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TV Guide questions and answers!

Thanks to chrisluvstommy, I found that Kelly Souders answered some fan questions over at TV Guide. The original source is here but I thought I'd share some thoughts on a few questions that grabbed my interest.

Clark can fly but simply hasn't finalized it yet, in my opinion. When will we see him mastering this ability? — Tombstone25
Kelly Souders: Clark Kent won't really become Superman until he takes to the skies. We all have our stumbling blocks; his are just air-born. Until he can fully embrace his double-life, he'll have a hard time getting off the ground. But, we will say, his "leaps" are getting closer and closer to the real thing.

Dude, that really worries me because it hints that they're not going to let him fly until he actually becomes Superman, which means we'll have to wait until the series finale. I hope I'm wrong though. :\

Are there plans to explore more of Lois' past in future episodes? Because we Lois fans are dying to learn more about her. And if she and Clark don't kiss soon, we might go just a little crazy! — Nora_1983
Souders: Please don't go crazy. We're all anxious for those two ships to stop passing in the night. Lois fans will be excited to hear you'll be seeing more of Lois in the future. She's fascinating and we'll never stop digging into what makes her tick.

Well, Lois is only in two of the next four episodes so I am not sure how much they can accomplish but I'm hoping they're talking about s9 too. At least they admit she's fascinating but we all already knew that. ;D

Will we see Green Arrow and RBB team up anytime soon this season or next? — rip
Souders: Yes. But the outcome may surprise you.

OLLIE AND CLARK! I SOO want to see that! I'm worried about this surprise outcome though. Still, I want a team-up. Let them stop arguing and work together already!

Anyway, the rest of the questions are at the site so check it out if you're interested!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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