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8.21 'Injustice' Review!

So after being completely disappointed with 'Beast', I have to say I wasn't expecting much this episode. What I was really looking forward to was that Tom Welling was directing. Some of the episodes he has directed before have landed on my favorites list (e.g. 'Hydro', 'Apocalypse') so a part of me can't help but keep my fingers crossed.

I have to say I didn't hate it as much as last week. I actually kind of liked it. Sure I was screaming at the TV for part of it, as usual and I HATE how everyone's treating Clark but Clark himself was AMAZING. OMG! SO SUPERMAN. I just worship the ground that man walks on. I was just so distracted at how AWESOME he was. And HOT. Wearing all black ... *dies* Tom Welling gets more gorgeous every day, I swear.

I think the going character by character review I did last week worked for so I'm going to try that again.

Let's start with Clark, cuz Clark is WIN. I love him so much, it's ridiculous. I LOVE his plans and I will not apologize. I don't get why he's not appreciated more by everyone else. I really thought that his plan of last week to send Doomsday to the Phantom Zone was brilliant and I really liked the idea of splitting Doomsday and Davis with the Black K. I mean, he gets to save Davis while getting rid of the monster. But nobody liked it. I guess that really shows that he is one of a kind. He has this compassion, this huge heart, this belief in humanity that nobody can ever replicate. There's only one Superman and Clark showed tonight why he's always been my favorite superhero.

I must also add how I have really enjoyed seeing Clark all grown up. I mean, the way he defended himself and his beliefs tonight? Against Oliver, against who he thought was Chloe and even Tess? That is not the shy 14-year old we saw in s1 but a mature man who knows what he's doing and won't compromise on his morals. EEK! I mean, I am trying my best to be coherent but I just think about his scenes and I just SMILE and want to SQUEE!

He does seriously need some new friends though. And Lois. All 3 of the past episodes Tom has directed has had Lois in it but this didn't. He really knows what he's doing with Clois scenes so it's too bad there weren't any in this episode. Anyway, back to the episode.

One good thing was that he had a lot of scenes with Oliver. Unfortunately, they were mostly sucky scenes. The first one was just wonderful for a shipper like me though. I mean, I had real hope when they were talking in Ollie's office. "I knew I could count on you." "That's something that will never change." OMG! I died! I had so much HOPE there and realized that I just adore my OTP so much. Then Ollie had to go screw everything up. I have to say, they have a lot of chemistry even when fighting. Sexual tension all over the place! ;D

I also loved that Ollie came and saved Clark cuz that was what I was hoping for. But I was really freaked out when he just kept punching that guy and probably would've killed him if Clark hadn't interfered. I don't know what's happened to Oliver but he's seriously gone over the deep end. :(

Another person that Clark had a lot of scenes with was Tess, who is also in the "Clark should kill" club. Cassidy and Tom do have chemistry and I enjoy their scenes together. I was really pissed off when she destroyed the crystal though. What right does she have? She and Oliver are two people who are way out of their league when it comes to Doomsday and they need to realize that. Does she know anything about the Phantom Zone? No? Then she should STFU and let Clark go on his way. We all know that Clark will end up killing Doomsday but it shouldn't be because EVERYONE else keeps screwing with his plans.

His save of "Chloe" was very nice too. This is probably the only episode where Chloe just wasn't there. I mean, Allison was but Chloe was gone. The shape shifter who was pretending to be her studied Chloe well. I mean, I didn't know it wasn't her until it was revealed.

I kind of wished we got to see Clark drive that car though! ;) I like that doctor ... he's a very interesting character and I am happy to see him back. Even though I don't know where he came from, I hope he sticks around. He makes a good side character.

Anyway, Clark rocked so let's moved on to all the less rocking characters.

Starting with Oliver. I have to say, I had my suspicions when he was flirting with Tess. I echoed Tess' sentiments when she was all "don't you take a hint?" But it was actually quite smart, getting her fingerprints. I was impressed. I have to say, I almost died laughing when he got caught in mansion and decided to strip and get into the bed. I should've known it's been a while since JH has taken off his shirt and he had to compensate for Davis being missing. Tess has a stronger will than I do though. I'd have been all "hell yeah!"

I wish he would stop lecturing Clark though. I can't believe he had that stupid Kryptonite ring on him though. It did save Clark's life but the fact that he just had it WITH him? If I was Clark, I would've been distrustful too. I couldn't believe he just admitted that he killed Lex like that. That scene broke my heart. Clark being all "we're not on the same side" and them just parting ways ... oh god, they kill me. I want to believe that they can redeem Ollie but at this point, I don't have much faith in the writers.

Next: Tess. She's DEVIOUS and EVIL. I'm very impressed with Cassidy. Even though she bugged me with what she did, she's the bad guy and you're not supposed to root for her. Besides, Clark held his ground, which made the scenes interesting. She clearly knows Clark's secret and just enjoys knowing. Her last scene had me going "???" Correct me if I'm wrong but was that Jor-El's voice we heard in that purple ball?

I was "meh" about the Injustice League but I am glad that the actress playing Bette learned to enunciate. I was bugged with all her mumbling in "Plastique" but this was better. If the producers work on this a bit more, they could probably make for interesting villains in the future.

Tom Welling did a great job with the directing. He didn't have an easy one to work with but he proved once again that he's just a natural with the behind the scenes stuff. :)

I think if they do good by Clark, I can appreciate the episode and they did so I do.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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