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8.18 "Eternal" Review

I just saw the episode and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about it.

I am pretty sure this was a Chloe/Davis shipper's dream come true. The way she reacted to him, his admission of love, their interactions in general, hell the ending? I was totally on board of that ship in the beginning of the season, because Sam and Allison's chemistry? Came shining through the TV screen and honestly, the best I ever got for Chloe and Jimmy was that they were cute. Not that I didn't love them in s6 because I did but I never saw that raw tension that I got from Davis and Chloe.

I'm really glad they didn't go the Lois/Davis route, like they originally intended. I was feeling that way in the beginning of the season too. However, I also wished they hadn't made Davis Doomsday. I was hoping he'd be some pre-Doomsday that almost kills Clark but not really. It still feels too soon for me for that epic battle. Then, in my head, Davis and the monster would split and Davis could be with Chloe. Because for me, at least early on in s8, I felt Davis was this world's George Dean. Remember George Dean? The guy in the "Apocalypse" AU world that Chloe was engaged to?

Think about it ... Davis is a paramedic, George was a policeman. Both heroes in their own right but more normal type men than, say, Clark. Chloe also looked adorable with both of them. Alas, it was not meant to be and I had a hard time supporting this ship post 'Bride'. Because while I prefer Chlavis to Chimmy, Chloe was still married and it felt wrong.

Which is why this episode leaves me feeling uneasy and not at all good. I know Chloe and Jimmy are separated but it's just ... weird. I feel like Chlavis has turned into what Lana/Bizarro was in s7. It's one thing that Chloe is still legally married but Davis is Doomsday ... but how can I ship Chloe with a monster? Worse off, how is it that Doomsday is nothing more than a love interest? Much like Bizarro ended up to be. Yet, I think she loves him, even though she didn't say it. I'm positive a few people on my flist are going to be pissed at me for saying that but that's what I felt. I also thought that her love for him would be her downfall, like she gets caught up in the battle or something. I don't know anymore though, since recent spoilers are implying otherwise.

Anyway, onto the actual episode, which was okay for me. I liked Clark, I liked Tess, I'm glad that Clark and Davis got some screen time together but I enjoyed "Hex" more. I can't see myself watching this episode again, other than that it was way too serious. Other than that first Chloe/Davis scene, which was even tainted a little, there is not much humor to this show. I miss Lois and Ollie. :(

We started off with Tess in the mansion. I do love Tess. She's looking at some drawing and we move to a flashback, which is the meteor shower. Events happen as they did in the pilot, with Martha and Jonathan's truck flipping over (and aww, I got all nostalgic when I saw them!). There is also Lionel looking and finding Lex in the field. We see baby Kal and him finding Martha and Jonathan. But they added something in. Nearby the ship is this huge black egg shaped container. It cracks open and this green liquid flows out to the ground. That liquid shifts and forms a little kid. We then move back to Tess, who is staring at a sketch of the scene we just saw. She's all "Lionel missed it. There was another." Cue the credits.

When we come back, Tess is talking to someone on the phone. Clark walks in and she gets off the line, turning her attention to him. He says that he's ready for the front page. Oh, Clark, you're such an adorable, eager reporter. Clark tells her that he has written an article about how the numbers of missing people have risen and that people need to hear about it. Tess says that she won't publish it because she needs facts but Clark accuses her of shoving it under the rug. She comes back with that she has nothing to hide and she leaves the lying to him, or something like that. Burn. I really like how Clark doesn't get intimidated by her ... the two of them have a good dynamic going. Their scenes are a lot of fun to watch, just to see them challenging one another the way they do.

The next scene has Davis with tears in his eyes. Chloe makes a comment about him being a man not afraid to cry but it turns out he's just chopping onions. Apparently, he's making dinner for them? Chloe helped him fix his cell phone or something to that effect. If her marriage hadn't broken up just two episodes ago, I would think this scene is cute. Lighthearted scenes like this were the reason I fell in love with this ship in the first place.

Davis takes the initiative and asks about Jimmy. Chloe informs him that Jimmy wants nothing to do with her and has sent her streams of nasty e-mail. I guess they're really trying to make him look like the bad guy here. Chloe is depressed over this ... she says how she thought they were "best friend" (really?) and she goes on about how you think you know someone. I'm sure that Jimmy felt the same way about you, Chloe. You think you know someone and they go abandon you for a stranger ... a hot stranger nonetheless but still ... a stranger. I read calcus's 'Hex' review, which smartly compared how Lois acted in "Rage" when she found out Ollie was on drugs to Chloe's behavior in "Turbulence". LOIS was all "I'm not going to abandon him when he needs me the most" while CHLOE pretty much ran from Jimmy's side straight into Davis's waiting arms ... literally. Even if Jimmy was going nuts, she owed it to him to give him a chance. So this whole "woe is me" attitude? Is totally grating on my last nerve. I like Chloe but I don't like what they're doing to her this season. I was pleased with her in "Hex" but now I'm seeing shades of what pissed me off in "Turbulence".

Davis looked all guilty when she talks about people hiding things but Clark barges in before that conversation can go any further because he doesn't believe in knocking. Then again, that's nothing new. Clark and Davis exchange awkward greetings and Clark gets to the reason why he was there. He wanted some help from Chloe on a story he's working on. So Davis leaves, saying that they'll have dinner the following night. When he gets to the bottom of the steps though, he has some kind of headache and leans against the pole briefly before taking off again.

The next time we see him, he is wearing his "costume" (if you can call it that) and is carrying a shovel in the middle of some field. Then he shoves the shovel in the back of his truck (three guesses to what he's just been doing and the first two don't count) and gets in. He kisses the cross necklace and asks for forgiveness. His phone rings and he picks it up. It's Tess, who is standing a few feet away and she asks what is the prayer for dismembering a body. Then she holds up a detonator and pushes the button, causing the truck to explode.

Moving back to Chloe and Clark ... Chloe is researching for Clark. Umm ... isn't he a reporter and couldn't he have found out this info by himself? I know they're using it as a plot point but it just seems very unrealistic now. See, what would be a GOOD idea is that Clark doesn't trust Tess and wants to borrow Chloe's computer for research and they work together. But I don't have any say in this show so only all of you hear my two cents.

Somehow, the topic turns to Davis, when Chloe claims she feels Clark look intensely at her. Clark admits he is surprised that Chloe and Davis are spending so much time together, thinking that Chloe is moving on too quicklky. He doesn't trust Davis and clearly doesn't think Chloe should either. Chloe gets defensive and says that they're friends, etc. The argument doesn't go very far before Chloe finds out that a truck has been blown up and it has Davis's license plates.

In the Luthor mansion, Davis wakes up, bandaged from head to toe. Tess arrives and bluntly says that she had planned to kill him but it turned out to be harder than she thought. However, it did prove her theories. Davis finally confesses that he can't control his murderous ways. Tess gives him details on what she knows about his past and there are flashbacks. One is how little!Davis hid when he heard Martha and Jonathan coming but after they left with Clark, two men dressed in black showed up and went after him. He ran but ended up being caught and put in a cage. Another flashback has little Lex going around the mansion, finding a room and when he peeps into the keyhole, he sees eyes staring back at him.

Curious, he opens the door and meets Davis, who doesn't know his name. I find it odd that he speaks such perfect English, since I always assumed it took some time for Clark to learn the language. Was it cuz he's processed differently? Anyway, they become friends and Lex invites him to go play. Only in Smallville are Doomsday and Lex Luthor childhood friends. :\ Though I think they did a good job in casting a younger Davis. Or maybe that's just me.

Chloe and Clark are in the field where they learn that nobody was in the car that blew up. It was abandoned and Chloe seems slightly relieved. Clark makes a note of the fact it was the same field in which he landed and Chloe doesn't believe it could be a coincidence. I mean, we know it's not but why just jump to that conclusion? Clark uses his x-ray vision and sees a bunch of skeletons lying underneath the ground. He tells Chloe of his findings.

Davis wakes up and this time, he's all healed. Of course he's half naked (not that I'm complaining! Clearly, Justin has taken great delight in passing his former duty to the newest hottie on the cast). He gets up and walks around, stopping when he eyes a room. He walks in and is hit with a flashback. It's him and Lex fencing. Lex pretends he's slaying the dragon, who is what Davis is pretending to be and Lex wins and Davis pretends to fall. The metal box is there and Lex opens it but Davis screams. Conveniently there's meteor rock inside. Which is odd because Clark's exposed the first time since there's Lana's necklace in there. Lex closes it and freaks out, seeing his friend in pain and quickly checks on him. End flashback.

In the present, Davis realizes aloud that there's a way. That's when Tess shows up. She talks to him about being the villain to Clark's hero. It turns violent when Davis starts to shift into Doomsday and sends Tess flying, knocking her out.

Over at Isis, Chloe and Clark are talking about Davis being the murderer. Chloe says that she didn't want to believe it. I don't think much happened during it so I'm just going to skim over it. My memory is failing me right now ... apparently I didn't take notes on that one. That's the one good thing about my roommate being all MIA this week ... I can take notes on SV again!

Tess is pissed off that Davis is gone and demands to a guy that he find him. The guy leaves and Clark comes in. They talk about Tess's suspicions and Clark tries to brush off Tess's claims that Davis and Clark are from another planet. He feigns ignorance though Tess is not buying it.

Back with Chloe, she hears noises and thinks it's Clark but it's really Davis. She is all "I know what you are" and he tries to pacify her. He also declares his love and asks if she cares about him. Chloe said that she thought she did. Accepting that, he says he needs her help but she doesn't want to help him. Then Davis says he wants her to help him die. Dun dun dun.

When Clark shows up looking for Chloe, she's gone. She's with Davis, who is now in a cage, encouraging Chloe to pull the lever. She can't. Even when she tries to, she doesn't have the ability to just pull it. Clark shows up and he tries to convince Davis not to do this. Clark claims that everything is all his fault. Davis goes on about how this was his destiny and Clark was meant to lead the good life, etc. Clark questions if there is anything worth fighting for and he glances briefly at Chloe and is all "it's not where your heart lies but what you keep doing" (something like that). When he starts to transform, Chloe has to pull the switch, causing the cell to rain kryptonite. Clark feels the effects but Chloe pulls him away. She's all crying and he's fading away. He has flashbacks to when he was abandoned and we see him transforming for the first time. Chloe goes to the glass and Davis leans in on his side until he seems to die.

Later on, Clark goes to visit Chloe and check in on her. She's clearly miserable and he tries to offer comfort. We do get an Ollie mention though because Oliver's supposedly taking care of the body, etc. Clark and Ollie offscreen bonding! I would love to see this Offscreenville ... sounds like a fabulous show.

His next scene is at the barn. Tess arrives and they talk. She wants his secrets and he refuses to acknowledge them. She makes a comment about it's no wonder that Lex went over the deep end. Oh yes, poor Lex ... how dare Clark not tell him his secrets! I was so proud of Clark for standing up for himself. Tess says that she'll be patient and wait. Clark is all "it'll be a long wait" and walks away. Tess is left standing there and is like "It won't be that long of a wait ... Kal-El." Wow, this woman is sharp. I love her! Back at her office, she even opens some box and reveals she has a weirdly shaped object with a symbol on top. I'm guessing it's Kryptonian.

The final scene has Chloe going into the basement, where for some reason, there's a bed made up. There are noises and it's DAVIS! Chloe is shocked he's not dead. Davis tells her that the kryptonite made him stronger and now he's immortal. Chloe recognizes that Clark's in danger but Davis says that she could stop him. He tells her about how she controls the monster within him and asks her to stay with him. She looks all contemplative and walks up the stairs, Davis watching after her. Then she slides the lock into place, keeping them both in there. Guess she's made her choice. I feel as if she is doing it to protect Clark but at the same time, I can tell she has feelings for him.

I am glad that Clark and Davis got to interact but for me, there wasn't enough of it. Lots of Davis and flashbacks ... I don't need another woobie story though. He's freaking DOOMSDAY! But Sam does play it really well, I have to admit. I love Sam. Hell, I love our entire cast!

So I can't say I loved the episode ... it's more of a "meh" type thing. It had it's good points but it wasn't overly entertaining.

Though I have to say the preview for "Stiletto" looks good ... too bad we have to wait until April 23rd to see it.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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