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an analysis of season 6

snagged from hils

I thought this was a pretty good analysis of Smallville's Season 6. I mean, it portrayed some of our frustrations with the show and even what we liked.

Honestly, I'm not too thrilled at their initial interpretation of Ollie but they got mostly everything else dead on. They seem to, like many, not like that Ollie "upstaged" Clark. But the truth is that Oliver was good for Clark. The poor boy needs more male friends.

And this one happens to be a gorgeous, billionaire with a heart of gold- someone he can actually trust. It's good for him and I think Oliver was one of those who takes no bull from Clark and tells it like it is. Clark was better with Oliver around (e.g. "Arrow" where Clark realizes world is not black and white).

So enjoy the article! Let me know what you think! It's here: The Rights and Wrongs of Smallville

Again, I hope you like it! :D
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