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8.20 'Beast' Review!

So there was a new episode this week and I watched it at home, since that's where I am this weekend. My flight was delayed so I thought I wouldn't make it in time but apparently I was meant to see it and I got into the earlier flight. Was it worth it?

Not really. And when I say, "not really", I mean it sucked. Maybe I'm alone in feeling this way but I kept yelling at the TV screen the entire episode. I was just SO bugged with everyone other than Clark! Unfortunately, since Tom Welling is directing the following episode, we got limited Clark screentime and right now, other than Lois, he's the only character I can tolerate. But Lois wasn't IN this episode either.

I don't care enough to do a regular review, where I go scene by scene because it will literally pain me to try and recall every detail. I hope you all don't mind me being lazy this weekend. I'm just too upset to do it. Instead, I'll go character by character.

Btw, what is happening to all of them? Everyone needs to a good smack to the head.

Let's start with Oliver, just cuz he's really the one who disappoints me the most. I love Oliver Queen ... and I saw in s6 that he made some mistakes but when he came back from them, I always believed it. Even in this season, I was holding out, saying that "oh, but he acted normal again here" or "he regretted that act there". Now? I don't know what to do with him. In this episode, his primary role was to be BFF to Jimmy, of all people. Gag me. His other role was to whine to Clark about why he should kill and how he's useless. This is completely OOC for him. I'm sorry, let's think about 'Rage' for a second. Remember that episode? Oliver used drugs and almost killed Lex. Clark saved his butt and made him see sense. I shall remind you all of what he said when Clark came to find him in the penthouse. "This whole time, I just wanted to be like Clark Kent, you know? I wanted to, uh... I wanted to have the ability to bring justice to the world without having to worry about getting killed in the process. And then something occurred to me, and I realized that, uh... Clark Kent would never take another man's life. I came within an inch of doing just that. I'm not even in your league."

Yeah, that? Ollie looked ashamed of himself and he thought Clark not killing was a good thing, something to be looked up to. Even in 'Bulletproof', he scoffed at the idea that Clark would approve of taking a life or supporting those who did. Where's that Ollie? Not in this episode. Ollie had two scenes with Clark, one in his office where he is all "you have to kick Davis's ass", which results in Clark storming out and one at the end, where he's lecturing Clark. I really just wanted to mute the scene and just watch him. He's still hot ... just getting on my last nerve. I'd like the Ollie I saw in s6 and 'Odyssey' back, please and thank you. The last time I felt so much rage was in 'Requiem'. :(

Oh, and he has a scene with Chloe, which I'll talk about later.

And this sudden Ollie and Jimmy friendship? Totally came out of nowhere and is rather stupid. Their scenes seemed so forced too. And WTF, Ollie? You can be sympathetic to that drug addict but you can't find it within yourself to be nice to Clark? Douchebag.

Jimmy comes to borrow money from him while he's in a meeting. When have they ever interacted before? That came out of nowhere! Ollie calls him out on being a drug addict and offers him help but Jimmy gets all insulted and leaves. Then, Ollie catches Jimmy breaking into Chloe's apartment! I mean, if they're trying to make me hate Jimmy Olsen, guess what? They're succeeding! Then they BOTH get caught by Davis and locked up in the basement.

Being the genius that he is, Jimmy taunts Davis and Davis says he has to kill someone. Since Jimmy is deemed "too important" to Chloe, he almost takes Ollie's life. Thank goodness Clark comes to save the day.

Their last scene together has Ollie offering Jimmy a job. Because that makes lots of sense. /sarcasm Ollie compliments his instincts and Jimmy accepts. This is ridiculous. As far as I can tell, Jimmy is still addicted to pain killers, even though we don't see him take any in this episode. I'm wondering where that plot line is going to go. It's like they don't know what to do with him. Let me give you a hint, show: two words. It starts with Daily and ends with PLANET.

I don't have much to say on Davis. He's just ... there and he's a monster. If they had left Davis Bloom just to be that, a hot paramedic, that'd be one thing. Sam and Allison have fantastic chemistry. But they didn't: he's a murderer and he's going to kill Clark so I like him less and less with every passing episode. I did squee a little at the Chlavis scene from Chloe's dream (at least before we saw Clark's broken body) but I didn't let myself get distracted for long. He's DOOMSDAY. I'm done thinking of him as some big woobie. Part of me feels bad cuz he can't control it but at the end of the day, it was who he was destined to be.

Now, let's go onto the person who "controls" the monster. Chloe. What is she thinking? Is she even thinking? She's so delusional ... I get that she can control the monster but does she really think she'll be able to handle a super-powered alien life with abilities to rival Clark's all by herself? Her dream, which started out cute with Davis setting up a romantic evening for the two of them, should've been a warning when she saw Clark dead. One that should've sent her running to Clark to tell him what was going on. By not telling Clark about Davis, she is giving Clark a huge disadvantage. Lying to Clark that Davis was not alive? Not the right decision. Going to that scientist behind everyone's back, blurting out that Ollie killed Lex and then trusting him? Also stupid. That man seemed nice enough but seriously, Chloe! Who is he, btw? I don't remember seeing him ever.

Even in her scene with Ollie, Jimmy was really injured and Ollie almost got killed, but it was Davis she was still protecting, saying that if she had been there, it wouldn't have happened. Chloe, you can't be there 24/7! He's KILLED people ... he's not the one you should be siding with. I mean, Ollie's the last person who should be preaching morals and looked way too happy about the idea that Clark was going to kill but Chloe frustrated me. Her ending is not looking good ... I don't know how they can bring her back from this.

Last but not least ... Clark. I can understand that Clark doesn't want to kill, since he sees Davis as a person and doesn't know he came to Earth in liquid form. I like that. Someone who has Clark's abilities shouldn't be so willing to kill. It could lead him down a dangerous path. I liked his solution to trap Davis in the Phantom Zone. Granted, it is tough but he was even willing to get stuck in there too, just to save the world! He knows what's right, even if Chloe's too blinded to see the truth. She thinks it's cruel? What about all the people whose lives Davis took?

Anyway, I felt bad for Clark. He was mostly getting lectured at. Even in the "big scene", where he snatches Davis from killing Ollie and takes them to the Fortress is not that huge. Not sure why he thought suggesting the Phantom Zone to Davis was a good idea but oh well. He does eventually manage to open the Phantom Zone but Chloe shows up. How she doesn't get sucked in, I still don't know. It just stops.

She also lectures at Clark and then drags Davis away, leaving Clark standing there. Of course Clark does his best to find her later but he can only do so much. In their last phone call at the end, I wanted to hug Clark. He doesn't know what to do. Chloe's so stuck in her "martyr" routine that she just doesn't GET IT. Clark will eventually realize he's going to have to kill Davis but I'm happy it'll be a last resort type of thing. I'm tired of people telling him he "has to do it" or "he'll regret it". He's an adult; let him make his choices.

Wow, that got long, for something I didn't want to talk much about. On a positive note, the Fortress set is nice.

Next week's doesn't look too appealing either, though I welcome the presence of Tess.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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