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As you all know, tomorrow (later today for some time zones) is the season finale for Smallville and then there will be no new episodes until September. So what does fandom do in the meantime?

I have an answer for Clois fans: participate in the summerofclois! It's a 3 month celebration of Clark and Lois! There will be challenges and all types of fanwork is welcome. Each month will revisit a different season and in June, they will starting with s4-s5!Clois.

Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun? It'll be a place on LJ where Clois shippers can unite and appreciate our ship. There's so much hate in fandom lately and this can be a happy place.

I would love to see it get lots of participation for such a positive project so please go check it out!

summerofclois summerofclois summerofclois summerofclois
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