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Hello, all! I hope you're doing well. Though I'd share some fun things I found!

sv_multishipprs is a new comm that welcomes all SV ships! It's a place to spread the love, not the hate. So if you want to love your ship but don't like bashing of other ones, this is the place for you. :)

sv_multishipprs sv_multishipprs sv_multishipprs

Also, the Smallville Big Bang sign-ups end today. So if you're contemplating joining, you must make a decision quickly. It's 15,000 words but you have until August to write it! All ships are welcome, including crossovers. You can either write a fic or make a vid, so vid-makers, head on over too! :D

If you have any more questions, check out smallvillebbang and I'm sure the mods can assist you. Sign-ups are here! :D

Have a wonderful day! :D
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