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8.22 "doomsday" director's clip and KSITE spoilers!

The director's clip from next week's episode is up.

Something about Tom with little kids melts my heart. When he was reassuring her, I smiled. I have to say that it will be really hard to watch Clark getting all bruised. I'm still cheering him on though. I do believe they're both going to die by the end of the episode. And maybe it was the quality or something but was I the only one who thought some of the special effects looked odd?

Now for spoilers from KSITE:

Episode #8-22: "Doomsday"

UPDATED 5/8/09: Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy from the Legion) travels back from the future at the beginning of the episode to meet with Clark. He tells Clark that he hopes he is not too late, also admitting that every time the Legion travels through time, they take the chance of disrupting fate.
- While Brainiac was defeated in the Legion's previous visit, there's someone else who no longer exists... Clark is gone too. "When you saved Chloe's life, you saved her connection to Doomsday," Rokk warns. "She stopped you from sending him to the Phantom Zone; she made him invulnerable by trying to kill him with kryptonite. And now, because of Chloe, you cannot defeat him."
- Clark tells Rokk that he'd never take back his choice to save Chloe.
- Rokk gives Clark a new Legion ring and tells him to use it to send Doomsday to the future, where the Legion is ready and prepared to fight him.
- Clark tells Rokk that his father always told him that he was sent to Earth to save mankind. "Maybe this is my true destiny," he says.
- Rokk warns Clark that "tomorrow is the day you die."

I'm really glad that Rokk realizes whose fault this REALLY is and doesn't blame Clark. I was worried when the producers themselves were blaming Clark. It's weird though that they're saying Chloe made him invulnerable because I thought it was shown he already was by the end of "Bloodline".

And the fact that Rokk gives Clark a ring and then Lois ends up with that ring ... I wonder how it shifts hands.

feel free to share your thoughts!
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