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I'm back!

Hey everyone! I am back again. Well, actually, I came back from Disneyland late last night and my friend left a few hours ago but now I have some time to make an entry. I think I caught up on all my comments and I bookmarked all of your entries to read (at least I think). It's a long list but I'll get there eventually so don't be surprised if you get comments on older entries from me.

Anyway, I had a fantastic time in Disneyland and I came back to find lots of wonderful birthday greetings. You guys are too good to me! Thanks to all of you who took the time! I am definitely making a longer post about this but I wanted to say thank you now too for all the comments on my last post and for your own posts! I am a very lucky girl to have SUCH a fabulous flist. &hearts

Details will follow soon on Disney but I wanted to make a short notice to say I'm around again. I hope you're all having a great weekend!
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