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8.19 'Stiletto' Review!

I was a bit apprehensive about this episode so I decided to keep my expectations low, just like I did with 'Hex'. It worked then.

And I have to say it worked now too! I really enjoyed this episode! It was loads of fun and yet at the same time, it really was handled well. At least that's how I felt. Lots of Lois screen time, which always makes me happy.

We start off with Lois trying to get into an event but the woman at the door won't let her in. No matter what Lois says, she refuses, saying Lois is not on the list. Chloe shows up and they leave together. Lois is all down on her career and Chloe reassures her, saying what a great reporter she is. They talk about the Red Blue Blur ... apparently, Lois has put out an open letter, asking for an interview but he never tried to contact her. When they're discussing him, Chloe is shocked at how smitten Lois sounds, even though she insists her interest is purely professional. She's all "when you interview a rockstar, you can't begin with Springsteen' but even Green Arrow wouldn't give her an interview. Poor Ollie, he's just not as cool as the RBB. You'd think he'd like some good publicity, for once.

Someone should write that fic though ... where Lois interviews Oliver because he trusts her enough to do it. Just a friendship fic though; I like them in their new BFF status. I also think we should have more Chlo-Lo bonding. They're absolutely perfect together, yes they are.

Anyway, Chloe is rushing back cuz she parked illegally but Lois stops for a minute, cuz her feet are killing her. She hears Chloe scream and rushes to her. Some guy is attacking her and trying to get her keys. Chloe gets knocked out but Lois takes this guy down. I love Lois fighting because it actually fits with her character and she is so awesome! Unfortunately, there was a second guy, who was already in Chloe's car and drives off. Lois is pissed and hits the fallen guy again, saying that "this is for your friend". That guy is all "are you some kind of superhero?" She thinks for a moment and is all "yes, you can call me Stiletto". OH LOIS. Only her. :)

After the credits, Chloe is leaving the hospital, on the phone with Davis, saying she’ll come back and making sure that he's still in the basement. The nurse doesn’t want her to check out but she disagrees. Clark shows up and we learn that they haven’t seen each other for a while. She admits to being Watchtower again and is all “just when it thought I was done with high maintenance guys, I take a job for Oliver!” That made me laugh. Chloe admits that her Watchtower computer was in the car that got stolen and Ollie is in Syria and she can't reach him. Though the files were encrypted, Chloe admits that they can be hacked. She tells him that she was unconscious but when she awoke, Lois was going on about "Stiletto", some hero who had come and saved them. Clark wonders where Lois is and Chloe is all "There is a new superhero in town. Where do you think she is?"

Of course, as expected, Lois is at the DP. She wrote an article about ‘Stiletto’ and it got booted to page 10. But when she tries to argue with the editor, he’s all “get me a picture". When she insists she can't just contact Stiletto, he makes a comment about her persistence and leaves. Clark shows up and asks about Stiletto but she is all “you can drool about her tomorrow like everyone else.” He finds and scans her article and is very surprised that she got all the quotes but she tries to brush it off. Clark wants info so he can get the guy who stole Chloe’s computer. Lois accidentally slips and says that she has her phone number but won’t share and suggests Clark talk to the other guy. Their interactions amuses me.

Then we see Jimmy! Long time, no see. He is working as a bartender at the Ace of Clubs, which makes me go WTF but oh well. The other guy, the one got away, shows up asking for a drink. A third guy comes up to the bar is all the boss wants to talk to you to the second guy. Before he leaves, Jimmy asks for a pay advance because something came up and the second guy says that he’ll talk to Ricky but it's the last time. Money's probably for Jimmy's prescription medication addiction, huh? Only in Smallville is Jimmy Olsen an addict. :\

Th second guy talks to boss and the boss is upset, saying that they’re into business now. The second guy is upset because he wants to teach the vigilantes a lesson and wants to show them who is boss of this town. He doesn't like that his boss is cleaning up their act. In fact, he's so upset when the boss doesn't see his way, he's all "maybe it's time for Bruno to climb up the corporate ladder" and ends up shooting him. Then he turns to everyone else standing there and is all they’re going to get the vigilantes off the street, starting with Stiletto, who he has a personal vengeance against.

Meanwhile, Lois is stitching an outfit and wears it, adding on a tiny mask. I'm assuming this will be her costume.

The next scene has Jimmy meeting Lois in an ally and he wants to know why she wanted to meet him. She talks about a rebound and he’s all “I just split up with Chloe". Lois is all like “eww” and I’m like “eww” is right. Thank you, Lois, for confirming what I always knew. She says that she is talking about his career and she wants him to take pictures of her as Stiletto. "I was going to sew an ‘s’ into the chest … is that tacky?” Hee, I have neverending love for Lois! Jimmy is a little concerned but she is paying him $100 and when she ignores his advice, he takes the photos and she tells him to send it to her editor. Though I am wondering: those are close-up photos and she is only wearing a tiny mask. Does she think nobody will recognize her? Oh, wait, this is the Superman universe, where a pair of glasses prevents people from telling Clark from Superman. Forgive me. :\

Clark meets Chloe at Isis, realizing that they need to talk to Stiletto but can’t reach her. Chloe shows Clark that they have a fan site. ‘blur-etto’ is Red-Blue Blur and Stiletto’s SHIP name! I THINK I DIED. Chloe is all for it because she thinks that someone else who leads a double life will help him not be so lonely. She says that he hasn't mentioned Lana (that's a GOOD thing, Chloe) and is says he's just focused on finding her computer. Chloe says that "I doubt we’ll be able to call her up by putting a spike heel over a light" (I didn't catch the word before that). Batman reference? ;)

Next, we see Clark and Lois working at the Planet. She keeps looking at him anxiously, clearly trying to find a subtle way to leave. There is a bag on the floor next to her, which she keeps looking at. Obviously it has her costume. They talk and she ends up admitting he’s doing better than expected. Both of them are shocked that they said it. It's what I love about Clois ... they always end up revealing more than they intended to with each other. Or rather, Lois always does. There is news on the police feed. Clark immediately stands up, saying he has to go feed Shelby and Lois leaves in the opposite direction, claiming she has to go the gym. Those two are awful liars, aren't they?

Jimmy returns to the Ace of Clubs and has a run in with Bruno, who takes his camera. He taunts him about Chloe when he sees the wedding pictures but is shocked at seeing the ones of Stiletto. Bruno thinks he knows Stiletto and demands info on her whereabouts. Jimmy says he doesn't know and ends up getting beaten up and knocked unconscious. Bruno says that Jimmy is useless and demands his minion to go find Chloe. He also says that Ricky should hack into the laptop. Uh, oh.

Lois is walking down an ally, and is all "Next time I call myself Nike". Poor Lois, I'm sure those shoes hurt. She hears her name being called and she thinks RBB is there but it’s Clark. He’s all “Lois". She fakes a British accent and pretends she doesn’t know who Lois and like "I should get back to my cave". More Batman references! Clark is not amused. He's like "Lois, you could have a bag over a head and I’d still know it’s you." I was smiling a lot at this point. She questions him on having to feed Shelby and is all "is there a girl you haven't stood up?" STILL, nobody points out that Shelby is a boy! Clark doesn't remember either because he said that he saw the look in her eyes at the police feed and think she's impersonating The Stiletto. She yells that there is no "the" and admits she's Stiletto. Clark is stunned.

He isn't happy with her actions. She asks about the other guy but he got bailed out before Clark could get to him by some lawyer. Lois recognizes the lawyer's name and they realize he represents a huge crime guy. I didn't realize Metropolis has a problem with the mob. They part ways, Clark saying that he’s going to solve it and Lois should go fix her story.

Over at the Talon, Chloe is attacked by second guy, who wants info on Stiletto. She insists she doesn't have any and he's tries to "leave a message" by slitting her throat but something shows up and drags the guy away. It's obviously Doomsday.

Chloe is healing the cut and I really think she should go to a hospital but maybe he didn't get very deep? Lois barges in and she covers it up with a scarf. Lois is looking for Jimmy and Chloe makes a Facebook joke. When Chloe wonders why Lois is looking for Jimmy, she says that she asked him to take some pictures and now she has to get rid of the evidence. Then she shows Chloe the costume and admits that she’s the Stiletto. She quickly goes on to say how Clark has lectured her and she doesn't need it again and how Chloe's probably gotten in over her head before. Chloe asks her if she could tell her something and all looks like she is about to tell her about Davis, I think, but says that Jimmy is at the ace of clubs. Then she makes another Facebook joke. Lois is all “thanks for understanding” and Chloe’s like “anytime, Lois." AWWW! BEST COUSINS EVER! Clois interaction, awesome Chlo-Lo, hilarious Lois? What more can you ask for?

Clark is at the Ace of Clubs and overhears them talking; they’ve hacked into the laptop and are all “who are these guys?” We see pictures of the JL boys. Clark superspeeds in but there is money flying around, made of kryptonite so Clark is weakened. They're printing money there and laced it with meteor rocks apparently. Bruno hits him and he falls, and then sees Jimmy, lying there unconscious.

Lois shows up at the Ace of Clubs and she finds Jimmy's camera, all broken up. Clark is getting beat up by Bruno and he asks how Clark got back there. From a ceiling window on the rooftop, Lois sees Clark getting beat up. She tries to make a phone call but her battery dies. That's always how it works, doesn't it? Bruno finds Clark's reporter badge and is all "you reporters think you got a story?" Now Lois is pissed off and shifts into her Stiletto costume, despite not being pleased about the height. Bruno has a gun in Clark's face and is like "I can tell you how it ends" but Lois smashes through and kicks him away.

She's impressed; she didn't think that would work. Lois goes to check on Jimmy first and Bruno is going to shoot Lois. Clark screams her name and pushes her out of the way, taking a bullet for her. Then Bruno is right behind Lois, about to shoot her but Jimmy awakens and attacks him. Lois then knocks him unconscious. Seeing Clark, she tells Jimmy to call 911. She rushes to Clark's side, freaking out. He just says to get her out of there and Jimmy and Lois do that. I really like those three working together. Jimmy is way more better when he's working with Lois and Clark. The Daily Planet trio in action!

Chloe is putting garbage bags in the trash can. It's probably remains of the minion. Gross. She notices that she has blood on her hands and sinks to the floor, horrified, practically in tears. Yeah, I'd be freaked out too.

In what I assume is the following day, Lois and Clark are the Planet. I am wondering how Clark explained that his bruise just disappeared once he was out of sight of the meteor rocks. Then again, Lois and Jimmy were probably so freaked, they didn't notice. Another SV mystery. The Planet's cover has the story about the mob boss being put behind jail. Lois is caring toward Clark, getting him coffee, etc. Clark leans forward a little, wincing. He's TOTALLY milking it. Gotta love that Lois brings out this naughty side in him. He's surprised she's not more excited about the headline but she feels badly about the Stiletto thing. She feels badly she got him in danger and in totally Lois fashion, stammers through what she wants to say, cuz she's talking about emotions and you KNOW she doesn't like to do that. But Clark, as always, understands she's trying to thank him and says "you're welcome". They talk about the RBB and how she sympathizes with him.

What I love about Lois is how flawed she is. I mean, sure, this Stiletto plan wasn't the best but she realized her mistake. She just wanted to get ahead and people can relate to that. No, she's not perfect but nobody treats her that way. Erica does a great job of playing her.

In some back alley, Jimmy meets with some guys and buys some prescription drugs from him. Oh, dear, Jimmy ... this is BAD.

Clark meets Chloe and gives her her computer back. He is suspicious of her baking and wonders if she has company. She says that she’s just stressed and that he almost got killed the day before. Clark lifts up his shirt to show he's okay. Aww, Clark, now why couldn't you just take it off completely? He is worried about her but she claims that she just needs some space. He does leave and Chloe is practically in tears.

Lois is walking down a street at night, with a letter that says to meet at 10pm. She chastises herself and about to give up when a phone in a phonebooth rings. So she goes to pick up and the voice on the other end is like "Is this Lois Lane, the reporter?” She is all "who wants to know?" He's like "I'm the Red Blue Blur". At first she doesn't believe it but there is a blur and the newspaper with the letter to him is in her hands. He has a voice distorter, which I SOO called. I'm telling you, he got it from Ollie. They talk and Clark on a cell phone, watching her from a rooftop nearby. Clark's surprised when she sounds nervous. He's all, "Lois, you’re a great reporter … all on your own. You don’t need a hero or some gimmick to make a headline.” SO. CUTE. Lois admits that her editor will kill her but she doesn't actually want the story. Instead, she asks him what he needs. Clark is shocked but she's goes on about how he saves strangers but if he ever needs an ear, she's there. Clark agrees to take her on it and is like, "Lois, when I’m ready to tell the world my secret, you’ll be the first to know." She's happy and so is he. CLOIS IS EPIC!

I loved this episode. It was highly entertaining and I liked the "different side" that Clark saw of Lois. I mean, I think that he will realize how Lois is different, how she will support him. She does it even though she doesn't even know the real identity of the RBB. It's why Clois is different and why their love will last.

Next week's trailer makes it seem like the episode's a very Chloe-Davis centric one. Though, Davis just got on my bad list for hurting Ollie. NOT. COOL. :\

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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