeding to her show, he's shocked. Then she reveals that she's Chloe and gives proof. Clark of course is stunned. She tells him about the birthday party and how Zatanna was there but he'd have known if he had called. "Not that I'm dwelling" she adds. Dude, her expressions ... it was SOO Chloe. The way she delivered it ... damn, Erica. Clark seems seriously taken aback.

They go to the place and Clark is still shocked he couldn't tell. They talk about the past and how Clark is happy where he is now. But he sometimes wishes that he could just be a mild mannered reporter. Chloe!Lois is all "well, how about right now you don't stick to you day job?" Clark opens the locked door and they both get in.

Zatanna is staring at a picture and is all "it won't be much longer, father". Clark interrupts and she doesn't know who they are. Chloe!Lois reminds her about the cupcake and Zatanna remembers. Clark is all "you have to reverse the curse you put on Chloe". Zatanna reveals that it wasn't a curse but she just granted a wish, saying that this was what Chloe wanted. Chloe!Lois is all "okay, maybe for a second I was jealous of Lois living my dream life at the Planet with Clark but I never wanted her life. Not like this". Clark's expression is priceless btw. Zatanna informs her that it would go away when she doesn't want it anymore. Chloe!Lois is all "I don't want it anymore" but nothing happens. Zatanna is amused and like "you keep telling yourself that".

Clark interferes and is all "you think that man wanted to keep rambling". Zatanna doesn't care much; she just says that he may have wanted a better understanding of dead languages. All she wants is her father's book. They discuss said book and Clark accuses her of manipulating people. She defends herself, saying she gives people what they want and how everyone has something they wish was different. Then she wonders aloud what Clark would wish for and before he can do anything, her eyes glow. Chloe!Lois freaks out but Zatanna is gone again when she looks for her. Clark assures her she is fine.

As they exit, Chloe!Lois is regretting she brought Clark, as she forgot magic affects Clark "like the rest of us". Clark then calls her Lois and is like "what do you mean, the rest of us?" Chloe!Lois stops and is all "what did you call me?" Then they see a man trying to steal a woman's bag. Broad daylight and no one is interfering? Nice to see Metropolis is full of good, conscientious people. Chloe!Lois is all "aren't you going to do something?" And Clark is all "you're right". Then he pulls out his cell phone and is all "911?". I swear, I DIED. Tom delivered that so well.

Then they're back at the Planet. Clark is unconvinced and when Chloe!Lois is all "I'm Chloe", Clark just smiled and is all "right, I had trouble telling the two of you apart at first. But Lois is the tall one". Oh, Clark. &hearts She tries to make him believe it but he refuses. Then he gets even MORE adorable. He QUOTES LOIS and and when Chloe!Lois gets confused, he pulls out Lois's rules and it's FRAMED! OMG! Chloe!Lois is all "you framed this?" but quickly shifts gears. Dude, I was so in love with Clark after seeing that scene.

Next is basically one of my favorite scenes in the episode. I haven't laughed this hard when it comes to SV in a while. Chloe!Lois dragged Clark to the roof and locked them in there. Then she tells him to open the door. Clark is annoyed but he tries anyway, pulling the handle off. He's shocked and Chloe!Lois thinks she's getting through when he goes off about the workmanship and rusting, justifying why he was able to pull it off. I DIED AGAIN! Chloe!Lois tries again with the superhearing, telling Clark to really listen but all she gets is him proclaiming how good the acoustics are. Her next trick is trying to take a large metal pole and hitting him with it but he moves and she only hits a wall. Clark is horrified and like "you could've hurt me!" She insists she couldn't and tells him about his abilities. He doesn't believe her and insists he has a deadline and has to find a way to get off the roof. "Unless one of my abilities includes flying?" Chloe!Lois shakes her head and Clark turns back to finding a way out.

At a Luthorcorp, we see two guards walking around. They hear a noise and see an arrow but when they go near it, a gas comes out and knocks them unconscious. Green Arrow shows up and is all "sorry guys, I'll make sure you get a nice Christmas bonus". OLIVER LOVE! Anyway, our favorite vigilante manages to find the book, is all "thanks, Lex" and leaves. His next stop is an alley, where a bin that has a small fire is nearby. He's examining the book when Zatanna shows up. She is not fooled by his costume and is all "you need to work on your slide of hand". I love how every time, he just pulls off his hood and glasses. His hair is a bit darker than usual. Maybe it's the light. Anyway, the expression on his face when he's like "yeah" is just SOO adorable. My love for Oliver knows no ENDS, I swear!

They talk about the book and he thinks it's too dangerous. She's worried when it looks like he's going to burn it, she commands the book into her hands. He's all "not good" but before he can pull out his bow, she sends chains and ties him up. Thanks, Zatanna ... I'll take it from here. ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist. Ollie is all "you don't want to do this" but she's stubborn and just walks away. I like Zatanna and Oliver's interactions ... the actors have a good dynamic. Doesn't mean I'm going to ship them or anything though. Just making an observation. :)

Clark and Chloe!Lois go into a hospital and talk to the guy who was screaming in Latin. He's back to normal now and quickly tells them about Zatanna and her plans to bring back her father from the dead. But for him to come back, someone else must die. A life for a life.

On a rooftop, Zatanna is preparing to bring back her father, staring the spell.

Clark is not convinced though, as he and Chloe!Lois walk. She insists that Zatanna is real and they see the light on the top of the DP rooftop and realize they may be too late. Chloe!Lois tries to get him up there but Clark is resistant. She gives him a speech about how she believes in him and how she knows that deep inside he doesn't want to be just a reporter writing about the events when he could be stopping them. Clark looks up and there's a light to his side and when he turns back, Chloe is herself again. He's shocked but she's all "nothing is impossible" and is like "up, up and away". Clark looks back and in an awesome scene, leaps up. I know it's how it was in "Prey" but it looks like he's flying, which is SO cool. Come on, PS3, let Clark FLY already! See how awesome it is?

Zatanna is concentrating on her task but Clark tries to stop her. He shares his own experience about losing his father and that he knew he had to let him go. Zatanna seems torn but Chloe gets in the roof and she gets sucked into the light. Zatanna is all "no, it was supposed to be me!" Clark is like "we don't get to choose but we do get to choose how we live our life". He's says that he's finally the man his father wanted him to be and asks Zatanna about what her father would want. She stops the spell and Chloe is saved. Clark goes to check on her while Zatanna falls to her knees, watching the spot.

In the morning, Chloe wakes up and is relieved to see herself in the mirror. There's a knock at the door and it's Clark with a peace offering for missing her b'day. They talk about what happened and it's a nice conversation. Chloe mentions Clark's constant puppy eyes routine when he thought she was Lois and encourages his feelings. To be honest, I was worried about that. I still don't think there's been enough time but at least it's Clark doing it unconsciously. There's nothing wrong with being attracted and I can actually say that I'm impressed with the way PS3 is handling it. Not giving them too many props just yet though. Chloe is all just because he's been hurt before doesn't mean he can't give it a second chance. Clark wanted to know if she was talking about Lois or her and Jimmy. Chloe concedes and mentions not living in the past and the "what could've beens". They toast on it. I like Chloe and Clark's friendship when they're on equal ground.

Ollie walks into his office, obviously having found a way to escape (I think it's Clark in Offsceenville) and runs into Zatanna. He's not pleased with her and even through her apology, he remains snarky. But as she turns to leave, he changes his mind and says how he understands her difficult choice and think her end decision was good. She tells him how there are more dangerous people than her and hands him a card, saying if he ever runs into one of them, give her a call and this time she'll be on his side. Ollie's all confused and think there's some magic trick involved but the card just has her phone number on the other side. ILU Ollie! Never change! :D

At the Daily Planet, it's LOIS and Clark again! Oh, Lois, I love you. She's all creaking around in her chair, until Clark gives her attention. The 'Odyssey' callback had me in giggles. "So how long did it take for you to realize I wasn't my usual charming self?" Clark says that she wasn't as bossy as usual and Chloe let him drive. "Well, little blonde sources tell me that you don't mind my assertive flair" (off screen Chlo-Lo bonding? Why can't I see?!?!). Lois is all "let me see it." Clark feigns ignorance but we all know Lois when she's set her mind to something. He gives her the rules and she tries to hang it but he snatches it back. "This is memento from my first day on the job ... and a constant reminder there's only one Lois Lane." Thank you, Clark. YES, THERE IS ONLY ONE LOIS LANE. I knew it would be said in the episode but I am glad Clark said it. Though I love his attachment to what Lois gave him. It's his, you see. Just like Lois. ;)

Lois starts to gather her things and Clark is all "big night?" Apparently, Lois has a date. Some guy in first class asked her out and she figured "why not?" Clark's all "meh" and WHY HI THERE JEALOUSY! Your eyes aren't the only thing that are green, huh, Clark? When she asks him about his plans, he says that he just is going to hang around there but asks if he should call her if anything comes up. Aww, he's like a puppy! Lois is all "so you can stand me up again?" Clark starts to say something but she says it was a mistake and thinks that they should just go "back to the basics". He's like "it's a good rule" and Lois tells him he should add that to the list and leaves. Clark looks from her to the list. Oh, Clois ... you two have a long journey ahead of you, don't you?

The last scene has Chloe at Isis and Ollie comes in. Ooh, Ollie in leather jacket! Isn't that the one from 'Odyssey'? I loved it! More on him, of course. Moving on. He's all "are you ready?" She is. Ollie says how she'll have to leave her reporting life behind for good and she's like "yesterday I wouldn't have been able to answer that question but after spending a day in the Daily Planet, I realized that it's someone else's life". Ollie wishes he had his turn on the magic lamp but Chloe is all "you know what you want. We all do". She knows what she wants. Mmm ... sexual tension, anyone? Okay. Sorry, I keep going off track. The rest of the team comes online, Ollie activates his earpiece and Chloe is all "Watchtower is online. Let's get to work!" WOOHOO! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Watchtower!Chloe.

Did you know? I saw this episode TWICE. Once the first time but by the time I was writing the review, I needed a refresher course so I saw it again. And you know what? I wasn't bored. I liked it the second time around too, was still amused and entertained.

I love Zatanna ... I hope we can see her again sometime. The actress mingled with the cast very well. Everyone in the regular cast did a great job as well. I liked Chloe's revelation. Who she is now is someone who wants to save the world ... once upon a time she wanted it to do it through the free press but now that she's been encouraging Clark and after she's met the Justice League, she's found a whole new way ... one that suits her more. People grow up, people change. What they once wanted doesn't always be what they'll get. Sometimes, it turns out for the better. Chloe realized her place is at the Justice League. What will that do for her future? Not sure. But right now, I think she's where she belongs.

What I thought would be a hit or miss episode was definitely a hit. :)

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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