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Fics! :D

I know it's been some time since I posted recs so I figured that I should. Enjoy! :D

1. All In by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Bart, PG-13, sequel)- This is the sequel to "When Right Began". I love how she gets into Chloe's head and even shows a different side to Bart. Just plain awesome!

2. Blood Never Looked So Beautiful by bringthefate (Clark/Oliver, Kal/Oliver, R, warnings)- All I can say is "wow". I mean, this fic was definitely different. I don't know how to summarize it but you should just read it. Trust me, you'll be stunned too. It's very intense. :)

3. Breaking the Rule by emerald_night (Clark, Lois, Chloe, Oliver, PG)- What an amusing fic this is! It's set post- "Hex" and has Clark hanging out Chloe and Ollie. Of course they tease him about Lois and he decides to go check on her date. It's funny and lighthearted and had a jealous!Clark. What more can you want?

4. Careful what you wish for, it may come true by mitsuki_shizuka (Clark/Oliver, PG-13)- It's like she read my mind and wrote what I wanted to see in a Collie fic! It's a little AU for 'Hex', where Ollie does end up getting a wish when Zatanna comes to apologize. Three guesses what he wishes for ... ;D Here's the thing; it's subconscious so he didn't even realize it, making the situation more fun! Clark and Ollie are just so cute in this fic and confused!Ollie is way fun. And the ending is just perfect. It reminded me how much I love my OTP.

5. Diamond Heart by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, AU, DCU)- Her Clark/Bruce fics are always so unique and beautiful and never fails to leave me in awe. This one is no exception. It's her take on Beauty and the Beast, Clark/Bruce style. I just have so much love for all. All I can say is: read it. You will have no regrets.

6. Difference in Opinion by divas_lament (Chloe, Dean, PG-13, SV/SPN)- When you have two headstrong, opinionated people, you're bound to have some disagreements. This fic showcases one of them. It's part of her fantastic 'Librarian series' (which if you haven't checked out, what are you looking at me for? DO IT!) and I am loving this as much as the other installments.

7. Divine Intervention by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Dean, NC-17, SV/SPN, WIP)- Chloe is told by a certain angel that she is the only one who can help a very familiar hunter achieve his destiny. There's lots of snark and fun to be had. She has one chapter up and already, I'm waiting for more.

8. Follow Your Heart by beef_wonder3 (Lois, Martha, Clark/Lois, PG-13)- While this is a Clois fic, it's mostly interactions between Martha and Lois and the lovely relationship they have. It's really sweet and I do like fics where Lois interacts with the Kents, since they have such a nice relationship on the show.

9. Free Fall by krysyuy (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Bart, Oliver/Dinah, Bruce/Zatanna, PG-13, WIP)- OMG! This is fantastic! I recently found this fic but I just read it today and I'm eagerly awaiting the next part. It starts out at the end of 'Infamous', when Clark decides to not meet Lois. But wait! He goes to bed that night and wakes up 6 years in the future! Her Clark and Lois are perfect and the fic is just win.

10. Heartland V: Pie by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Bruce, G)- Even Bruce Wayne needs a break sometimes and in this lovely fic, we get Clark, Bruce + pie. It's really cute. It's part of the Heartland verse and while you can read it as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading the series because it's seriously one of my favorite Clark/Bruce ones out there.

11. History Repeats by jaycolin (Clark/Oliver, NC-17)- There's not a lot of Collie fic these days, which makes me sad but I'm glad I have a few to share with you this time around. Clark and Ollie have been together for a few months and Clark decides to tell Jor-El about the relationship. Well, he gets a surprise reaction as well and learns a bit about their ancestors. It's great! Clark and Ollie are very in love and that's always nice to see. :D

12. It Comes and Goes in Waves by abvj (Lois, Lois/Clark, Chloe/Jimmy, PG-13)- I swear, this is now one of my favorite Clois fics. The way she gets into Lois's head? Is incredible. It showcases moments of Lois and Clark's lives. There's even Chlo-Lo and a slight Ollie-Lois friendship scene. I was riveted from beginning to end. If you haven't read it, you're seriously missing out.

13. Otherwise It Won't Come True by romanyg (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, DCU)- I get so excited when she posts a new Clark/Bruce fic. In this one, Clark and Bruce end up talking about their relationship. It has everything: some humor, some fun parts and of course, a little angst. The ending is just awesome and perfect. :)

14. Reverse, Reverberate by penumbra (Clark, Lois, unrated)- This takes places during 'Infamous' and the way she gets into Clark's head is just amazing. She writes about them talking before the story comes out and during that last scene that broke all our hearts. There no words to describe how much I enjoyed this fic. A must read for all Clois fans. :D

15. Waiting for a Harley by autumnrae89 (Clark/Lois, G)- This is a different take on the last scene in 'Infamous' and it's really enjoyable. It's definitely a happier ending for Lois, even if the two of them don't get together. I really like the way she writes them both. Definitely check it out! :D

16. When Right Began by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Bart, PG-13)- Not a lot of Chlart out there and that's sad. It's a cute ship. She's one of my favorite authors overall and when she writes this pairing, it makes me happy. Bart's still being persistent about getting Chloe to go out with him and this time, he gets his way. Great dialogue and just an all around fun fic.

17 .When the Sky is Falling by huzzlewhat (Lois, Jonathan, PG)- Takes place after the s4 finale and is how Lois struggles to save the Kents. There's some Lois-Jonathan bonding, which is really nice. I really like her Lois and this fic was very great.

18. When You Wish Upon A Fishnet Stocking by seriousfic (Chloe/Davis, slight Clark/Lois, Zatanna, Jimmy, Lex, Tess, PG-13)- I have to say, I haven't laughed this much in a long time. This fic was so funny! Zatanna's wishes go a little ... haywire. That's really all I can say. You just have to read it yourself. It will definitely make you laugh.

19. You and I by autumnrae89 (Clark/Lois, G)- Lois is trying to fight against her feelings for Clark but she's just not very successful. Both in the show and in this fic. She gets into Lois's head well and proves once more why she's one of my favorite Clois authors.

20. Happily Ever After; Dream Come True; Handsome Princes by saavikam77 (Clark/Bruce, PG, DCU)- There are three ficlets here and they're all very sweet. It's Clark and Bruce's wedding day! Her Clark and Bruce are just so sweet and it leaves you feeling warm and happy they got their happily ever after. :D

Remember, if you like a fic, do leave feedback! Writers love it and that way, we'll get more fics from them. I hope you're all having a nice week! :D
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