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here at last! :)

So I'm at UCLA now. I moved in over the weekend. My parents and I drove down on Saturday and got here around 5. Then I moved in and went back to the hotel with my parents. They said I could stay in the room overnight but I was like "no thanks".

I returned on Sunday afternoon. We took my mom around the school because she didn't get to see it. My dad saw it because he came to LA with me when I had to go to orientation. But my mom had just returned from India so she missed out. Anyway, we got the last of my supplies and I got a cool UCLA sweatshirt (go Bruins!).

My parents left me and had to go back home and that kind of sucked. My dad is really proud of me so he was doing okay but I think my mom was really depressed. :( I missed them but I tried to keep my mind off it. My roommate showed up and she was super nice. We're getting along really well so that was one load off my mind. She has an extensive movie collection and last night, we saw "Music and Lyrics" . . . the one with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant? It was soo cute! I really loved it.

Today is my first full day here and it's going pretty good. It is Welcome week and I went to the Activities Fair in the morning. There were a lot of people and so many booths! I'm seriously thinking about rushing. Truth be told, it's harder for me to meet people because I'm a transfer student so I think this would be a great way to make friends and what not. :)

There's activities to do soon. New student welcomes and some new student BBQ (all which are apparently mandatory) so the rest of the day will be pretty busy. It will all begin in half an hour (3 pm my time) and go until 10. :\

Hopefully I can get some writing done too. :)

Sorry if I bored you with my little rant. :D I hope everyone's week has started off well!

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