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New Interview!

Thanks to tombstone25, I found out there's a new E!Online interview with Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders called "Will Chloe Survive?". The original source is here but I'm reposting it on my LJ.

Are Clark and Doomsday throwing down in the finale?
Brian Peterson: It's what everybody has probably been watching for the whole season. There will be a big throwdown between Doomsday and Clark.
Kelly Souders: Clark meets his match.

How does Chloe come between Clark and Davis?
K.S.: I think Chloe takes a very integral part in trying to keep the two fated nemeses apart from each other. It's hard; trouble just seems to find Clark Kent.
B.P.: We want the audience to ask the question, Is Chloe doing this because she's starting to fall for Davis, or is Chloe doing this because she's really protecting Clark? I think we walk that line pretty carefully, I hope.

Let's talk about the major death. Is it two people dying, or maybe one is just leaving the show?
K.S.: I will say it's Smallville, anything can happen, but I don't expect a dry eye in the house. It's not one of those things where someone just goes down and walks out of it the next minute, unfortunately. There's a lot of doom in Doomsday.
Allison Mack, Smallville Michael Courtney/The CW

Many of the fans are worried that Chloe is dying since she is not apart of the Superman mythology.
K.S.: It's a scary future for Chloe Sullivan because you never know what's going to happen because of that exact fact.
B.P.: She has put herself in the middle of harm's way this year.
K.S.: All we can say is her tragic arc has a very tragic ending this year.

So it could be either Chloe or Davis dying?
B.P.: Well there are two deaths, it could be one or the other, or both.
K.S.: Both or someone else could be thrown in that mix.
B.P.: The other thing I will just say for the people who watch on a deeper level: There's a metaphorical death that happens on the show as well, so hopefully people can dig deep into their intellect and psyche and have fun with that.
K.S.: Actually all of [what happens] is in order to line up with the DC mythology, we'll throw that out there too. Obviously we created our own version of Doomsday on the show, but ultimately, everything we do in the finale is in order to line up with the DC mythology.

So Chloe may never really find love then?
K.S.: Chloe's love life is just one of the most doomed elements in television history. She has not had a lot of luck in love, and I'm afraid that in the finale, she doesn't get much luckier. Maybe someday, you never know. I'll just tease that.

Heard that! Chloe could be sticking around! How about Clark and Lois' love life?
K.S.: For Clark-Lois fans, I think they will be having many fits in the finale. We just watched part of it cut together, and I have to say there's one of the most quintessential Clark-Lois moments in the finale. It's so good. They have such great chemistry.

Is there anything in the finale that's really going to shock the fans?
B.P.: It's a pretty heavy season finale, but I think it will launch a really great season next year.
K.S.: You're definitely going to see the Justice League in a way you've never seen them before. Clark and Oliver's (Justin Hartley) relationship is going to really be pushed to the brink. I think it's going to be really shocking for the fans to see the season finale. Clark definitely emerges in a different place than he started the season in. [Next season] he has to overcome—he has to be Superman.
Smallville, Tom Welling Frank Ockenfels/The CW

Just out of professional curiosity, does that mean we'll see Tom Welling in some spandex tights next year? I know the fans really want to see that.
B.P.: Probably not as soon as you expect, but you never know. The one person who doesn't want to see that unfortunately is Tom Welling, so that's a bigger conversation.

Has there been talk of other members of the Justice League crossing over in the finale or next season?
B.P.: We started what will hopefully be a new focus of the show that we'll be bringing in allies for Clark next year. We had a lot of DC villains this year and a lot of DC heroes, and we're hoping to continue that into next year. We teased a little piece of Chloe and her arc and how she might play a role in that next year.

OK, heard it again! "Next year!" She must survive! So as far as next season, will Clark be running around saving the rest of the world and not just Metropolis?
B.P.: Clark may have some significant obstacles in his destiny next year. It may be the darkness before the rise of Superman. He's going to face probably his darkest hour I would say. He really was on a trajectory this year, but he's made some decisions that put him down a different path.
K.S.: He's going to be paying the price for some rather large mistakes from the finale.

So Chloe may or may not die. I know Ausiello hinted that it wasn't going to be her and the second to last question really seems to me like they're not going to kill her off, but continue her as the Watchtower role. Davis will definitely die but now I'm wondering if they will kill Jimmy off, especially with Chloe's "tragic ending" or w/e. I feel like they're going in a LnC direction so I don't think they would but this interview is seriously confusing me.

I'm glad that they're being positive about Clois at least! I am curious as to what will happen between them and even more so about Erica's contract next year. :D

Clark and Ollie's relationship being pushed to the brink doesn't make me a happy girl though. Stop fighting, boys! You are friends!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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